ooC NoTe: Congrats to all new champs, and keep trying to every1 else, you`ll win soon, I just know it!

People Used: Steph, Steiner, Jackie

People Mentioned: Dawn Marie, Brock Lesnar.

The Following Role-play was written by me, and is not to be used by any one else for any reason what so ever. The things written in here are in character only, and in no way reflect how I feel about these wrestlers, or the people rping as them, this is all in fun.....

Immediatly after Powerslam is over we hear "I`m All Grown Up Now" hit the PA System and the WOW owner is seen in a brown tank top and matching brown skirt, she makes her way to ringside with a smirk on her face, and a clipboard in hand. The ring is covered in red carpeting as she climbs the three steel steps and is handed a microphone.

{Stephanie McMahon:} Wow! What a show WOW put on tonight! I can not believe my eyes, the heart that these men and women showed only proves that there are no better wrestling superstars then the ones you will find right here in this company, I mean not everyone showed that heart...But we said goodbye to the heartless ones, Stacy Keibler and Shane! (Crowd says Na Na Na Na....) Hey, Hey Hey....GOODBYE! But tonight is not about Stacy and Shane, tonight is about something of importantance! The WOW titles are what is important around here and last night we had two champions crowned. At this time I want to bring down the first. A man who you see power just by looking at him, a man who showed courage and passion inside this ring, and a man who is FreakZilla! Ladies and Gentleman I give you the New...And first WOW Intercontintal Champion.... give it up for Scott Stttttttteiner!

"HOLLA IF YA HEAR ME......." the crowd erupts as Scott Steiner walks down the ramp all smiles proud of his title victory on this night, he climbs the three steel steps, and Stephanie holds down the rope for him to enter, the lights turn back and Stephanie smiles at him.

{Stephanie McMahon:} Scott, Tonight when you stepped inside this ring you showed the world the heart you have, you showed the world the effort you put into each match, and you showed the world that you are a champion! So I stand here, tonight, in front of the world, not as your boss, but as a fan...Because tonight you showed me just what you are made of, you showed me you have what it takes, and therefore it is my honor and pleasure to present you with the Intercontinental Championship (Huge Pop) I speak for WOW Fans around the World when I say Congratulations Scott Steiner!

{Scott Steiner:} Thank You Stephanie. ...And I just wanna thank the people who without, I could not do this, and that is for sure every single FREAK out here tonight (Huge Pop) and the lovely Dawn Mar......

Before Steiner could even get the words out "You Look So Good To Me" hits the PA system, and Jackie Gayda begins walking down to ringside, in a white mini skirt and black tank,she has her hair worn straight, and some bruises from the match moments ago. She stays on the outside of the ring, but takes a microphone.

{Womens Champion ~Jazzy Jackie} Okay first of all Steiner, screw thanking these fans (Huge heat) and screw thanking your little girlfriend Dawn Marie, who by the way LoST! You should be thanking the always beautiful, always tough enough Jackie Gayda! I am the one who slammed the steel chair across the back of Brock Lesnar, so Scott...Your Welcome! Now....Stephanie where is belt! Give it to me now, I have places to go...The Womens Champ is very busy!

{Stephanie McMahon:} Heres your belt Jackie! (She throws the belt at Jackie) Congratulations, by the way, and enjoy it....Enjoy it while you can, because Dawn Marie will get her rematch, and when she does, Jackie...You can kiss that title goodbye!

IM ALL GROWN UP NOW...Hits the PA system, and Stephanie motions to Steiner to leave with her, and the two walk down the steps and walk to the back together with Jackie looking on as the scene fades to commerical, as the second Powerslam comes to an offical end.....