Showing off her Assets!

The WWE Camera turns on and Stacy is shown walking down a hallway. She is wearing a pair of black shorts, and an American Flag tee shirt. She walks up to a door that reads, 'WWE EDITING TEAM' and knocks once, but there is no answer...she knocks twice, and still no answer. Stacy rolls her eyes knocks a third time, and when there is still no answer she swings the door opened.
{*Womens Champ* Stacy Keibler:} Listen I dont know what the hell you people think you are doing, but when someone knocks on the door, you get off your lazy asses...Butts and answer it! Especially when it is the Womens Champion! {WWE Employee:} Sorry Stacy (Sarcastic Voice) What can I help you with?

{*Womens Champ* Stacy Keibler:} Gimme my tape, and give me it right NOW! The man stands up, and turns away from Stacy, rolling his eyes, he reaches into a cabinet and takes a video tape out, she grabs it right from his hand {*Womens Champ* Stacy Keibler:} Thank You...Actually no! Next time do it faster! Do not, and I repeat do not keep the Womens Champion waiting! Stacy walks out of the room, and slams the door behind her, she walks into another room, and hands a man the video tape, then walks out and walks over to the curtain. The scene fades into a commerical break for the Rock vs Kurt Angle.

The camera comes back from a commerical break, and the lights turn out as strobe lights flicker throughout the arena, and Kid Rock screams out of the PA system, "She`s Got Legs!" Lilian Garcia gets on the microphone. {Lilian Garcia:} Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome your Womens Champion, Stacy Keibler! A roar of boos echos throughout the arena as Stacy Keibler stands on the top of the ramp. She holds her title up high as it sprakles into the camera, she brings it down and asks the camera man to hold it for a moment, well she walks over to The King who hands her a microphone, and kisses her hand. She walks back up the stairs and her music comes to an end.
{*Womens Champ* Stacy Keibler:} First of all Lil, I want you to get back in that ring, and announce my name again I dont think everyone heard, as you did do it well my music was playing! So come on, I dont have all day! I`m the womens champion I have places to see...and people to do....I mean...I mean....(Crowd laughs at her and chants SLUT) I have places to go and people to see! So get in that ring, and introduce me again! Lilian steps back into the ring. {Lilian Garcia} Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome your Womens Champion, Stacy Keibler! Crowd boos loudly at Stacys name, as Stacy yells shut up {*Womens Champ* Stacy Keibler:} Look, next time I would apperciate if you`ll address me, as Ms.Stacy Keibler! I want to come out here, and before I say anything else I am the Womens champion! So Lita, Ha! Torrie Wilson, Ha! And Trish Stratus, Ha Ha Ha!!! (Crowd Boos) I am the Womens champion, not you...or you...or you...Or you! (Points to Lilian on the final 'you') ....But enough about those other, not important, nonexitenant divas....I came out here to deliver a message to a very charming man...and this man is Kurt Angle! Kurt, I took it upon myself to put together this little video package, especially for you. You are not just my Olympic Hero, but you are the Olympic Hero to us all. (Crowd Boos) The camera goes to the titantron where a video message begins to play. Stacy Keibler is seated in front of a white curtain, with a white blouse on. She smiles into the camera and then begins to speak.

{*Womens Champ* Stacy Keibler:} Hello Kurt. I wanted to say a few things to you on this video message, and hope you take them to heart. I came to the WWE looking for victory, and I got it, I am the WWE Womens Champion, and now as the Womens Champion it is my right to help others....I want to see you become the World Champion but I need to know you can beat the Rock first. So Monday at RAW try, with all your might to defeat him...and then you win me, as your valet! ...and Kurt Angle, when you win me, there is lots to win, take a lot at this!
Enya "Only Time" begins to play, when a message comes up that reads:
To: Mr. Kurt Angle
With Love, *Womens Champion* Stacy Keibler

The video begins to play, showing many reasons why Stacy believes she is an asset at ringside.

The crowd chants Puppies as the video ends, and the scene heads into a commercial break.........