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Xtreme Championship Wrestling Entertainment E-fed.

language="JavaScript">alertNew XCWE is now open as of 1-21-04.The sites are now open and the matches are posted on the Bloodbath,FireBurn,and Shock Of Death links.So remember to check them out.We also have a guestbook if you want to say something about the site.All applications are accepted.Thanks Brett.")
my name :hardcore sn aol: sn yahoo: jcw wrestler name: King of hardcore wwe wrestler name: bob "hardcore" holly height: 5'11 weight: 160 hometown: parts unknown entrance music: icp " down with the clown" finisher: koh(same as rko) and the top rope elbow drop trademark moves are: - top rope elbow drop - oska street cutter (same as stone cold stunner) - 450 splash - koh (same as the rko) - flash magic expierence: jcw,xtw,iiw,ihw,jbw,ebw,xpw,pww efeds in: none my bio: im the greatest wrestler in backyard wrestling history. in 6 years i owned wrestling,was a ref, was a announcer, and wrestled. i have won every title for the aboev companies. i was the first hardcore champ of them all. i had the jcw hardcore title for 2 years. my wrestling fed is real we dont plan who wins we just put 2 guys in a ring and let them fight till the end. i am paid 100$ a match. 50$ everytime i have a autograph signing day. my name:Brett sn aol: sn yahoo: n/a XCWE wrestler name: One Man Mafia height: 6'5 weight: 275 hometown: Pittsburgh PA entrance music: John Cena -Basic Thuganomcs finisher: Death In The Sky-Chokeslam From Hell trademark moves are: - top rope moonsault - Shooting Star Press - Raven Effect - Dropkick To The Face - Double Arm DDT expierence: WWI,Bretts E-fed,HCW efeds in: HCW now my bio: if you think your tough enough to step up to One Man Mafia then i dare you.This 6'5 275 pound XCWE superstar will tear you apart.So if you want a challange he'll accept.He wont backdown from anything.Word Life.

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