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Upcoming Events

Monday Night Nightmare....Card sent through email!

April 24,2003-
Event Name: XPW House Show
Location: The Golden Dome in Pittsburgh,PA
Time: 7:30 pm est time

The show opens up with Joel Gertner welcoming everyone.

Then Shane Douglas did a promo about Scott.

Then Scott did one responding to Douglas. What a great feud this is turning into!

XPW European Title Match- Rematch
Scorpio Sky vs. Pogo the Clown
Winner- Scorpio Sky

Pac vs. Jerry Lynn- Winner gets a shot at the TV Champ at Tuesday Terror
In the match there was two interferences by Evan hitting Lynn with a Chair and Scott Taylor helping out Lynn by hitting Pac down.
Winner- Pac

Main Event
Scott Taylor vs. Shane Douglas
Winner- Shane Douglas

Shane Douglas announces the main event for Tuesday Terror which will be Shane Douglas & Pogo the Clown aka Xtreme Horsemen vs. Jerry Lynn & Scott Taylor for the XPW Tag Team Titles!

After the Main event Pogo the Clown spit on Scott Taylor as the Xtreme Horsemen celebrated!

April 29,2003-
Event Name: XPW Tuesday Terror
Location: New York City
Time: 8:00 pm est time