Victory Parties....

The camera goes to the back, outside in the garage as a long white strech limo is slowly pulling into the arena. The driver of that limo steps out and walks to the back door, as he adjusts his hat, then slowly opens the door, as we see a long black leather boot, the camera moves up and the fans see a purple leather skirt, then slowly moves up some more and a black tight shirt is shown. The camera moves up and shows the face of WWEs number one contender for the Womens title, Trish Stratus. A huge pop erupts throughout the entire crowd. Trish places a purple cowboy hat on her hand, and brushes her hand through her long blonde hair. The looks back at her limo, and looks inside.... {Trish;] You coming? Suddenly another leg steps out of the limo, and as the camera shows the black addias work out pants, as well as the black Tee shirt, it slowly moves up to his face and the audience, and fans see the face of none other the Triple H, Hunter Heart Helmsley! The crowd erupts, chants and a loud mix of boos and cheers throughout the arena.
{Triple H:} So, The Rock and Steve Austin in a triple threat for the world title. Ya know I knew coming here would be interesting, but I would have never guessed it would be fun. I mean, the chance to kick the crap outta both the Rock and Steve Austin at the same time, is a once in a life time oppertunity. I`m telling ya Trish, when RAW is over I will be on way to winning the WWE title. Beating the hell outta Austin and Rock will be like taking candy from a baby, then I just gotta kill the DeadMan....or beat RVD. Which, shouldnt be hard at all, I either have to face a guy who is way to old to be in the ring, or the other guy, who will be way to high to even think straight. Then you have it, me as your world champion.
The crowd begins to boo a little for Triple H, as he insults some of the toughest wrestlers in the world. Trish looks a little surprised in his confidence, but smiles nontheless. She moves closer to Triple H then begins to speak. {Trish:} Well I am glad one of us is that confident. Don`t get me wrong, I know you can win the WWE title, but dont forget how tough Austin is, or how powerful The Rock is. I wish I had that confidence, I mean I am gonna be fighting Lita....Do you know what that means? High flying and moonsaults all over the place. I`m gonna have to pull out all the stops to beat her, and when I do, I am that much closer to fighting for the Womens Title, and doing what I came to do...and thats be the best! {Triple H:} Yea, but once you beat Lita...And Stac beats Molly, you know what that means. Trish looks over at Triple H when he utters those words, and takes a deep breath in, looking a little bit nervous, bitting the side of her lip, and straching her head. Triple H reaches inside the trunk of the limo, and carrying in both his bags, and Trishs. The two walk hand in hand inside the building as the scene fades into a commerical break for Monday Night RAW.

Suddenly the lights in the entire arena turn off, strobe lights begin to flicker and blasting over the PA system MotorHead screams out "TIME TO PLAY THE GAME". The fans stand to thier feet, then the camera shows the man known to the world as The Game. Standing almost motionless, in a pair jeans a HHH cross logo tee, and a leather jacket with a jean cut off. He slowly begins to move his arm, holding a bottle of AQUAFINA water, and pours it over his head. Then Triple H steps foward, he takes a sip out of the bottle of water, then tosses it into the crowd. Moving down the ramp, to his destinantion, the squared circle, keeping his eyes directly at that ring. He then jumps onto the turnbuckle, raises his arms in the air, and spraying the water out of his mouth and into the crowd. The Game enters the ring, and steps onto the ropes posing to the crowd, as cameras begin to flash. He jumps down and stands in the center of the ring, as his music slowly comes to an end and he takes a microphone from Lilian Garcia. He slowly begins to bring that micrphone to his lips.

{Triple H:} Yea know something I have been in this business for a long time. This business is implanted in my blood, it`s in my bones, and my brain. It`s all I think about, all I consintrate on. This business....this business, it my life. And the funny thing is, the passion I have for this business, the love...the respect I have for it, still what never ever ceases to amaze me, is how quickly people forget. The fact of the matter is, I have proven myself, and I have nothing left to prove....I know I can kick anybodys ass, and yet people still wanna see....Triple H vs. The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (Crowd Pop). I know who will win, and the fact is so do all you fans, so does the Rock, and you better believe so does Stone Cold. Ya see this is a very simple formula to this whole company, and it goes like this, I get what I want, when I want it. And right now, I want to beat the hell out of both Austin and The Rock, be named the number one contender, then go on to defeat Taker or RVD, and become the World Champion. (Crowd begins to boo loudly). And ya now what still never amazes me, is the fact that you people think by booing me I can be stopped. know this, I will never be stopped, and your booing me feeds me the power I need to burn. And believe me when I say, I will light this place on fire come monday night. I will whip out the biggest ass kicking you have ever seen in your entire life, and I`ll still be ready for my championship title match. The way I see it is, I already have this match won, I have already have the two of them defeated, and now it is as simple as just keeping thier mouths shut, and moving on to win the world title. This match is simply my stepping stone, and believe me I will step on those guys, I will crush those guys, and you can bet your ass I will bury those guys! Monday night on RAW I will shut every single person up, once and for all. I will answer the life long question who is the best in this business. Ya see, Rock....Austin, this Monday Night you will be entering a Game, and the only rule for you is not win, it is simply to survive! In this game, I make the rules, I move the pieces, and there is one thing that you can be damn sure of, and that is, that in this game...I always, and I mean always, win! .....But I am out here for one reason, I see no reason why this match has to be a triple threat match. I see no reason why I am being forced to kick both your asses at the same time, so what I am gonna do right now is ...I am going to call one of those guys out, and I am going to take that guy out of that match. I am going to kick his ass, beat his senseless, and cripple him so that come this Monday Night, he wont be able to step inside this ring, but he`ll be able to watch me become the number one contender from a television screen inside of his hospital bed. (Crowd Heat) So I dont really give a damn who it is, Rock....Austin, whoever....One of you get down to this ring, stand face to face with The Game, and lets get this done with, because I am taking you the hell out of this match right now!
As Triple H awaits for one of his RAW oppenants to come out, the lights in the arena turn off, and Triple H lets out a sly smile firmly believing that he is going to kick the hell out of someone. Then suddenly "SHE`S GOT LEGS" hits the PA system, and standing in a very short white sprakled dress, is WWE Diva, Stacy Keibler.

Her hair worn down, with a little curl at the ends. She looks at Triple H who is standing in the ring, a bit shocked that she is there, and waves in his direction. She walks down the ramp, ignoring the fans, who reach their hands out in front of her, to tag. Stacy climbs up the three steel steps, and walks into the ring, allowing the fans to see under her dress, and then men cheer loudly. The music slowly comes to an end, as Stacy walks over to the side of the ring, where Lilian Garica hands the leggy blonde a microphone.

{Stacy Keibler:} I know I was not what you expected, but hey.....You got something better then The Rock or Steve Austin, you got me! But Anyways, Hunter....Like my dress? (She smiles, and he looks confused, but shakes his head yes) Hunter I just wanted to be the first person to come down to this ring, and welcome you (She points to Triple H and smiles) to the WWE! It`s a great place....well some of the time! You and I ....we have something in commen. And I am not talking about the fact we both try as hard as we can to hold our breath out here, because the body odor of these people is horrible, (Fans boo, as HHH nods in agreement) I am talking about both going after some WWE Gold. You are going into RAW to face Rock and Austin, and defeat them....While I am going into RAW to face that bubble butt bimbo, Molly Holly. What kind of name is Molly Holly anyway?! But, I will walk into RAW, with one thing on my mind...and thats to win, and I will walk out of RAW with one thing in my hands....The WWE Womens title! And I have no problem with that. Now I know people may think Molly is stronger then me, or she can simply sit on me and crush me but I`ll have you know that I have been trained by the best in the business, I was trained by this man, Triple H! (HHH smiles) So everyone knows who is going to win, me...Because, dare I say....I am that damn good! (Crowd boos, Triple H smiles and nods in agreement) See Molly Holly, while you have been busy playing superhero, or busy preaching about being pure, I have learned how this business works. And it most certainly is not being pure and wholesome, it is about getting down and dirty! So believe me when I say, I will strach out your eyesight, I will pull out your hair, I will do the chic fight thing come Monday Night on RAW! So bascially Molly, you can consider that Womens Title mine!! .....But you know I came out here before and said I was the smartest WWE diva, I must admit Molly seems pretty smart herself. You see because someone stupid would come out here in front of the world, and say they are going to win against me....then later have to come up with a thousands reasons why they did not win. Where as Molly, is keeping her mouth shut, she knows she will be a big fat, big butted, loser, so she just keeps her mouth shut, to save herself from the embrassment. Good job Molly! Ya know, I was thinking about our matches Hunter, and the reason I came out here was to make a proposal. See after I win my match, and become the womens champion, and you kick the crap out of Austin and Rock, we should have a little celebration party....You know something, a little private....It would be fun We could have some drinks, some music, and Umm...Lets just say..................

Before Stacy could get the words out of her mouth, the lights inside the arena turn off...Hot pink strobe lights begin to flicker as TIME TO ROCK & ROLLS jams out of the PA System, and Trish Stratus is standing at the top of the ramp. She points out at the crowd as she stands in a maroon jacket, and a red leather tank top with matching red leather pants. Her hair is pulled out of her face in a little clip at the top. She tags a few fans hands as she makes her way to the ring, but then looks at Stacy and sort of rolls her eyes. She climbs up the steps and into the ring, where she poses for the fans, as cameras flash. Then she walks over to Stacy, and takes the microphone out of her hand, Stacy looks a bit surprised. The crowd begins a Trish chant, as the diva brings her micrphone to her lips

{Trish Stratus:} Stacy....Stacy....Stacy, maybe I am not what you expected, but I just came down to this ring, not because I am angry about your little proposal to my boyfriend, but because I thought you should get used to seeing me inside this ring.....Being that I will defeat Lita, and go on to face you.....Or Molly Holly. I have laced up my boots many times, and it is always about the same thing. It is about pride. It is about proving yourself to the world, to the company, and to yourself. Showing everybody just how capable you are. Come this monday night, I will show everyone just that. I will prove that I am not just a diva.....I am a wrestler! I am going to pull out all the stops, I am going to bring it up a notch, and show the world that I am beyond just a number one contender, but I am someone who more then anything else deserves the womens title! Since I to know how this business works, and it is all played on confidence. If you think you are going to win, then you do not stop until you actually do win! This is a little something I learned from Triple H.....The man who trained me! So I firmly believe that this monday night on RAW, I am walking into this ring with one thing in mind, and that will be defeating Lita. Then I move my goal on to becoming the WWE Womens Champion. See I am going into RAW to fight Lita, and although I have respect for Lita, and the work she has done in this ring, It all changes Monday night. Because instead of being someone I respect and admire, she becomes a stepping stone. Someone that I have to defeat and conquer in order to get to where I want to be. Which brings me to you.....I dont care if we came to this federation together, I dont care if we were trained together....If it comes down to you and me wrestling for the womens title, just like Lita, you become a stepping stone....and I will conquer and defeat you! .....But i am not trying to get ahead of myself here, So Lita (She looks into the camera), You and I are going to get in this ring, Monday Night, we will look eachother right in the eyes, and we will fight, fight until we can not fight anymore. I promise you this, I will do whatever it takes, I will not stop...I will go through all the pain, all the agony, and all the toture that I must endure in order to defeat you. At the end of the match there is one thing you can count on, it will be my hand that the referee is raising in victory. Lita, believe me when I say I have all the respect in the world for you........But with all do respect, I will kick your ass this Monday Night! I will beat you, and I will be named the number one contender, and then go on to face Molly Holly.....(Stacy looks angry that Trish assumped Molly would win) Or you, Stac. Whoever it is, this is what you can count, I will pin Lita, and I will move on to become your Womens Champion, and that is one hundred percent stratusfaction guarenteed....Now Hunter, about that little victory party Stacy was talking about earlier....Well I was planning a little party of my own, and what do you say, we go get it started a little early!....So about your celebration party, Stacy, dont do us any favors!
Stacy rolls her eyes, as TIME TO ROCK & ROLL hits the PA System and Triple H lifts up the ropes for Trish to exit, and then he exits as well. The two walk to the back holding hands, and walk through the long black curtain. The camera goes back to Stacy who is still standing in the ring, she bends down, and picks up the microphone which Trish dropped. TIME TO ROCK & ROLL comes to an end, and Stacy brings the microphone to her lips {Stacy Keibler:} Ya know, I happen to be very good at doing Favors! The crowd sort of laughs at Stacy`s comment, as she throws the microphone in the middle of the ring, and listens as Kid Rock screams through the PA system, "SHE`S GOT LEGS", she climbs through the second rope, and jumps off the apron. Stacy has her arms crossed in anger, as she walks up the ramp and to the back, while the scene fades into a commerical break...................................

The cameras turn back on, and the scene opens up backstage at the arena. The camera zooms in on a womens legs, long and wearing a pair of black heels. The camera moves up and the fans see the face of Ms.Stacy Keibler. Her hair is up in a fancy bun, with some curls. She walks down the hallway in a cheetah printed tank top and mini black skirt. Stacy is shown opening a door to an office room where Jonathon Coachmen is inside awaiting her arrival.
{Coach:} Hello,Stacy. Thank you for joining me today. I have a few questions to ask that I am sure the WWE Fans would like to know the answers to. Starting with, in a recent interview you said you had some tricks up your selve...Can you give us any clue as to what these tricks may be?
{Stacy Keibler:} No! Of course I can`t give you any clue. If I told you what my tricks are then Molly Holly would know what to expect, and we do not want that. She is going to be surprised, as well as you and the WWE Fans. ....and trust me when I say, this is not the kind of surprise Molly will like. But what I can tell you is this, when RAW is over, Monday Night, you can count on one thing for sure, and that is, that I will walk out of that arena with the Womens Title on my shoulder. I do have some good tricks though, one may say I`m like.....(She thinks a moment)....I`m like a Cerebral Assassin!
Coach looks a little surprised with the words Stacy used, knowing that there is another wrestler in the WWE who calls himself those excat two words- Cerebral Assassin. Which brings him to his next question. {Coach:} Stacy, you seem to have your eye on Triple H, correct me if I`m wrong...Isnt he dating Trish? {Stacy Keibler:} Yes as a matter of fact he is dating Trish, and I would never come beteween them. And even more so, I would like to correct you, I do not have my eye on Triple H! I have my eye on the womens title, and that is what this interview was supposed to be about! Before Stacy could finish yelling at Jonathon Coachmen, the door swings opened, and standing there is none other then Trish Stratus! The crowd gives off a loud pop as the diva walks towards the desk that both Coach and Stacy are talking at. Coach makes sure to stand beteween the girls, and Trish smiles.
{Trish Stratus:} Ya know, I could not help myself but come in here and answer that question myself. Being that I am Triple H`s girlfriend. So Stacy, I just wanted to say women to women, it really does not matter if you have your eye on Hunter, because the fact of the matter is, you could not have him even if you wanted him! (She thinks for a moment) Ya`s prety much like the womens title! You wont have this long, glorious reign, even if you win it on Monday. Because when you win it, that means you have to face me! And....Stac, I say this with one hundred percent stratusfaction guareenteed.... I am going to win that title, I will be the Womens Champion!
{Stacy Keibler:} I`m not so worried about our wrestling match, being that I have already started training to wrestle......Lita! Before the girls start to fight Coach calls for the cameras to cut, and they head into a commerical break for RAW.........