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  Youth N Asia Video
Where Whipwreck is GOD

AOL IM: Youth N Asia182


6 years, it's been a lot of fun, but I'm done with tape trading. I just don't have the time to keep up with everything these days. The tapes remaining on the site are those I am getting rid of, my copies.


Any non master, $2.50 per tape
Any RF or non SMV Master, $3.50
Any SMV Master, $4.50

Minimum order of $10, please. Shipping will be $3, that covers media mail shipping and delivery confirmation, shipping will be free on orders more than $20. Priority shipping is extra.

Tapes that are gone have been removed to avoid confusion. Tapes are now marked in blue boxes for ones that are still available, and red boxes for tapes that are on hold and awaiting payment.


UPDATED ON 5/31/05 with what tapes are no longer available, which ones are available again, and which ones are on hold.

Indy Tapes

NWA: Total Non Stop Action

Mixed Martial Arts

Shoot Interviews

Puroresu (Japanese Wrestling)

Best ofs/Comps