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-Mun Notice-
We've had the good, we've had the bad, but all in all we've had a blast. It's been a wild journey, to all of you out there that have put up with my crap for a longwhile. But we had fun didn't we? Bytching down eachother's throats, but you know what? We'll remember  those times and have a laugh or two. Thank you all out there, both friends and enemies, Rhydin was formed on the firm foundation of our skills, friendships, and sorrows.
( Character Notice: Following INFO is very OLD. But proper at points in the past. )
                           Jeremy Mun 

-Cain Medri-
A father by name, a true warrior at heart. He adopted
Jeremy at a very young age, referred to be about the
youthful length of four.Under careful guidance he show-
ed Jeremy the acute way of the warrior yet one thing he
never bothered to put in. The path of honor. For through
the lands of Rhydin there is no such thing as honor, there
is only power and strength. Even though the relationship
of these two were very vague indeed. The lessons taught
were lessons that would be recognized through Jer's life.

The love of Jeremy's life. Primarily, no no, literally. Jer'
was born to Prysm, or said to be adopted since he first
opened eyes to see the light. What he saw was not only
his mother,but the goddess of his life.Prysm Mordenshire
was the first to lay eyes on the boy, and the last to see
his face as he first left for   the 'Clan Wars'.  And now,
Jeremy, tutored with the teachings of his mother has come
to follow in her footsteps. To hopefully become as res-
pected and great as his mother, to become her boy again.

-V Jassy V-
Jeremy's sister by name, very possible by blood. She
glimmered once at him, and that one glimmer would
reform into a spark. This spark ignited to form an
eternal flame. Sister and brother till the end, bond of and friendship for the entity of all the living...

-Rak Kraven-
Rak Kraven Medri, eldest sister of Jeremy Medri. How fun could that possibly
be? Truly unimaginable, Jeremy Medri first arrived upon his sister at the Mass
spar arena. Where they showed off their relationship of family smoothly, catching
all eyes upon them. Jeremy admires his sister in everyway, from the most cunning
of assassins to perhaps one of the kindest people in his life. Jeremy grows with
every thought of making his sister proud, proud to be his older sister and family.

I can only but say, rather do one thing here to best
describe Jeremy's feelings here

His one and only grandmother, possibly the most well-known person in Rhydin.
Like his mother, Jeremy could have had a better chance in winning a {mun} lottery
than becoming the grandson of his only grandmother. She is everything one could
ever expect in another. From the kindest of souls to perhaps the most deadly of
fighters. This female role-model not only demonstrates acts of character and
benevolence, but how to be a true person at heart, how to live.

Jeremy's Aunt Shade, his aunt, his blood, his mother? Yes truly a word
as powerful as that one could describe the boy's feelings toward his aunt.
She took him in as her own 'son', watching over his lone form
throughout most of the day and night, keeping him among s
ereneness of Rhydin. Jeremy can only live in fond memories of his
aunt, whom he loves so very much. Bonds grow rapidly, but never as
...strong as this.

The only child in status among his own. Lacy Fairchild is Jeremy's
only teenage role-model. She has demonstrated courses to take
among rooting in Rhydin. Cool-deadly attitute yet a
kindness and caring among possible belief.
She stands his friend, but grows as his sister.
His roots of friendship for Lacy have already burrowed,
and they are far from ceasing.

Even Jolly old Saint Nick never loved his Christmas Cookies as much as Jeremy's love
for his Aunt Demoria. From birth till present day a tear could never possibly be shed
when in the presence of this very woman. Kind-hearted and true to her beliefs,
teaching Jeremy right from wrong with a load of fun. Love is always said to be
able to shatter when a sword pierces through it. It would take more than a sword
to destroy the bond between aunt and nephew, it would take a god.

-Blade Of Hatred-
Speaking of god, the scroll begins to come to a halt at this very
special name. Blade Modentshire Medri, the son of DethsRose, Jeremy's
grandmother. One could only think that a power-house like this
could be no fun, all work and no play. This saying would be obliterated from
the earth if said about Blade Mordentshire. From first meeting
till present day Jeremy has grown so attached to his uncle,
that now Jeremy's personal goal is to become his Uncle's disciple.
Blade's nephew loves his uncle like so, prepared
to die in the path of his uncle which he knows is a
certain mutual benefit. How strong can the relationship between
apprentice and master be? Unmatchable in this case.

Jezable Mordentshire, one of few whom Jeremy truly can call a mother.
Jez, his aunt in name could care for Jeremy like no other. Jeremy in return
could love his aunt like very few. There is never a time when Jez was mad
at the young lad for pathetic questions, there was never a time when his
aunt was to tired to talk, or take Jeremy to a park. Jeremy doesn't
realize the sacrifices that Jez has made for him, but when the time comes,
a window of amazement can easily be entered. For the perils and fun Jez has gone
through for Jeremy has been like no other, like no other in the realms of Rhydin.

-Chaos Of Hatred-
Obviously one of his favorite uncles. Jeremy first met 'Uncla Chaosa' upon those
same roads of despair. Even when his uncle had no clue who he was,
he cheered the lad up like there was no tomorrow. Teaching him
the values of any sort, from the smallest of coins to the largest of diamonds.
Chaos is an uncle that one could always count on as Jeremy
has. His love for his uncle only strengthens the bond of nephew and uncle,
family and blood closer day by day. One day Jeremy will teach
his uncle's teachings onto his own children.

-Blood Wolf Medri-
Simple words can easily describe Kiel Medri.
But words like those wouldn't make him to
happy at the moment. Uncle Kiel, the teacher of all bad things. How hard can that be
to understand what this is trying to say. But we all have our darksides, it just
seems as though Uncle Kiel has been living in the shadows for quite some time now.

-Cloud Medri-
Definately one of little interest in the boy at some times. However there ARE times
when Cloud Medri and his nephew can not exemplify the chaos they cause. Jeremy
can only look up to his uncle in a positive way, for he knows no other. But one thing
he does know for a fact. And when Cloud Medri is around,there won't ever be more fun.

-Deadly Medri-
An uncle that Jeremy shall remember for the rest of his days. The craziest of the wild.
The most wild of the craziest. Jeremy Medri and Drake Medri hit off in a bond that
forever will they remember. Upon first meeting they entered a bar fight. Where
both nephew and uncle emerged victorious. Jeremy grows with the fire in his eyes,
like his uncle. Whom he hopes to teach him the ways of the weapon, nevertheless
the ways of fighting cheap. Drake Medri is one of few uncles that the lad can
always count on, and is always there for him, whether in times of peril of naturalness.

-Deklyn Medri-
How grand times in life can sometimes be. Who you enjoy it
with, and whom you treasure the moments. The brawls, the lessons,
the teachings of his older and wise uncle are beyond
those of comparison. For the things in which Deklyn
Medri has taught Jeremy are far beyond
basic comprehension. Jeremy has learned and had a
great deal of fun with his uncle and shall never
forget them. Love he does to this one and will never let him down,
from the days of his early youth
to the days of his end.

-Deicide Medri-
The FIRST Medri to ever say a word of kindness to little Jeremy.
Zavion Medri ranks among three of the lad's favorite uncles.
Upon first meeting there could be no words to exemplify the bond these
two now share. Not only in a partnership but in a family bond. Zavion
Medri continues to be the best of the best in any contest of any sport. Jeremy
knows one word at least to describe his uncle and that is probably
the word he will never forget, 'perfect'. For when it came down to brawling,
fighting, destroying, or advise. Zavion Medri is ranked #1.

-Seductive Scythe-
Alexia Scythe Requim, better known to Jeremy as 'Aunta Lexa'.
Purest of hearts indefinite, and the kindest woman he has ever met,
surely among the best. Alexia Scythe was the first
to ever dare take Jeremy among a crowd of the unknown.
To play hide and seek, to give him a ride on the swing.
These memories only one can cherish.
These memories one can never forget.
Alexia Scythe Requim could have made any child
proud to be her friend, but only Jeremy
was lucky enough to get to her faster than anyone else,
lucky enough to be family.

-Jaymz Medri-
Never a dull moment, never a dull second.
Jaymz Medri has known Jeremy for the slightest
of times but when they are together as like most uncles
there is nothing but fun. The one thing that Jaymz Medri
can easily say he added to Jeremy's life was the thought of thrill
and excitement. Which he taught Jeremy on the raid of the
Rose Garden. Jeremy will remember his uncles deeds from
the time of manhood to the time of death.

-Styx Medri-
Uncle Styx, his brother in blood, but uncle at heart.
Styx Medri is one of few whom Jeremy
can call his real family. One of few whom when
called upon Jeremy's enemies will vacant.
Jeremy's bond with his uncle is pretty compact,
somewhat evenly paced upon a weighing
scale. Their relationship tends to bounce up and
down but when it reaches its' peak, there
is no stopping their fun. There is no stopping them in their way.

-Prozzy Medri-
Once, someone anonymous called her the 'Witch of VaLoR'. Rumors are said to be
somewhat true but this one mistaken indeed. However strict Prosion Medri may make
out to be Jeremy loves her, for he knows that she is his aunt and he is her nephew.
Hardly knowing this woman, it is hard to say the paths they will take together in the future.

-Pahrn Medri-
The luckiest man alive possibly , excluding little Jeremy.
Pahrn Medri grew to be his nephew's
possible father. Pahrn met Jeremy's mother
at a distant age, where their  'love' seems to compress.
What future holds that of Jeremy and his uncle
whom he cares for vastly? Only fate shows the way.

-Zorak Medri-
When one would claim that none could be crazier than
Drake Medri, that was an understatement.
For Zorak Medri, Jeremy's loved aunt is in fact quite
close. He loves her with the dearest passion
but what he sees in his aunt's actions confuse him.
He laughs at her jokes, smiles at her smile,
but one thing he doesn't understand is a word she used before
...'Sorry J I was drunk'
{LoL I bet you remember}

-Liz Medri-
As his Uncle Zavion Medri, Liz Medri is definately a
close number one when it comes to
favorite aunts. She is the only one in his family who has
ever cared for Jeremy more than
his possible mother, which is a great deal. Liz Medri,
who constantly watches over the young
lad in the darkest of her days, in the slightest of her hours.
The moments Jeremy and
Liz have spent together on those roads, taverns,
MS arenas, and just about anywhere else
are unforgetable and have burrowed within the
deepest areas of Jeremy's heart.

-Kaylen Medri-
Surely another Liz Medri. Kaylen Medri was
quick to notice the boy sitting alone at the
MS arena swiftly to understand the relationship in blood
and name. Kaylen Medri stands
one of few who would even think of placing
little Jeremy among her own children. For
the young boy has never forgotten the spars and
walks the two have had, he has
never forgotten the kindness and values that
Kaylen Medri has shown him, and never shall.

- Sirene Rune-
Words can not often express sensations between
friend and friend. But rather mother
and son or father and daughter. Jeremy Medri
as far as he is concerned. Sirene Rune is
possibly Jeremy's first friend and the oldest.
Upon first meeting there was only friendship
and love. Words refused to describe the bond
between 'mother' and 'son' in this case.

-Defiled Envy-
Alexandra Shizor, however not even close on the list to a blood line of little Jeremy.
She could make the cut for that anyday. Aunt Lexa has been some of the greatest
and most kind people Jeremy has ever encountered, even among his own family
Jeremy's love for this aunt has gone way past, possibly surpassing those of his own blood.

-Agony Curse-
Beautiful and deadly as that of a black rose.
Agony CurseTex is another one of few who
could easily claim the title of mother over Jeremy and
have him believe it. For love between
these two does not come with great burdens, but with
unbelieveable benefits. For whenever
there is a time in the moment when these two can be together,
their bond only grows
greater. Jeremy loves this aunt just as much as the rest,
for she is one who's always
been there for him in the darkest of HIS own hours,
who's gone through with him how to conquer them

-Vixen Curse-
If not as deadly as a black rose, just as beautiful as that
of a white one. The few times when Jeremy and she had been
together had been one to never end. For the same day they had
literally gone through the painful world of grief and sorrow
together, and took root in the same happiness and joy in the same
time of the hour. How strange that day had been, but
working it out together had only but shifted their bond
to greatness,somehow past love. And if a word could describe
it, I need not be writing this all in .

-Lord X Curse-
An odd, but satisfying relationship between these two. His 'Uncla Curses' whom he
only knows as has enscribed a very important lesson upon Jeremy's face that
Jeremy shall never in the deepest of oceans ever forget.
'If you can't do something right, don't do it at all'
Jeremy can only not realize that his Uncla Curses is referring to his real name.

-Playful Curse-
Vanessa CurseTex. Only known to Jeremy as 'Aunta Nessie'. The only and
only soul of pure gold. However the name doesn't imply it, her actions and choice
of paths do. Jeremy Medri and Nessie CurseTex have overcome any obstacle
ever laid out before them. Love grows strong between these two and most would
doubt that it could ever end. And I for one could easily agree, the love they share
will always refuse to end, and nothing could conquer it, not in a million years.

-Joram Curse-
'Uncla Jorama' remains vacant in Jeremy's life. They have encountered each other
in numerous MS arenas. Joram CurseTex is a kind-hearted soul whom Jeremy longs
to understand. The ways of his own family mixed with a kind-hearted one often
confuses the lad. But one thing he does know, is that he cares for his uncle, and his
uncle truly cares for him.

Destined to once take the life of Jeremy Medri. Such a cause was never foreseen yet
such a cause never occured. She is his goddess, he is her angel. She is the only one
he knows he will have for the rest of his days, excluding his parents. For even
the greatest of love was overcome by these two, love for an elder and love for a youth.
How unlikely it would seem, however how true it has longed to become.

Dearest sister, dearest friend, dearest love can be expressed when referring to the
relationship of Katlina HighBlade and Jeremy Medri. They have been friends for the
longest of years, for the longest of time. Few friendships have ever gone so far between
one and another. This one has gone beyond friendship but into a sweet love.

-Lrd Sorin Spears-
Guild commander, brother, and family. Lord Sorin Spears has fought by the
youth's side since the days of hardships. Since the days of reckoning, since
the days of war. But Jeremy Medri has grown attached to his dear comrade and
friend. True to the heart, one to take action on the blink of an eye.

-Future Matrim-
...You will be remembered my friend...


(¯`v^÷• ^ •÷^v´¯)