.::You Look So Good To Me.::

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I just wanted to say Ivory and Dawn Marie, you guys post so good!!

Fatal Five Way Elimantion Match Jackie & Rico

.::Sprakle *&* Shine.::

.::Jackie is shown backstage, after Steiner just cut a promo she is looking in the mirror at herself.::

Jazzy Jackie ....Mirror ...Mirror on the wall, whos the fairest of them all?

.::Rico is shown sitting in a brown cozy seat, next to Jackie.::

*Radiant Rico* You are my fair lady, you are.

*Jazzy Jackie* Mirror....Mirror...On the wall who will win the Womens Title?

*Radiant Rico* That would be you my dear, it will be all yours.

.::Jackie turns and smiles, while facing the camera, tucking a piece of hair behind her hair, and humming a song happily, in her own little world, with her man at her side. She smiles once again, and touches up her pink lipstick then shuts her eyes a moment, collecting some thoughts.::

*Jazzy Jackie* I just thought i would take some time out of my busy schedule...because as you know the next Womens Champion has a lot on her plate to fufill. But I wanted to address some very annoying, very rude WOW superstars, and first on my list is none other then Scott Steiner. See because Scott had the nerve to go down to ringside and talk some trash, he said something more rude and disrespectful then anything I have every heard in my life...He said that I (Jackie looks disgusted) I think I am pretty.....Correction, Mister Steriods Boy, I KNOW I am pretty. I know I have the precious face women all around the world would love, the delicate body men around the world would love to get thier hands on, and everything down to my toes is simply perfection and beauty done at its finest. Then there is Ivory, she is right about thing, she is some kind of poision. She could make me wish I were deaf, I mean that voice it is piercing, and she has no business being in a company that is about strength, when she clearly has proven she is afraid of someone tougher then her. Ivory was there with me, on my journey to the world of sports entertainment. She was my teacher, and I followed her, I tried to emulate her, I wanted to be just like her....Hell I wanted to be her....Then one day I woke up, looked back on things, and reliezed I did not have to worry about being like her anymore, because I have become better then her....I passed her. Now this Friday I will just prove that by defeating her, the student over comes the teacher, it is the way the story always ends, and this one is no different!

*Radiant Rico* No different at all... You, Miss Jackie will show her that you can teach the teacher a thing or two, and that you have passed with straight A`s while she is left failing the course!

.::Jackie smiles at Rico and then sprays some body glitter on him, as he smiles back at her. She looks down at a WOW magazine, featuring Torrie Wilson and Brock Lesnar on the cover. She picks it up and tears it in half.::

*Jazzy Jackie* This Friday will be no different, I will tear you apart Torrie, rip you to shreads...Why? Because it is what I do best. You pry yourself on being beautiful,....Torrie, you have not seen beauty until you look me in the eye. I am real, I am unique, and I am what a true diva looks like. I spend my time training and working, while you spend it stripping and posing (Crowd Pops) I spend my time lifting weighs and studying my wrestling skills, while you waste it on signing autographs, and getting implants. See, beauty is not something you can buy. You can spend all the money in the world on plastic surgery, make up, and hair products, if you are not a natural beauty then you will never be beautiful at all....And Torrie, I hate to break this to you, ...Well actually I love breaking this news to you, but you are not a natural beauty, like me! I have beauty inside of me that can not even be touched. I am not just a pretty face, though...Because I also have a sweetness about me, which touches my heart, and melts it with Rico`s, (Crowd Boos) , and I am also filled with a toughness, and this is the part that will come out in me this Friday......You see girls, the way I see it is, In WOW it is a new begining...a new time, we are in a new federation. Allow the past to be just that...The past...And that goes to especially you Ivory. You are so busy bringing up things that happened in WWE, but this is not WWE....I am living in the present, I am living in the now, and right NoW my goal is to be the womens champion, and my goal will be accomplished this Friday night at powerslam!

*Radiant Rico* That is right, oh sweet one, this Friday at Powerslam you will overcome all the other worthless women in that match, you destory, you will defeat, and you will be the Womens Champion. You, my beauty, will sprakle and shine!

.::Jackie smiles at Rico, and the crowd boos very loudly, she walks over to him, and brushes her hands through his hair. Then he kisses her on the cheek, and the crowd boos even louder. Jackie looks back into the camera.::

*Jazzy Jackie* Life is a crazy thing. It simply is not worth living unless you have passion. My passion is this company, is this business...it is my life. I have passion and love for this business, like no other women ever has. I place my life on the line when ever I step inside that ring, and I will do no different this Friday night. I will do whatever it takes to feed my hunger, and fufill my passion to the fullest. My passion to be able stand center stage....have my hand raised up high in victory, and to proudly say I am a champion. This Friday I will do just that, I will say proudly and with honor that I am the best. I have trained, I have spent countless days, weeks, months....every waking hour working to better my skills, and I firmly believe that friday night I will win, I will overcome, and I will defeat every women who stands in my way of having that precious piece of gold! Hold it high in the air, and shut a world up, the world who does not believe in me, a world who can not remember any of my accomplishments but whats to focus on every single one of my mistakes. A world who would rather see a women pose nude, then see a women fight a fight that is worth it. A world who does not believe I am good enough. I will get inside that wrestling ring, and show that world just what I am made, I will show that world just who I am ...and I will make that world remember my name! ....Jackie Gayda will be a name that is heard round the world, it will be heard when Lilian Garica gets on her microphone and announces me the Womens Champion. It will be heard when Stephanie McMahon enters the ring, and awards me the title. It will be heard every time I walk down the ramp and defend my title with honor, and it will certainly be heard every single time I retain my title in heart renching matches! .....I will implant my name on all these divas brains, and they will know that when they are laying in pain, hurting like hell it was curtisy of the always beautiful, always powerful, and always golden, Jackie Gayda!

*Radiant Rico* Jackie Gayda...Oh yes, they will remember...they will remember the name, the beauty, the grace, the power, and they will remember because, you my darling will be the winner...the champion, the golden goddess!

.::Jackie smiles, as the crowd boos and chants at the couple. She walks over to Rico and the two smile at themselves in the mirror, loving thier own beauty.::

*Jazzy Jackie* That is right Rico, I will be the Golden Godess, I will stand proudly with that title, and I will show honor towards it, and give it a respectable name and outlook. See if any other diva had that title it just would not look as important. If Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie, or Stacy Keibler had it, it would look like WOW was all about about eye candy, and not about wrestling ability. If Ivory had it....It would be the total oppisite, it would beall about wrestling ability and nothing about beauty. You see I believe the title needs to be the perfect combination of both. That title shows that women can be beautiful, they can be sexy, but most of all they can kick ass...and who shows that better then the beautiful Tough enough Two Champion, me, Jackie Gayda? I show that beauty is all about feeling confident, being real, and looking sexy....And I also show the world that women are not just here to dance around in bra and panties, they can put on show amazing, and helliacous matches...I will show the entire world just that this friday night at Powerslam. I will show the entire world that when it is over, when it is all over....I will sprakle and shine, and so will that precious title wrapped around my waist!

.::Jackie walks over to Rico, and he sprays some sprakles on her face, then she sits on his lap, and the two share in an embrace, as they kiss the scene fades into commerical break for Powerslam.::

Just dont steal....