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Monday Night Raw

Monday night RAW will be the World Wrestling Entertainments first event.There will be many titles on the line.The two superstars who make the best debuts will recieve a undisputed title shot.

WWE SmackDown! Thursday

WWE SmackDown will be the Thursday after RAW.Smackdown Will not air until we have the fed strong and running,so therefore all matches will take place on raw.There is no draft at the time either.

Judement Day

Judement Day
Judement Day will begin the madness of the exciting Pay-Per-Views to come in the WWE. By the end of the night a new World Wrestling Champion might be crowned. Will it be you?(this ppv will only happen if we have enough superstars and the site is mostly finished.)

This World Wrestling E-Federation is no way affiliated with the real World Wrestling Entertainment. Everything you see before you was created by me. Please do not be a fool and try to steal it.

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