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This is a history of all of the wrestling's past and present gimmick-based matches and stipulations:

Anything Goes Match: Like it says. Weapons, run ins & generally dirty tactics are used to get the win. AND, it's all legal! 

Barbed Wire Match: Ring ropes are replaced with barbed wire and can be used as a weapon. 

Bat Match Wrestlers: actually bring baseball bats to the ring and can use them. 

Battle Royale (Royal Rumble): A selected number of men enter the ring (All at once or one at a time as determined by a "shot clock") and proceed to fight until one man is left. Wrestlers are disqualified once they are thrown OVER the top rope and they land on the floor (both feet must touch). 

Best of Three Falls: In an ironic twist, the early days of wrestling always made a title match best two out of three falls in order to build the heat for the match. In the current product, each fall has a stipulation or gimmick to determine victory and build heat. Ric Flair and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat used this match without stipulations to elevate it beyond the need for cheap gimmicks. 

Boiler Room Brawl Match: A specialty match for wrestler Mankind. A hybrid of a modern cage match & weapons match. Two men fight in a "boiler room" and beat the crap out of each other with anything they find. Winner is the first one through the boiler room exit. 

Brass Knuckles Match: Like it says, brass knuckles are used. Sometimes, the wrestlers come into the match wearing them, sometimes the knucks are placed so as to allow the first person who gets to them the ability to use them against their opponent. 

Brawl For All: An experiment by the WWE to merge 
boxing & wrestling. Consisting of 3 rounds lasting 3 minutes each, wrestlers wear boxing gloves and score points by knockdowns, takedowns and total round domination. Unlike the world we are accustomed to in "sports entertainment", the fights were REAL and did place several wrestlers on the DL for months. The WWE will most likely discontinue this contest due to the unpredictability of injury. Too bad. 

Buried Alive Match: A grave is "dug" close to the ring and the winner must throw the loser into the grave and cover him with dirt. 

Cage Match: This match is designed to remove outside interference & keep wrestlers in the ring who would run away in order to get DQ'd (since a title can't change hands by DQ). A large, open top cage is erected around the ring and is locked until a clear winner is determined. In todayís product, some matches declare a winner to the first person to escape the cage, either by climbing over the cage and touching the floor or rendering their opponent unconscious and walking through the cage door to the floor. 

Career Match: The loser of this match must retire or never wrestle for that federation again. This match is generally the way for a retiring wrestler to get a main event for his last match. 

Casket Match: A specialty match utilized by the Undertaker. The winner of the match has to put his opponent into a funeral casket AND close the lid to win. 

Chicago Street Fight: Called by other names depending on the town and participants (Like Harlem street fight), it takes place outside the arena in the parking lot or rampway. Anything laying around can legally be used. Basically, an anything goes match done outside. 

Death Match: There are two very different versions of this match. In Japan, a death match is an elaborate match which basically ends in a bloody mess by virtue of the weapons or deadly foreign objects littered around the ring. The US version is much tamer, using weapons & barbed wire. 

Dog Collar Match: A variation of the strap match, wrestlers wear a dog collars that are connected by a 20 foot chain. The chain may be used as a weapon & a victory can be won by pinfall or by the rules of a Strap Match. 

Dumpster Match: A variation of a casket match. The winner must put the loser into a garbage dumpster and close the lid to win. 

Electrocution Match: Either a cage or metal ring ropes are electrified to be used as weapons. Some stipulations declare the winner when the other participant is thrown into the electrified item. 

Elimination Match: Similar to a Four Corners Match, singles or teams wrestle in the ring and may tag any participant. Once a wrestler is pinned, submits or is counted out, he is eliminated from the match and must leave the ring. A modern variation has all opponents in the ring at the same time (Texas Tornado Rules). 

Explosion Match: Wooden planks (usually covered in barbed wire) are placed inside or around the ring as weapons. When a wrestler is thrown upon a plank, it explodes and showers them with flame or some type of pyrotechnics. The match culminates at the 10 or 15 minute mark when the whole ring explodes (not literally) in a huge pyro display. Very popular with the Japanese and VERY dangerous to wrestlers! 

Extreme Death Match: Only held in Japan, it is an elaborate match which may include the following gimmicks: Barbed wire ropes, sheets of glass, exploding panels, beds of thumbtacks or nails & electrified ropes/floor. It is incredibly gruesome and completely gory! 

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Just what it says. Usually reserved for brawlers, there is often no DQ. 

First Blood Match: The winner of this match is the first person who makes his opponent bleed. 

Four Corners Match: Opposing persons/teams are placed at the ringís four turnbuckles. Even though it always ends in a full out brawl, it is supposed to have two wrestlers at a time in the ring. Wrestlers may tag anyone they choose (It does not have to be their partner in a tag match). 

Four-Way Dance: This match applies Texas Tornado Rules, all combatants are in the ring at the same time. Winner is decided by pinfall or submission. 

Gender Match: A Tag team match in which each side has a male and female competing. Normally, if the male partner tags in the female partner, the opposing team must do the same so the same gender is in at all times. 

Grudge Match: More of a general description then an actual gimmick for a match. A Grudge Match employs any stipulation or rules as agreed upon by the wrestlers. Basically, it is done to insure a winner without DQ. 

Handicap Match: A specialty match which may be done three ways. The first, originally created for Andre the Giant, a larger opponent must wrestle against 2 or 3 others and pin all wrestlers at the same time. The second, the bigger (or badder) opponent has to wrestle at a physical disadvantage: One hand tied behind the back, wrestle on his knees, et al. The third variation is a one man advantage, such 2-on-1 or 2-on-3 match. This type of match is usually done to punish or "soften up" a wrestler or tag team. 

Hardcore Match: A weapons match. Falls count anywhere. No DQ. 

Hell In A Cell: A variation of the Cage Match, this cage has a roof, allowing the wrestlers to battle on top of the cage as well as inside. Unlike the modern cage match, a win is obtained through pinfall or submission. 

I Quit Match: Similar to a submission match, the loser must say "I quit!". Pinfalls and submissions do not count in this match, which makes it ideal for a Grudge Match. 

Inferno Match: Unique to the Undertaker and Kane, a trough of gas jets surround the ring and is set on fire. The winner of the match is the first wrestler who sets his opponent on fire. 

Iron Man Match: A 60 minute match wherein opponents try to pin or submit their foe as many times as possible within the hour. The wrestler with the most pins or submissions wins. There is no DQ, but most matches try to focus on wrestling ability over brawling & chair shots. 

Ladder Match: A title belt is suspended above the ring, high enough to need a ladder to reach it. The first to climb the ladder and get the title wins. The ladder may be used as a weapon. 

Last Man Standing Match: Just as it says. Although, some stipulations require the loser to be unable to fight after a 10 count. Basically, you beat your opponent unconscious. 

Lion's Den Match: Created to cash in on Ken Shamrock's UFC roots, it is a variation of a cage match. The cage is octagonal and smaller than the normal dimensions of a wrestling ring and the winner is determined by submission only. 

Loser Leaves Town Match: Same as a retirement match. Unfortunately, there is always a loophole. 

Luche Libre Rules: A Mexican variation of the 6 or 8 man tag match. If a wrestler is knocked out of the ring, one of his teammates must enter and continue the fighting. There must be one of each side in the ring at all times. 

Lumberjack Match: This match is just like a normal bout with one exception: on the outside floor, around the ring, other wrestlers encircle the ring. If a wrestler falls out of the ring, the "lumberjacks" on the outside throw him back into the ring. Most times, 
the lumberjacks will give a little kick or punch before putting the guy back in the ring. This was created to stop intentional count outs or fleeing the ring for a DQ. 

Nightgown Match: Same as a Tuxedo Match. The first person stripped to their underwear loses. 

No Disqualification Match: Pretty much any match that requires a clear-cut winner. Run-ins, weapons and dirty tactics are encouraged. 

Outlaw Rules: Created specifically to foil the New Age Outlaws. The NAO participated Four Corners match wherein both Outlaws coincidentally were in the ring at the same time. Instead of fighting each other, Road Dogg laid down and let Billy Gunn pin him. This stipulation prevents any tag team from pinning their partner whenever a title is at stake. 

Pole Match: Whether it be brass knuckles, police baton, guitar or taser, the object is placed on a 15 foot pole and the first person to climb the pole gets to use the suspended weapon. 

Ravenís Rules: Specifically for Raven whenever he wrestled in WCW. It was simply a No DQ match created by WCW to sneak hardcore matches into their TV shows to cash in on Raven's ECW skills. 

Special/Guest Referee: This stipulation has the referee duties done by a "fair & impartial" wrestler or celebrity. Most times when a wrestler is used, it is to give an unfair advantage to one of the participants, but is labeled as "keeping order". A celebrity ref is used to get more PPV dollars and better main stream media coverage. Another variation has the special or guest referee on the outside to control the situation. 

Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal: A curious experiment by Bill Watts when he took control of WCW. Introduced at Halloween Havoc '92, a stand up wheel (Like a dollar wheel you'd find at a local carnival) with matches listed instead of numbers, was spun to determine what type of gimmick match would be used. Bad management of this interesting gimmick caused its early demise. 

Strap Match: Wrestlers are joined at the wrist by a 20 foot leather strap. The winner must drag his opponent to each of the four turnbuckles, touching each one. The strap may be used as a legal weapon. 

Submission Match: A winner is determined when the loser "taps out" or submits to a submission move. Pinfalls, DQís and count outs do not apply. 

Table Match: A stipulation that makes the only way to win when one wrestlers puts their opponent through a table. When done as a tag match, the first team to put both opposing members through tables wins. 

Texas Death Match: The "father" of the Last Man Standing Match. Combattants must knock out their opponent or pin their opponent outside the ring. Then, they must make it back to the ring before a full ten count. 

Texas Tornado Rules: All men are in the ring at once. Winner determined by pinfall or submission. 

Three-Way Dance: The same as a Four-Way Dance, except with Three participants. This match applies Texas Tornado Rules, all combatants are in the ring at the same time. Winner is decided by pinfall or submission. 

24/7 Rule: Instituted by Crash Holly while WWE Hardcore Champion, this stipulation allows any wrestler to challenge the champion anywhere, anytime, as long as a referee was present. Defending the belt 24 hours, 7 days a week is now envoked whenever the storyline calls for a mass melee. 

Versus Match: The opposing wrestlers put up something against each other as a kind of "prize" for the winner. One of the most common is a Hair vs. Hair, where the loser gets his head shaved. A Versus match can also be done to obtain the services of the foe's valet or mask or even making the loser wear a dress for a period of time. A Title vs. Title match is a very common variation as well. 

War Games: Originally created for the Four Horseman, this is a unique event which incorporates elements of a Cage match and Battle Royale with Texas Tornado Rules. Two teams of four men compete. A full cage is erected and starts with 2 men from opposing sides. At timed intervals, a random wrestler from either side enters the cage, so at any given time one team will have a temporary advantage. Once all participants are in the cage, it is locked and a winner is determined by the first pinfall or submission. 

Weapons Match: Cookie sheets, trash cans, radios, Kendo stick, no matter how bizarre the item. Wrestlers can bring anything into the ring to help them, but the pin must occur in the ring.