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The icy cold wind whistled throughout the barren lands
or Rhydin. A crack of lightning toppled over the nearest
towering trees. The distant rain streaked the skies with
a crimson, pinkish color. The howling breeze screamed
in agony as the racing spectres descended towards the
ground.A crack of fire illuminated the lesser lands of the
valley as a glimmering view set keenly in the background

Upon these crimson plains by the end of the mid-moon
there was nothing but utter death, demise, and most of
all a sickening picture tainted in the eyes of all viewers.
For the previous day had marked the history of a new
beginning, the beginning, rather legacy of what would
be known as the greatest name in Rhydin. The name
would one day etch the word fear into all the hearts
of any hearers.That name,or title, would be....'Medri'

Jeremy Medri rooted among the fertile soil of what
is known today as the Sacred Lands of Rhydin. A
council was later united after the great 'Clan Wars'.
However,the boys origin is not to certain as of now.
Some  claim that he is the true son of the  beautiful
Prysm Mordentshire. Otherwise known in Rhydin as
DethsPrysm. Many deem this true due to the unusual
kindness and benevolence of both 'mother' and son.
This mystery has yet to reopen its' mysterious secrets.

As a youth, Jeremy was fatherless. Alias Cain Medri
saw an opportunity in his missing link and swiftly pulled
the boy into his family. Prysm Mordentshire at the time
had no doubts whatsoever on this matter. Cain Medri
was claimed to have been the boy's Master in the arts
of death and moreover perfection. After what is said
to be years of uncanny training many believe that Cain
Medri abandoned the boy to whom would be his other
foster father, Drakoth Mortiferous. Whom is said to
have looked after young Jeremy to present age of 15.

Jeremy later took on the name Hellzwind, Escariot,
Mortiferous, Fleury, and what would probably be
his final and last title, Mordentshire. After years of
becoming a devoted son he was sired into the family
by his possible grandmother, otherwise known as
Shendra Mordentshire, alias DethsRose. It is also
clarified that throughout the enitity of his teenage
years he teamed up Zavion Medri also referred
to as Deicide Medri to take on the title CurseTex.
It is uncertain what or why Jeremy received this
title but known it is. These are the last records of
Jeremy Medri and how he received his full title.

Presently, the once unidentified boy truly does
claim Prysm Mordentshire as his personal blood
and mother. Life is such a beauty that there is just
about anything to expend it with. Every so often
he is taught by his mother in the arts of wisdom and
his father in the mastering of the blade. A recorded
account is stated below of numerous lives taken by
the 'Crimson Blade of Utter Death'. Stated in the
below you will sight outcomes of battles,and history.

~~~~~~Journal of Jeremy Medri~~~~~

Growing up in the town of 'Hillswillow' with greatest...
friend Kelvar Fairfield was not easy. Life on the streets
was the most memorable times I do concur. I will not
ever regret the fun and time, yet trouble we had spent
together,but unfortunately it was the worst of times in the
process.I was at the age of I guess four when first meeting
my true aunts and uncles. I come from a very relative
yet distant heritage. My mother had at least seventeen
or more brothers alone. So I can only guess how many
bloodlines I truly come from. I have never disbelieved
in the truth I believe in, however the memories of life.

I can picture it now. A life of abundant joy and
happiness framed in a world of gold. This is truly
how I felt at the time. With the greatest mother of
possible greatness and the fathers of the probable,
most well-known names in Rhydin. I guess, no I do
suppose that expectations were very high of me at
the time. I do not and will not confess that this was
not true for I know this was all but the truth. I will
admit though that the greatest impacts on my life
were from my 'family'. I can not remember the
first moment in my life where I met some of the
family that I know today. But surely I will never
ever, ever,forget the first friend and mentor I Had.

They were in reality my family, or so they called.
When your a Medri you can only realize the true
meaning of your name, the utter name will and
has always meant 'fear' outside of the family. But
inside the family all I ever received was unbelievable
benevolence or destructive sensations. I say this be-
cause I was one who was treated like this. The first
half of the family looked at me like a low-life, but yet
one really looked at me as if I were human. His name
...was the one and only...Zavion CurseTex Medri...

My mother was the main reason I turned up as
I am now. I pray that this is a good reason. She
was there for me since 'birth' throughout the fifteen
years of my life. And I have realized the penalties
I might have caused her. The disrespect which
might have been placed upon her head as well.
But she stayed with me from the genesis of my
life till the end. And for this I can only give her heart, the full bounty of my eternal love...