[:: Randy Orton is sitting on a couch backstage at the WWFedd arena. He has his feet propped up on the coffee table in front of him and he is watching the promo Candice Michelle cut earlier. He laughs at her bitchy remarks about the fans and the WWFedd roster. He doesnt have a shirt on and only wears a towel wrapped around his waist. His hair is wet from a shower and a few drops of water run down his chest. ::]

[The Legend Killer: Randy Orton]“That girl is a business mastermind. I was genius to give her a call. Besides, she’s pretty easy on the eyes. If only I could into those pants ....”

[:: There is a sudden knock at Orton’s lockerroom door. He looks over at it and then stands holding his towel to insure it doesnt fall. He heads over to the door and opens it to see Candice standing there. She has on a yellow and white bikini top and a VERY short denim skirt. She is caught off guard a moment by Orton’s attire and stutters through her first few words. ::]

[The Business Beauty: Candice Michelle]“Um ... I ... I ... was just .. um ... stopping by to see if you saw my promo ... uh ... earlier.”

[:: Orton smiles coyly at her and looks her up and down. He nods his head in approval and takes her hand spinning her around. She smiles back at him. Orton moves out of the doorway so she can enter his lockerroom. Candice walks in slowly and turns back around facing him. ::]

[The Legend Killer: Randy Orton]“Ya, I saw it. It was brilliant. You really summed up the talent in this federation. Non-existent. I’m liking that outfit there Candice.”

[:: Candice looks down at her top and skirt. She smiles as she looks back up at him. You can tell she isnt intimidated by him anymore and doesnt plan on falling for his charm. She suddenly seems unaffected by his barely clothed body and walks away from him taking a seat on his couch. Orton walks over behind the couch and places his hands on her shoulders. He begins massaging them gently. ::]

[The Legend Killer: Randy Orton]“So boss, what’s next?”

[:: Candice slides her shoulder out of Orton’s grip and crosses her legs. ::]

[The Business Beauty: Candice Michelle]“I cannot stress to you how crucial it is that you best Jerry Lynn come Monday, Randy. You see ... we cannot establish ourselves as a threat in this company if you go out there and loose to no talent losers like Jerry Lynn. There are plenty of careers to end and legends to kill in this federation. You just have to focus on nothing more than that championship. Don’t let petty things distract you.”

[:: Orton laughs at Candice’s comments and walks around the couch so he is standing in front of her. ::]

[The Legend Killer: Randy Orton]“There are only two things in this world I ever have my sights set on.One is a championship belt. Two is a beautiful woman such as yourself Candice.”

[:: Candice sighs and rolls her eyes. ::]

[The Business Beauty: Candice Michelle]“Randy, I know thousands of women, teenage girls, and little girls who have yet to hit puberty faint at your every word ... but you have no affect on me. I’ve been in this business long enough and I’ve been around enough guys like you. I am nothing but a business woman. I make it to the top, using the best. You’re the best Randy ... and I plan on being on top.”

[:: Randy smirks. ::]

[The Legend Killer: Randy Orton]“I plan on you being on top too.”

[:: Candice rolls her eyes again and stands up. She starts to walk toward the door before she is cut off by Randy. She side steps him and he pins her against the door. ::]

[The Legend Killer: Randy Orton]“Now Candice ... I don’t see any reason to not mix business with pleasure. Amazing, toe-curling pleasure that’s known to last all night long.”

[:: Randy smiles at Candice. Their faces are separated by barely an inch. Candice smiles at him and moves closer to Randy. Her mouth is next to his neck just below his ear. He can feel her breath hit his neck as she opens her mouth to speak. ::]

[The Business Beauty: Candice Michelle]“Ya know Randy ... that sounds like a great offer. But I don’t mix business with pleasure and quite frankly ... you’re not my type.”

[:: Candice smiles. Orton pulls back and looks at her. She opens the door and head out of the lockerroom as Orton stands there. He seems baffled at the fact a woman turned him down. ::]

[The Legend Killer: Randy Orton]“Unbelievable.”

[:: Orton shakes his head and shoves the door closed. He walks over to his couch and sits down. He presses play on his VCR to finish watching Candice’s promo. He shakes his head again and sighs loudly. He turns the power off on his VCR and TV and stands heading to his bathroom. After a little bit of time Orton reemerges from is bathroom. He has on black dress pants, a blue button up shirt, and black dress shoes on. His hair is spiked like always and he heads out of his lockerroom. His whips out his cellphone and calls Candice. ::]

[The Legend Killer: Randy Orton]“I’m heading out to my promo now. Grisham right?”

[The Business Beauty: Candice Michelle]“Ya.. He’s a moron. Do you want me to join you? I havent left the arena yet.”

[The Legend Killer: Randy Orton]“Eh ... might as well. Looks good for us.”

[The Business Beauty: Candice Michelle]“What does that mean Orton?”

[The Legend Killer: Randy Orton]“I’m not your type.”

[:: Orton hangs up the phone and slips it back into his pocket. He heads down the hallways of the arena until he reaches Todd Grisham who is waiting down the hall from the make up area. Grisham looks at Orton and gives a slightly friendly smile that makes you think he really doesnt want to be there. A moment later Candice struts up to Orton and places an arm around his lower back. ::]

[The Business Beauty: Candice Michelle]“Ready?”

[:: Orton looks down at her unable to resist the urge to look at her chest. He looks up at Todd and nods. ::]

TG: “Thank you for joining me this afternoon Randy. Its so ... nice ... to see you again Candice.”

[The Business Beauty: Candice Michelle]“Ya ... right.”

[:: Candice gives Grisham an icy look and he turns to Orton to being questioning. ::]

TG: “Randy, we saw your first appearance in RAW on Monday night when you stopped by to tell the WWFedd viewing audience and roster that you planned on being involved in the title tournament. Now on Monday night you have your first match in that tournament against Anarchy’s own Jerry Lynn. How do you feel about having such a worthy opponent be your debut into the WWFedd?”

[:: Orton laughs ::]

[The Legend Killer: Randy Orton]“Worthy? Come on Grisham ... you and I both know Jerry Lynn shouldn’t step foot into a wrestling ring. He wrestled in ECW, what does that mean? He can beat someone with a metal object? Wow ... that’s some REAL wrestling talent. You can’t even take an opponent down with your own ability. All you can do is swing a ladder or trashcan. Real tough. I think that the fact that Jerry Lynn is even in the running for the championship is a complete joke. That is the center of comic relief in this federation. I mean the entire roster is a joke ... so the tournament is nothing but one big comedy. You should have heard the sigh of relief come from Jackson Starr when I signed my contract. The fact that my first match in WWFedd is against Jerry Lynn means nothing to me. It’s a warmup. Hell, its not even a speed bump. This may turn out to be the shortest match in WWFedd history.”

TG: “Those are some strong remarks Randy. Not only towards Jerry Lynn ... but towards this entire federation. Are you concerned at all about the reparations that may take place from this roster?

[The Legend Killer: Randy Orton]"Concerned? For what? What can anyone on that roster possibly do to me? I’m an unstoppable force. I, alone, can elevate myself to levels of greatness others have only dreamed of.”

TG: “Randy, you just you could do this alone. Earlier Candice told the WWFedd viewing audience that she was going to be the one to take you to the top with her managing abilities. Why is she your manager if you can complete these tasks on your own?”

[The Legend Killer: Randy Orton]“Well ... Candice is a great asset to have in this business. She knows the business well and she can keep me under control. Some of these smartasses are going to try and get under my skin and Candice is going to be here to tell me to cool off or to pick a better battle. A battle that might be somewhat of a challenge.”

TG: “Candice, how do you feel now that you know Randy believes he can achieve this on his OWN.”

[The Legend Killer: Randy Orton]“Don’t twist my words around you ...”

[The Business Beauty: Candice Michelle]“Randy needs me. Whether he admits it or not. He knows the talents I possess and he knows that if he’s going to go all the way, it has to be done with me. There is no other person in this business who can be on top quite like me. Its an easy ride with me there and a very pleasurable one at that.”

[:: Orton has a smile stretching across his face from ear to ear. ::]

[The Legend Killer: Randy Orton]“Grisham, besides the fact this woman is a whiz in this business ... how can a guy turn down a woman this amazingly sexy?”

[:: Orton puts his arm around Candice’s shoulders and pulls her into him. ::]

TG: “What is the status of your all’s relationship? Candice says its purely business. What is your take?”

[The Legend Killer: Randy Orton]“I was always taught it okay to mix business with pleasure. Candice is my business and my pleasure.”

[The Business Beauty: Candice Michelle]“What Randy is trying to say is that I help him navigate this business, and I’m his pleasure to look at. Randy and I have no type of relationship besides a professional one. Sure, we’re friends due to the amount of time we spend with each other ... but there is no connection emotionally or physically.”

TG: “Thank you for your time today Randy and Candice. Good luck on Monday night.”

[The Legend Killer: Randy Orton]“I don’t need it. You’re looking at greatness.”