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xXx - Roleplay Information - xXx

Roleplay Title :Introduction
Location :The Island
Next Match :N/A
Title History : N/A
Current Title(s) : None At The Moment

Disclaimer - - This Roleplay Layout was made by none other than Mason (Matt Madness) of the XHWF. He does not like it when people steal his shit, even though he's stolen plenty of TVs in his time. So try and NOT steal his shit... it would make him quite happy :). And this Roleplay is owned by That Boy Rich, steal it and get fucked up. Keep it movin' lil' nigga.

Also, anything not done in front of PCW Cameras should not be spoken about in promos. If a PCW Camera wasn't there to catch it you could not have possibly seen it.

This scene initiates at the exterior of The Island, one of New York City's premier nightclubs. It's 1:00 A.M. and there's a huge crowd of people standing in line, waiting to get inside. There's some light rain and occasional thunder, but nothing severe.

A black 1967 Cutlass Supreme has just pulled up in front of the entrance. The driver's side door swings open, and a figure emerges from the car. This figure is known as That Boy Rich, the newest addition to the PCW Roster. He walks around the front of the car and proceeds down the entry way. As Rich strolls past the line of people, various women begin focusing their attention solely on him. He cracks a smile and continues on to the front of the line.

Once he reaches the front, he stops to speak with the bouncer.

That Boy Rich
Whaddup, Big Ron?

Big Ron
Where you been man? Kal's had me waiting out here for like two hours.

That Boy Rich
I got stuck in traffic.

Big Ron
What really happened, dawg?

That Boy Rich
I had some business to handle, you know what I'm talkin' about.

Big Ron
Right, Right.

That Boy Rich
Where's Kal?

Rick Ross's "Hustlin'" plays as Rich pulls a cell phone from the holster on his waist. He presses the "Talk" button and speaks.

That Boy Rich
Whaddup...I'm out front...You at the bar...I'll be up in a minute.

That was Kal, I'm bout to meet him at the bar. I'll get at you later.

Big Ron
Aight, Rich.

Rich pushes the door in and walks inside of the club.

Inside of the club there is a long hallway with three different metal detectors and a blue carpet continuing on the floor inside the club. Then past the metal detectors, in the same hallway, there is a room on the right that leads to coat check. Straight ahead, you will see the dance floor for the Spanish area of the club. To the left, there is an elevator and to the right there are stairs going up and down leading to the other two floors. The 1st floor is for Spanish music, the 2nd floor is for Hip Hop and R & B Music, and the 3rd is for the Reggae/Dance Hall music.

Rich walks over to the elevator