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Raw Is War!

THE BROOD IS BACKGangrel has brought back THE BROOD! March 17th at Wrestlemania 17th live in Toronto Gangel and Sabu joined forces and now will look to send chills throughout the entire Federation by once again living the lifestyle of The Brood! The history of The Brood is great! Gangrel was the first member of The Brood and along his time he had Luna, Edge and Christian along with Jeff Hardy and eventually Matt! A superstar cast in which Gangrel helped start off and now they are big stars! Sabu and Gangrel hope to keep the same Brood tradition going! They will look to take someone out when the WWF/wCw Returns!

THE BROOD IS BACKThe Brood! Sabu and Gangrel! These guys are deadly! Sabu is Homocidal! Suicidal! Genocidal! And he is scary! He has tortured many souls and Gangrel is one of the scariest guys to ever get into a wrestling ring. This guy brings FEAR to the ring and can since when someone is scared of him! The Brood will makes it first victims soon! Who will they be? When will it be? Rumor is, WWF Raw will be back March 25th! Maybe that night we will see JUST ANOTHER VICTIM!!

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