.::You Look So Good To Me.::

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I did have permission to use Stephanie McMahon

Fatal Five Way Elimantion Match Steph, Jackie, Rico

.::Sprakle *&* Shine.::


.::The WOW cameras turn on, and suddenly blasting out of the PA System is "IM ALL GROWN UP NOW...." the crowd cheers and chants, as the owner of the company steps out on the ramp. She is standing in a black holter top and blue mini skirt. Her hair is tied back in a low pony tail, and she already has a microphone in hand. The music comes to an end, and Stephanie stands with a sly smile on her face, as if she has something big to say. She brings the microphone to her lips.::

*Stephanie McMahon* You know I was sitting backstage in my office, minding my own business, when suddenly I get a call from a gentlemen, telling me he has a brillant idea for the Womens Title Match. He said he bets that ratings will simply sky rocket if we make a rule that the first person to get out not only loses, but gets Fired! (Crowd Pop) And...I thought to myself, what would be better then having to see my brother Shane McMahon, and Stacy Keibler leave WOW so it got me thinking, and this man said to me he wants one thing in return, that his girlfriend gets placed in that match, making it a Fatal Five Way Elimantion Match. So, I asked him who his girlfriend was, and when I found out...It gave me a hell of an idea, a sort of I strach your back, you strach mine deal. See if this mans girlfriend can elimanite Stacy Keibler first, get her FIRED then they will both receive contracts in WOW! ....So I am inflicting that rule, and I am going to make sure it is inforced on Ms.Keibler herself! Thats not a threat, it is simply a promise! We do not need the kind of trouble she brings in WOW! Now let me introduce you to the man who I got this phone from, and his girlfriend, because he sprakles and shines...And believe me she is Tough Enough....Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Rico, and Tough Enough Two Champion, Jackie Gayda!

.::With that said, "YOU LOOK SO GOOD TO ME......." blasts over the PA System, Stephanie turns to the back and walks through the curtain as Rico and Jackie Gayda appear on the ramp.

Raising thier hands in the air, and smiling so proudly. Jackie pushes a piece of her long blonde curly hair out of her face, and begins walking down the ramp with her boyfriend. The crowd chants "SLUT" at Jackie who is wearing a low cut pink and blue tie dyed top, and matching pants, with a little whole to show her hip. Rico shouts "SHUT UP!" at the crowd as Jackie walks over and is handed a microphone by Lilian Garica. Jackie begins to sit in the center of the ring.::

*Jazzy Jackie* I know all of you just could not take being in those seats, sitting in those old ....crumby messed up arena seats, and watching ugly wrestlers, to even uglier divas walk down that ramp, and talk...and talk...and talk! (Crowd Heat) Well, worry no longer, because beauty has arrived! Rico and I look in our mirrors everyday, and just wonder how WOW survivied a week without us. I mean you had to watch divas like Stacy Keibler, with her hay like hair, and frankily a chest, that could pass for her back! ...Then you have Dawn Marie, Dawn wishes she had my body, my Real body! ...But instead Dawn Marie had to go to the pound and buy her puppies! ....Then there is Ivory, and I know you all felt as Rico and I did, as if we were watching our Grandmother wrestle! She is nothing more then a cheap....old...Whore! (Crowd gasps) And...Then....Then the icing on the cake, you have Torrie Wilson (Crowd Pop) Torrie who has obvoisly had to use Playboy to get to where she is, she had to pose naked in order for popularity, well unlike Torrie, I do not have to stomp to that level, I am Playboy material, I just do not to sell myself for money! (Huge Heat) And besides, why would I want all these fat, drunk, old men looking at this beautiful, sexy, youthful body! (Crowd Boos more) See I was made up of beauty and strength, because I am Tough enough, and I will show everyone that this Friday on Powerslam. I will get inside this ring, and take out each diva one by one by one! ....And I will make sure that Stacy Keibler is first! ...Then I will work on taking out Ivory, simply because she is to old and will just make the match seem lifeless. ....Next I will move on to that stupid Playboy Bunny, take her out, as simply as it was for Hugh to get her to....Well you know, I just heard she was easy. (Huge Heat) See I want it to come down to Dawn Marie and myself, simply because I believe it is Dawn who will be the biggest challenge, and to be the best, you have got to beat the best, so Dawn I want to beat you to become the WOW Womens champion! And I do not care if she has Scott Steiner in her corner, a man who has taken one to many steriods, because we all know if he gets involved I will just have to distract his vision, with a little something we here in WOW call Puppy Power....And I know I have a hell of a lot more of that power then his little manager Dawn Marie. ...Because my power is real, and her power is silcone! So Scott, I not only do not mind if you are at ringside, I only hope you will come down, so I can show the world just how tough my power is. I look in the mirror, I see my reflection....and I know that all of these other women are jealous of me. (Crowd heat) And all I have to say about that is, Ivory ha! Stacy Ha! Ha! Dawn Marie Ha! Ha! Ha! and Torrie Wilson Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!! ....I know they say its hard to be beautiful, but not as hard as it is to have to be so not beautiful, and have to face some one as simply stunning as I am. Now this Friday Night, I will get inside this ring, and I will take on, these three ugly women, and I promise you this when it is over I will have some gold to sprakle and shine aroune my waist!...So I will not only be the Tough Enough Champion, but I will also be the WOW Womens Champion! See a face this beautiful needs some gold around this sexy waist! ....But I wont do it all on my own, because I always have the support of a man who is sweet, charming, and just as beautiful as I am. The man who will be standing in my corner and cheering me on, RicoOooOOoo!

.::Jackie hands the microphone over to Rico, as the crowd gives off a lot of heat towards the self involved couple. He crawls over to his girlfriend and wraps his hands around her as they both sit in a tight embrace, he begins to speak as the crowd chants "Sissy! Sissy! Sissy!".::

*Radiant Rico* Thank You my lovely Jaclyn...And you are right not one of those divas compare to your beauty and grace (Crowd boos in disagreement) Oh, dont listen to these people, what do they know...They stuff thier faces with hotdogs, and hambugers...Sit on this fat butts all day, thinking girls like Torrie Wilson are beautiful, they have no taste and no class what so ever. (Crowd chants for Torrie) Now, this Friday at Powerslam I will be right by your side, I will be standing in that corner, and I may even through some of my powerfull shots at someone. See these guns (Points to his muscle, as he removes his jacket) I have the biggest arms in the entire WOW! (Crowd Boos) I mean, just like the beautiful Jackie, my body is completely real. I did not get these muscles surgerically implanted in me, or I did not have to swallow a ton of steriods, like some people, these came naturally...through work and effort. (Crowd Boos) Steiner, every one knows that your peeks are fake! Just like every single aspect of your little manager Dawn Marie! Dawn there is no way you compare to the delicate and graceful Jackie Gayda. Then there is Torrie Wilson who think she is with the next big thing, yea...he wont be the next big thing until he gets the surgery we over heard him talking about...Ya know that sugery Jackie, where he really makes himself the Big Thing, judging from your little black shorts you wear to the ring, we can clearly see Brock, you just aint that Big of a thing. (Crowd Heat) Brock I do not care if you try and make your precious little Torrie win, because you will not succeed....see because Torrie just does not have what it takes to be a champion, she does not even have what it takes to be a wrestler, yet alone where gold. Torrie is not tough enough, and frankily Brock, neither are YOU! (Huge Heat) She has what you will never have, and that is strength. She worked very hard before coming to WoW, she trained, she worked out, and she studied. Studied every single one of these women in this match...and believe me Jackie knows their strengths, and even more importantly she knows thier weaknesses! So I am one hundred percent sure that Jackie will be the Womens Champion, she will receive a WOW Contract, and she will take this company by storm! ....Well all the while still sprakling and shining! Right my beautiful lady....

.::Jackie nods in agreement, and she takes the microphone while standing up in the center of the ring, the crowd chants No More! No More! No More! And Jackie rolls her eyes as she brings the microphone to her lips.::

*Jazzy Jackie* Thats right No More...is what the four women I will be facing will be screaming when I get my hands on them! .....Or as well as what Torrie screams when she is alone with Brock Lesnar! (Crowd Heat) ...okay Okay, and we can not forget it is also what Steiner screams when he is alone with that ugly, disgusting Dawn Marie! ...As for me, when I am alone with the beautiful Rico, I just scream! (Crowd chants SLUT!) .....But back to my match at powerslam, I will step inside this ring, and I will face four women, and rest assure I will defeat four of the ugliest women in the world. I will walk out of that match with the title in my hand!! This Friday I will get inside this ring and show the world why I am Tough Enough! I will show the world why beauty always shines. So Stacy Keibler you can kiss life in WOW goodbye because I am going to pin your ass down to this mat, and elimanite you first. I will take pleasure in seeing you walk away with tears knowing that the end for you has arrived. I will watch as Shane follows you like a lost puppy, crying and crying his poor eyes out. Then I will take down Ivory, and as the referees hand hits the mat for the three count, I will watch as Ivory walks up the ramp, getting older every single second she moves. I will laugh as she knows that every dream she has was just crushed. Then, as I move on to Torrie, beating her down without even breaking a sweat, I will laugh and laugh as I know that she comes to the realization she is not good for anything except posing and prancing around! .....Then Dawn, as I move on to you, I will enjoy every moment as I heard the Referee making the count, the one....the two...three, and crowning me a Champion. When I hear Lilian Garica say, Your new Womens Champion, I will shine and sprakle as I am named the best...And dont worry Lilian I wont make you say it now, why spoil the words you will be saying this Friday! (Crowd Boos) So Friday when I walk out of this ring, and on to my ceremony where Stephanie McMahon will hand me the title, I will know this...I am not only the most most beautiful diva (Crowd boos in disagreement) But I will also know that I am the strongest, and toughest diva, because I will hold the one piece of gold that allows you the right to show off to the entire world you accomplishments as a diva!! ....Friday at Powerslam when my music hits, and heard round the world is 'You look so good to me....' When you look at me, you will see your next Womens Champion, and that will truly look oh so good!

.::You Look So Good To Me....Hits the PA system, and the couple walks down the steps all smiles, they walk up the ramp hand in hand, proud and confident knowing Jackie will come out victorious...the scene fades into commerical break.::

This Roleplay was writen entirely by me, and should not be used by anyone else for any reason what so ever. I hope you enjoy it, any questions, or comments can be E-Mailed to me.