Game Over!

As soon as WWE comes back from a commerical break, the music ques up and blasting through the PA System is "TIME TO PLAY THE GAME" the fans jump to thier feet, and look towards the entrance way as Number One contender Triple H appears on the ramp. Standing motionless, in his addias pants, HHH cross logo Tee, a leather jacket and a jean cut off,the Game stares straight ahead. As the music hits the chorus Triple H begins to pour a bottle of water over his head, it drips down his back and onto his shoulders, as he makes his way to ringside. He jumps on to the apron, and takes another sip of water, then showers it over the crowd. Triple H enters the ring and poses on the turnbuckle, followed by recieving a microphone from Lilian Garica. The Game brings the microphone to his lips.

{Triple H:} Ya know something a little less then a week ago, I stood inside this ring, I faced two of the toughest guys in this industry, I went through hell with both of those guys, and like I said I proved I was better then both Austin and The Rock. (Crowd boos) Rock, you can come out to this ring and say whatever the hell you want, you dont care I beat you, but the fact of the matter is this, I stand here today The Number One contender for the World Title, and you....You have got a match worth nothing against Kurt Angle. (He stops and thinks a moment) Oh, But speaking of the Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt...If you have something to say to me you can say it to my face...otherwise I dont need you delivering messages through my friends. I dont give a crap if you like me or not Kurt, the fact is, you can stand in this ring and mock me all you want...But when it comes right down to it, I`m on my way to a title victory...Well you`re stuck fighting the guy whos ass I just kicked. Kurt, I think I have proved I am one step ahead of you...Next time you want to come down to this ring, and mock the Game, remember this...I dont use words to back me up, I use my fist! So unless you want this fist rammed through your face, I would shut the hell up, if I were you! And that is whats true pal! ....But enough about Kurt Angle and The Rock, those two make me sick. (Crowd chants Rocky!) I was sitting at home, and like the rest of the world I had on WWE Television. I figured Trish and I were given the week off, so we would get some rest, and not have to stress out about anything, and whats the first thing I see? Some red headed piece of trash, come down to this ring and whip out some video footage, of the mere two seconds were she was hurting Trish. Listen up, Lita...You may have those two Hardy Boys on your side, but I can kick the hell out of them in a second, so shut your face...And watch what really went down during that match, I know Trish kicked your ass so hard, you can barely remember...So I took it upon myself to show you, Kevin Dunn...Roll the footage.
The fans turn to look at the titantron when footage of Trish vs. Lita comes up, the crowd goes wild when seeing Trish in control.

A loud Trish chants begins to echo throughout the entire arena, as the crowd stands to thier feet in hopes that the blonde bombshell will walk down to ringside, Triple H smiles evily a bit, and then gets back on the microphone as the footage comes to an end.

{Triple H:} Yea..Dont get your hopes up, shes not here! (Crowd boos loudly, and begins chanting Asshole! at Triple H) Hey, its not my fault, Trish is in the Bahamas, doing a bikini photo shot (Huge Pop) She`ll be back soon, and when she is Lita, believe me when I tell ya this, she will prove to you once more that she can kick your ass and beat you sensless. But on a side note, Lita, can you do us all a favor, just take a shower, I smelled you all the way from backstage when you came out to ringside before...Seriously. (Crowd Boos) .....But, I`m done talking about Lita, I came out here to address one man and that man is not The Rock....It is not Kurt Angle. It is not even RVD who I will beat for the World Title. I came out here to say something to Brock Lesnar. Brock, listen to me, you stupid son of a bitch....(Crowd boos) Who the hell do you think you are coming out here and asking my girlfriend out? And here is your first warning, Stay away from Trish, You understand that. Because if you dont your second warning will be me taking a sledgehammer and ramming it in your gut! Brock, If you so much as mention her name again screw the world title match, I will beat you into a bloody pulp, and leave you swimming in it! Do not...and I repeat do not do somethng so stupid again! If you even say here name again...Then Brock, for you, it will be GAME OVER!
Triple H throws the microphone in the center of the ring, and exits. His music hits as he walks up the ramp and into the back. He enters the parking lot where a white strech limo is waiting for him, he opens the door, and sits down inside next to.....The WWE Womens Champion, Stacy Keibler, the two drive off together as the scene fades to black............