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Hostile Takeover

::The event started off with the End is Near playing loudly over the pa system in the sold out crowd of 2,500 fans in Viking Hall. Then Shane Douglas talked in the back about his match.::

Shane Douglas- Tonight is the night when I beat the living hell out of anybody I feel like. And I will start with Scott Taylor. Scott, Tonight...your end is near.

::The scene fades to Joel Gertner::

Joel- Tonight we have a great PPV! We're gonna have a European title match, King of the Death Match title on the line and the World title. Right now we're going to get an interview with Raven.

Raven- Hey Joel!

Joel- What do you have planned for tonight?

Raven- Well you kno Raven doesn't care about in this Fed but myself, but right now, I am gettin tired of waitin, I wunna fight, not any fight, a street fight!! Any body whow unts a piece of Raven lets go! Quote the Raven..Nevermore!!

Joel- Anybody up for the challenge??? Anyone? How about Evan Karagias?

::Evan sends a message to Raven that he accepts.::

Joel- Ok then tonight in a street fight it will be Raven vs. Evan Karagias for the King of the Death Match title...Later tonight though.

Raven- Be ready kid!

::The scene then goes to ringside for the first match of the night.::

Joel- This first match is a ladder match and is for the XPW European title! First making his way to the ring, Pogo the Clown.

::Andy dick's " Oops I Farted Again" his the pa system and Pogo comes down and enters the ring.::

Joel- And his opponent, Scorpio Sky.

::Scorpio walks his way to the ring and enters it and his music hits. Then the scene cuts to New Jack. A busted ass old cadillac pulls up to the arena, thumpin hard, but the speakers are rattlin, straight out of NYC, with 100 spoke rims, New Jack steps out when it parks and he walks into the arena after grabbin his 187 hockey stick::

Joel- Ok? I guess New Jack is here!

::The fight begins with Pogo the Clown and Scorpio Sky battling back in forth. They each climbed numerous times to get the belt but were shaken off. Raven even came out to help Pogo. In the end though Scorpio grabbed the belt and won.::
Winner- And the new XPW European Champion, Scorpio Sky.

::Then after Pogo is hurt and beaten out walks Shane Douglas. And makes Pogo and offer.::

Shane- Pogo, Join the Xtreme Horsemen!

Pogo- I accept!

::Scene fades out as Douglas and Pogo walked to the back together.::

Joel- The next match is a street fight for the King of the Death Match title. First making his way to the ring, Evan Karagias

::Out walks Evan as 3 Count music plays.::

Joel- And his opponent, RAVEENNNNN!!!!

::Raven enters from the crowd as freakish music plays. The bell rings as Raven nails Evan from behind with a stop sign. A trash can, table, chair, barbed wire and a stopped sign were all used in this match. Also each man did there finisher. Pogo the Clown tried to help out Raven but it didn't help. What is the chemisty between these two as well as Shane Douglas. In the end run Evan Karagias got the win. Raven was in shock and left the building immediately.::

Winner- And the new King of the Death Match Champion, Evan Karagias.

::Joel is then scene in the back standing by Pac.::

Joel- Pac what is your strategy for this match?

Pac- No comment!

::The scene then cuts to the ring.::

Joel- Next match is a Television title match. First making his way to the ring, Youthanazia's Josh.

::Youthanazia's Josh is already standing in the ring.::

Joel- And his opponent, Pac!

::Pac music plays as he runs out and starts battling Josh. This match was more of a high flying match. I had my money on Pac but Youthanazia's Josh got the win. How the hell did he win? Who knows...::

Winner- And the new XPW Television Champion, Youthanazia's Josh.

::Shane Douglas' music hits the XPW pa system as he gets a boo from the crowd. They start to chant- {Rip off, Rip off, Rip off.} Shane Douglas holds the XPW World title up in the air as they boo more. He grabs the mic from Joel Gertner and begins to speak.::

Shane Douglas- Sit the hell down FAT MAN! Ok, Now it is main event time. The Legendary Scott Taylor thinks he is the best. Well Scott, Come on punk...Prove that you are the best.

::Shane Douglas waits a few seconds as the fans await for Scott Taylor. NO show so Shane begins again.::

Shane Douglas- Well the Legend has a no show. So I guess I win. See ya.

::Shane Douglas drops the mic and is almost going to leave as White Slash plays and out walks Jerry Lynn. Lynn begins to speak.::

Jerry Lynn- You know something. About a year ago Scott and I had a triple cage match with two other guys Buff Bagwell and some other guy that won't be mentioned. Scott ended up winning the match but I had a better history then him. So I guess if you ain't facing Scott then face me.

Shane Douglas- Oh you think you are gonna take his place?!? Fine let's go.

::The bell rings as both men drop their mics and begin to battle. There were punches back and forth. Shane received a chairshot to the head from Lynn and he was busted open with blood. Shane did a Franchiser but Lynn kicked out. Then Shane through Lynn through a table and he kicked out. Lynn then reversed a move and did an Inverted Piledriver and got the 1,2 but Shane Douglas kicked out. Then finally Shane did a Franchiser to Lynn into a table and got the 1,2,3. The PPV ended with Shane walking to the back smiling with his XPW World title and Lynn laying in the ring hurt and bleeding. PPV ENDS.....::