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- Sunday Slaughter
- Wednesday Whoopin's
- New Year's Brawl
- WrestleWar 2002

Recent News

Welcome to the XBWL, X-Tremely Brutal Wrestling League!!!

The XBWL was one of the greatest wrestling federations in E-Wrestling History. It lasted for over five years, after which it had two rebirths.

I have written a memorial show to the XBWL. If you were a member of the XBWL, especially a champion then you might want to check it out!


The old XBWL Title Archive is up. It is updated to the last day the XBWL World Title was defended.

Click HERE for the page.

If you were a former XBWL Star and you would like to submit a Biography, please Email me at

XBWL Front Office

XBWL Contacts
XBWL President
XBWL Vice President
XBWL Talent Scout
Office Closed
XBWL Secretary
Office Closed

     Legal Information
     (XBWL) (X-tremely Brutal Wrestling League) XBWL is in no way associated with any real person or organization. We are a totally fantasy based wrestling federation used only on the internet to promote fun and entertainment.


Current Champions
XBWL World Heavyweight Title
"The Future" Brandon Thornton
XBWL International Title
Kruger Roberts
XBWL Hardcore Title
XBWL North American Title
Jason Landon
XBWL Unified Tag Team Title
Sean Dudley/Lincoln Stone

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