W.O.W is Here!

Suddenly the lights in the arena turn off, hot pink strobe lights begin to flicker as the fans in attendae rise to thier feet in unison, then as pyros hit the music begins to blast, "I`M ALL GROWN UP NOW....." the fans cheer and chant, as W.o.W owner, Stephanie McMahon is standing on the ramp. Dressed in all her glory she walks down to ringside in red leather pants and a black one sleeved leather tank top.
{Jerry "THE KING" Lawler} JR, the Boss has arrived, I guess it is safe to say business has just picked up! WooHoo, and look how beautiful Steph looks. Stephanie walks up the three steel steps and into the ring, she raises her hands in the air as numerous amounts of cameras begin to flicker at the owner of the company. She walks over to Lilian Garica and is handed a microphone, she wraps her hands around the mic as the music comes to an end.
{Stephanie:} Wow, It is so great to be here at ...W.o.W! (Fans cheer) ...As the owner of this company I am standing in front of you making a few promises, and one of those promises is this federation will bring the most talented, entertaining, enjoyable wrestlers to you. I signed talent that my father himself could only dream would come together! We have guys like Kurt Angle (Crowd Heat), Stone Cold Steve Austin (Huge Pop) and the man himself, The Rock! (Huge Pop). We have some of the sexiest divas you have ever seen, because I signed contracts with girls like Stacy Keibler (Huge Pop) Molly Holly (Pop), and the playboy cover girl herself, Ms.Torrie Wilson! (Huge Pop). Not only do I promise to bring you the best wrestlers, but I promise to bring you the most competitive, action packed matches! This Friday Night we kick off our first ever Powerslam, and as history will show the world, this show will be entertaining, off the charts, and down right dirty! ...Now as every federation has, Wow will begin naming our champions, and why wait....This Friday Night we will begin to find out who can hold thier own, who can fight the fight, and who is the toughest superstar in W.O.W!
The crowd gives off a huge pop, wanting to know what Stephanie has in mind for the first Powerslam. Stephanie walks around the ring a bit, holding it in, and letting the fans feel the true anticaption. She smiles into the camera as the crowd begins a "W.O.W" chant. She bits the side of her lip, thinking a bit, and then raises the microphone back up to her mouth.
{Stephanie:} As I said before W.o.W has some of the most sexiest divas in any federation, but not only are these women beautiful, they can kick ass too! (Crowd Pop) Each one of them is after the same thing, and now we have to see who will reach the finish line first! They all want that gold, they burn inside for it, they want to hold that title with honor and pride and that title is the WOW Womens Championship! ...So therefore begining this Friday Night we will have a Womens title tourtument. Putting together three matches, and the three winners will battle it out in a Triple Threat Elimation match, with a special guest referee to be named at a later time. Friday Night you will see Trish Stratus vs. the redheaded bombshell Lita! (Huge Pop) you will also see Torrie Wilson vs. Ivory and then you will be glued to your set to watch Molly Holly take on Stacy Keibler! The winners all advance to fight for the Womens title the following week! (Crowd Pop) But the women in this federation are not the only ones hungrey for gold, they are not the only ones burning for gold, and they are not the only ones who want to show thier aggression, and have some gold to prove that anger and fierceness! Therefore this Friday Night we will begin a four week long tourtument for the right to call yourself the best that there is in this very ring, for the right to hold the richest prize in this business, for the right to be...The World Champion! Starting Friday Night on Powerslam you will see eight men step into this ring, in four seperate matches, and they will light the world on fire! Rob Van Dam (Huge Pop before Stephanie can even say another word) RVD will step into this ring, and he will go one on one with none other then Mr.America! (Huge Pop). But as I promised our talent only gets better, The Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle will lace up his boots and he will go one on one with the peoples champ, he will fight The Rock! (Huge Pop). Then you will see a man with wrestling in his brain, it is in his blood you will see The Game himself, Triple H step inside this ring, and go against none other then Stone Cold Steve Austin (Biggest Pop) ...Then in a triple threat match you will see three of the most talented superstars as you witness, John Cena vs. Chris Jericho vs. .....Hurricane Helms! (Huge Pop for the Hurricane) Now as you see the line up for Powerslam, get used to it, because WOW promises to have an extraordinary card every single Friday Night! See, I am done walking in the shadow of my father, I am through standing behind the WWE, I am out on my own now, I am doing things my way...Because now, I am ALL GROWN UP!
"All Grown Up" blasts through the PA system as Stephanie drops the microphone in the center of the ring, and exits. She walks up the ramp with a determined look in her eye. The camera follows the WOW owner as she walks to the back and into her dressing room where, none other then former WWE diva, Sable is sitting, Stephanie shuts the door as the scene fades into a commerical break for Powerslam......