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Blue Red Sliver Deck

This Is what the creator of the deck has to say about this deck;
This deck is not perfect (yet), but I have never lost with it. The trick is to stall your opponent with forbid and counterspells, trying to get Urza's mine, tower and power plant fast and creating slivers for the final punch. Got a weenie deck against you? Get the lands and burn your opponent down.
Red and Blue, strange but it works (mostly)

2 heart sliver
3 heat ray
3 incinirate
2 flaming the flames
2 torch song

2 dracoplasm
2 winged sliver
3 catalog
2 whispers of the muse
2 forbid
3 counterspell
1 energie field
1 treasure trove
1 time spiral

3 Mox Diamond (or Barbed Sextant)
3 Volrath's Laboratory
1 Well of knowledge

4 Urza's tower
3 Urza's mine
3 Urza's power Plant
7 Island
6 Mountain

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