The cameras turn on as Jonathon Coachmen is standing in front of the black curtain, where WWE Superstars will go through to enter ringside. Fans in attendance, cheer and chant as the very first RAW goes on live. The camera pans around the arena, showing the excitment of all the fans that are there live, and then a close up of JR and the King are shown, seated at the commentry table. The sound systems turn on as the fans continue to cheer like crazy. {JR:} Hello everyone, thank you for inviting us into your homes tonight, King and I are just as excited as these fans are, as tonight we go live with our very first edition of RAW! We are expected to hear from all, if not most...of the WWE competitors one last time before thier respective matches. I take you now, live to the Coach who is standing by with Trish Stratus! {KING:} Trish! wooHoo!!! The camera goes to the back where Trish is standing next the Coach, she has her hair down and curled on the ends. She stands in a black jacket and black tank with blue snake skin pants. The Diva is ready for action, as she looks towards Coach and smiles, both feeling the excitment of the crowd. She looks into the camera once and gives a smile to all the fans as the crowd chants, "TRISH! TRISH! TRISH!" {Coach:} Trish tonight we go on the air with RAW, how are you feeling right now?

{Trish:} Coach, I am just so excited! I feel like I have been waiting for this night my entire life. It really is my dream to be able to wrestle inside a WWE ring, and to be able to win the Womens title inside that very ring. Tonight I take the first step to towards that dream, and it feels amazing. I feel ready, and confident. (Crowd chants for her louder, and she smiles) I feel every single one of those fans, I feel that they have my back, they support me, and that feels great. Just knowing that they are excited to see my accomplish this dream, is so amazing. Coach...If I used words to describe this feeling ...It would just belittle the truth behind it. Tonight I take that first step, I will become the number one contender...I will defeat Lita, and I will be on my way. And to answer how that feels, it simply feels unreal. Like a dream....Coming true. (The crowd chants so loud, you almost can not here Trish.) You know, Coach...I know I was prepared for an interview with youhere tonight, but the place I really need to be is....out there. So que my music!

The crowd goes wild when hearing Trish say those words. And then suddenly blasting through the PA system "IT`S TIME TO ROCK & ROLL" then Trish appears on the ramp, she smiles at the fans while pointing out to them, as she always does before entering the ring. She tags several screaming fans hands, as she makes her way to ringside. Trish climbs the steel steps and enters the ring. She looks down at the mat below her, and the smile turns to a very determined look, as she grabs a microphone and brings it up to her lips.

{Trish Stratus:} I just wanted to come out here, stand inside this ring, and say this....Thank You. ...I am not just thanking Vince McMahon, for giving me the oppertunity, I am not just thanking Triple H for training me. I am thanking you fans, you are the ones who feed me the engry I have inside this ring (Crowd cheers) I also wanted to come out here, and thank Lita. (Crowd pop when hearing the red heads name) Lita, you are a true inspiration to every women out there who want to be in this business, you have inspired me so much, and it truly is an honor to be able to get in the ring with you tonight. I look foward to wrestling someone on your level. I have no doubt in my mind that the two of us will blow the roof of this place tonight, we will set the world on fire...and we will show everyone that we are completely capable of a wrestling match. When I first found out I was wrestling you, I admit...I was nervous, I was scared....You are the person who I tried to be like, I admired you as a wrestler. So finding out I would have to go through you to become the number one contender was nerve racking. So I trained harder, I worked harder, and I stand here tonight completely confident in myself, I stand here tonight in front of all of you, knowing that when RAW is over, I will be your number one contender. Because while working so hard to be like a person I respect, to be like you...Lita...I suddenly woke up and reliezed, I`ll never be like you, ...because.....because I am better then you. I have gone past you, and tonight...tonight on RAW I will prove that to the world, and to you. I know I am going to win tonight, there is not a nervous bone in my body. I will walk out of RAW being named the number one contender. To me, Lita, you were always the best, but tonight the best will be beaten. I am not just fighting for a piece of gold, I am fighting for that right to call myself the best, and I will win that right, you just wait and see. I will be standing here as your womens champion very...very soon. And that is, Stratusfaction Guareenteed!

Suddenly "TIME TO PLAY THE GAME" blasts over the PA System, the crowd stands up to see one of the biggest entertainers in the sport. As Triple H stands almost motionless in the entrance way. Holding an Aquafina water bottle in one hand, and dressed in his wrestling gear. Slowly his hand begins to move towards his hair as he pours the water over himself, it drops down his shoulder and towards his back. The music gets higher as The Game walks towards the ring. Everything he is thinking could be read by the expression on his face, as he jumps onto the apron with a determined look in his eyes. He takes on last sip of water and throws into the crowd, as a boy catches it he sprays the water out of his mouth, showering the first few rows of people. The Game enters the ring, and kisses Trish on the lips, as he walks towards the turnbuckle where he poses for the crowd and cameras begin to flash. Triple H jumps down as Trish hands him a microphone.

{Triple H:} Ya know I have been in this business for a lot years, I have watched lots of guys come and go...and through it all I have known one thing, you put your mind to something, you do not stop until you get it done. Trish is going into one of the biggest matches of her life against Lita....And she has asked me not to get involved, she wants to win this one on her own, (Crowd Pop). I can respect that, but this message is for Jeff Hardy, if you come near Trish during that match your ass is mine! You wont have to worry out winning that Cruiserweight title, because you`ll be cruising right out of this federation! (Trish smiles at her boyfriend) ....But I came out here to deliever a finale message to Austin, and to the Rock. I stand here, right now completely ready for action. I am focused and I am determined. This war will begin once that guy rings his stupid little bell, and when will it end? It will end when the referee is raising my hand in victory. It will end when I am declared the winner, it will end when I am named the number one contender...this war will be over when I say it is over! Rock...Austin, I want you to understand this, Trish came out here and talked a lot about respect, she said a lot things about how she respects her oppenant, well I respect nothing about the two of you. The one thing I care about it beating your asses. I will destory you. I respect that world title, and once I beat you I will destory RVD...or the Undertaker, and I will have what I respect. In this business, I have one aim goal, focus, and that is winning the championship, I dont care what I have to go through to get that title, but I will do it. I will bleed for that title, and you better believe I will destory for that title......I will promise you this, I will defeat both of you tonight. I will do what I have to do to get the job done. Rock, you can come out to this ring, and you can spew all the little catch phrases you want, you can talk about fear, and you can ask these people if they smell what you`re cooking, but once that bell rings the time for talking is over.....And when the time for talking ends, there is only one thing left to do, and that is Play The Game. When we hear that bell ring it means, Game On! ...And you know what they say, all is fair in war. That means Austin...Rock, anything goes in this little match. I will kick both your asses, I will show you why I am that damn good....I will pedigree one of you, and then I will pin you. I promise ya this, I will get that one ...two....three...and then....Well then, boys, it is GAME OVER!
"TIME TO PLAY THE GAME" hits the PA System as Triple H throws the microphone in the center of the ring, he takes Trish`s hand, and the two walk towards the turnbuckle where he lifts it up for her and she exits through it, followed by him. The two walk hand in hand to the back, as the scene fades to black.......