Mission Accomplished...

The camera turns back on from a commerical break, and goes straight to the titantron as "SHE`S GOT LEGS" blasts over the PA System, and then standing center stage is the New Womens Champion, Stacy Keibler! She holds her title high, and then kisses it. Stacy is wearing a red tank top, and black short shorts. She waves to the King who is clapping for the Diva, and now Champion. She smiles, no amount booing in the world could bring her down at this moment. She climbs up the three steps and walks into the ring where Lilian Garcia hands the leggy blonde a microphone.

{Stacy Keibler:} I think I deserve a round of applause....Wait, you know what, I know that you people will just boo so never freakin mind! (She claps for herself, and The King stands up and applauses as well) Thank you very much, King! ....But we are entering a new palace in the WWE, all hail Queen Stacy! ...I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so! I stand here today YOUR womens champion! (Crowd boos) I promise to hold this title with dignity and with pride. Excatly the way I won this title, with pride and honor ...all on my own!
{JR:} I think HHH had a little bit to do with her confidence and victory! {KING:} Shut up JR, I am trying to listen to Queen Stacy! {Stacy Keibler:} See I told you people I would beat Molly, at RAW for the Womens title....and I did! Mission accomplished! I stand in front of all of you today as your Womens Champion, and as your Womens Champion I promise to fight the good fight. I will defend my title against anyone who dares to step in the ring with me. But know this....And understand every word I say, Just like I proved last night...I always have tricks up my sleeves, and I am not afraid to use those tricks. So to all the WWE Divas, you better think twice before getting in the ring with the Womens Champ! And that my friends is true...oh its true! Stacy smiles when using the catch phrase of Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle. The fans boo even louder, as the womens champion twirls a piece of hair around her finger. She removes the microphone from under her lips for a moment as she collects her thoughts, and then begins to speak once again.
{Stacy Keibler:} Which brings me to the next topic of discussion here ....You know I did not come out here just to gloat about my amazing victory, although I could probably do that all day...It was a pretty damn good victory! ....But I came out here to answer a question that Kurt Angle asked me, he wants me to stand in his corner for his matches, I can not blame him I am a pretty good ass.....et at ringside! (Men in the audience cheer) ....But Kurt, to answer your question I am going to need a little bit of proof, I need to see you get dirty, I need to see you get rough....see you get mad, crazed and determined...Inside a wrestling ring of course. So therefore, this Thursday Night, I Will be at ringside. ...But not in your corner, sitting right where the kid is sitting, that little fat guy with the stupid Molly Should Of Won, sign. (Crowd Boos) And I will be watching you closely Kurt, as you take on The Rock, I want to see what you are capable of. And should you win that match, you wont only win respect, you will win ME...Stacy Keiber, the Womens Champion, In your corner! ...And then your Mission will be Accomplished, and that is true...its damn true!
With that "SHES GOT LEGS" hits the PA system, and Stacy walks out of the ring over the second rope and up the ramp she walks to the back, and when she reaches the top of the stage she holds her title up for the world to see. Smiling as she looks at the belt, and then leaves to the back as the scene fades to a commerical break...................

The scene opens up inside a locker room, the camera tapes a computer screen loading an image, when the image becomes clear you see Stacy Keibler wearing a white silk bathrub and holding the womens title. Then the camera tapes as Stacy presses the send key on her keyboard, not allowing the camera to see who she has sent the image to. Stacy picks up her black cell phone, and dials a number, she waits patiently, looking at her title, until the caller picks up the phone. {KING:} Who`s the picture for?! I better check my e-mails when I get home! {JR:} Oh, gimme a break.
{Stacy Keibler:} Hey! How are you feeling? Still sore from your match? (She listens to the callers answer) ....But hey you won, just like me!! I have something that will ...lets just say cheer you....Up. (Crowd pop) Well you gotta check your e-mails....I just sent a picture of me to you, as a little gift. (She listens to the caller) ....YES I`m dressed! Geez. (She smiles) Well when do you think you`ll be back? (Listens again) Oh sounds good, I`ll see you then, take it easy ...............Hunter.
The crowd is filled with Ohhhs and Ahhhhs as Stacy smiles deviously and hangs up her phone, she then shut down her lap top. And walks out of her room, to the back where a limo is waiting to take the diva back to her hotel room...The scene fades away as the limo drives away.