:: Cameras show Todd Grisham looking down a hall like he is waiting for someone. Around the corner comes a brunette. She struts down the hallway and approaches Todd. She looks at him a moment and raises her eyebrows. ::

[The Business Beauty: Candice Michelle] "You're doing the interview?"

Todd: "Yes m'am. I wanna start by asking ..."

[The Business Beauty: Candice Michelle]"Wait ... move over."

Todd: "Excuse me?"

:: The brunette rolls her eyes and pushes Todd out of the picture. She has a smirk on her face as she turns toward the camera. ::

[The Business Beauty: Candice Michelle]"First of all, some of you may be wondering just who I am. Well ... I'm the best damn thing to ever happen to this federation. My name is Candice Michelle and its pretty damn obvious just how hot I am. Now I know several of you are wondering why I'm here because women arent allowed to wrestle in this federation. Now I understand that certain lack of intelligence that our viewers have, but my god cant you piece it together?"

:: Candice rolls her eyes. ::

[The Business Beauty: Candice Michelle] "For the 'slow' people out there, which is our entire viewing audience, I'm here on behalf of Mr. R.K.O himself, Randy Orton. That's right ... some talent has finally arrived in this dead beat federation. I mean seriously, look at the roster. It either contains a bunch of wash up has beens, or a bunch of talentless rookies. The so called "legends" in this federation, are nothing but old men who cannot wrestle. Mick Foley? Are you serious? He should be dead by now. Oh and Terry Funk? He couldnt wrestle his way out a paper bag. I thought "Legends" were supposed to be icons WITH talent. Anyway ... the main thing I'm here to discuss is Randy's match on Monday night against Jerry Lynn. Who the hell is that anyway??"

:: The crowd boos Candice for her rude comments and bitchiness. She shrugs and giggles to herself. ::

[The Business Beauty: Candice Michelle] "Oh wait ... that's the long blonde haired freak who wrestled in E.C.W and could never make it big right? I know who he is. So ... I'm slightly curious as to just what the staff at WWFedd was thinking when they booked a SUPERSTAR like Randy Orton versus a talentless wash-up named Jerry Lynn. Hmm ... let's think. Oh ... that's right, they wanna see him get his ass kicked. They obviously have no use for you anymore Jerry, and I sure hope they dont ... because as of Monday night your career is over. There will be no progressing the title tournamet, there will be no championship, there will never be another card with your name on it. The next thing you'll see after the Randy destroys you is the emergency room. You are kinda old, so I dunno if your fragile little hips can hold out. Oh my god ... can we seriously recruit some talent? Look at the title tournament. There is one REAL wrestler in that entire tournament. WWFedd might as well make this easy and just hand Randy the championship. It'd save a lot of time and wouldnt make him waste his time wrestling jobbers."

:: The crowd continues booing Candice and begins to chant 'slut'. Candice stops and rolls her eyes. ::

[The Business Beauty: Candice Michelle] "As far as that goes, Randy and I are strictly on a business level. We're both professionals. I mean come on, not only are we better looking, we're both just plain better. Better than every single one of you trailer park, toothless, white trash rednecks and better than every single name on that roster. The WWFedd has no idea whats going to happen, but I can guarantee you ... that Randy will dominate this federation. Why? Because he has MY help. And I get whatever I want, however I want, and exactly when I want. I dont care how dirty I have to play, if I want it ... its mine. So go on home to your deer heads and dirty little trailers, and come Monday ... the WWFedd will be worshipping the ground Randy and I walk on."

:: The crowd's boos intensify as Candice laughs shrugging her shoulders. She turns and walks away. The camera follows her til she is out of sight and Todd Grisham steps back into view. ::

Todd: "Well .... that was .... something. Come Monday night, we'll see if Randy and Candice can put up or shut up."