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1. You can only have 1 wrestler per person to make things fun....

2. Please don't complain if you lose.

3. Two titles per person and that's it.

4. You must make it to all the shows or you are fired.

5. These are the playing rules....You must use a 2- 6 sided dice.....
You must have 15 to sub and it is 5@#, 25 to pin and it is 3@# and TKO you must get 40 and it is 2@# to get out. There is also injury which you need 60 and it is 1@# to get out!

6. You get 1 finisher and 3 weapons per match!

7. If you don't know how to dice then please don't join.

8. 2 saves per match and 1 interference.

9. HaVe FUN!!!!!!!!!!