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Wolves Crying for Help

Running, hunting, trying, surviving, and dying The wolves have no home anymore, thats why thery are crying. For miles and miles howls are heard discussing their fates. Humans don't care for this animal; wolves are forgotten then killed.

Humans don't know that a wolf has no hates. That's why a wolf doesn't end up at Hell's gates. Dark night color blue; wolves' images are relived on 14 Karat gold plates. The round moon is the only light that they see.

Humans keep on destroying a beautiful home. Wolves aren't dumb; they know they have no place to roam. At night is the call of the wild. Something pure on this Earth; like a new born child.

Cool air, water, and snow once demolished their fears. There is nothing out there anymore; nothing but tears. An innocent dream, turned black in the darkest clear... For fire now dwells on the western land.

A newborn wolf pup sees his life has been altered. No soft land to comfort your paws-only land of concrete and people. Civilization to you. No home No hope No life; but great sadness and fear. Why can't the kingdom of salvation take them home.

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