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People Used: Stephanie McMahon

People Mentioned: WOW Superstars.

The Following Role-play was written by me, and is not to be used by any one else for any reason what so ever. The things written in here are in character only, and in no way reflect how I feel about these wrestlers, or the people rping as them, this is all in fun.....

The cameras turn back on from a commerical break, and without any interuptions IM ALL GROWN UP NOW....jams out of the PA system, and the WOW Owner is standing at the top of the ramp.

She is wearing a black short sleeved spendex shirt, with a orange floweral skirt. Steph pushes a piece of her long soft curled hair out of her face, and looks around at the crowd, then proceeds to the ring. A "Stephanie!" chant begins to arrupt as the Princess climbs up the steel steps and into the squared circle where she raises her hands in the air, and allows the loyal WOW fans to snap some pictures. She then walks over to Lilian Garica who hands the boss a microphone. The music comes to a complete stop, and the lights turn bright, Stephanie brings the microphone to her lips.

{Stephanie McMahon:} You know I have been in this business a long time, my whole life was this business. Ever since I was a little girl, sports entertainment has been a part of me. It is in my bones, it is in my body....And yet...Yet it never ceases to amaze me the egos these men have. For starters you have Stone Cold Steve Austin walk down that ramp, get in this ring and demand a first blood match last week. Austin, Sable gave you what you wanted...Like she usually does with men, but I`m not Sable! (Crowd Pop) You see I am Stephanie McMahon, the owner of this company, and you do not make the matches around here, I do! You triple threat match this week, will be just that, a triple threat match! (Some crowd heat) But I`ll tell you what I`m going to do, because Austin...I am fair. If, and this may be a big if....If you could beat your oppenants this Friday on Powerslam, If you pull out the victory in your match against John Cena, and Chris Jericho, then in the final stage of the World Title Tourtument, you can pick what kind of a match you want....(Huge Pop) It can be any kind of match you`d like, from a steel cage, to a hell in the cell, whatever Stone Cold wants. .....But you know Austin was not the only person whos ego never amazes me, because one man...Who has an even bigger ego then Austin, stood in this ring, maybe all sorts of threats and promises. One man stood right here (Points to ring) and went on and on about payback and revenge, he talked a lot about how he was going to kick ass, and he talked a lot of trash for a man who just had HIS ass kicked! (Crowd Pops, knowing who she is talking about) Hun`er, You want payback so badly? I`ll make it easy for you...Next week, Whoever does not win the Angle/Mr America match you face them, and once again IF....and this is, yet another very big IF...If you can pin that person then I`ll give you a match with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and it will be a .....Two Out of Three Falls match, where Austin picks one fall, You Pick one fall, and I pick one fall! (Huge Pop)

Stephanie walks around the ring some, removing the microphone away from her lips, and allowing some time for the fans to react to the huge news she just shared with the world. They begin to chant, those three imfamous letters "W.o.W! W.o.W! W.oW!" and Stephanie smiles, proud of her company, the fans, and the men and women who wrestle in it. She picks up the microphone one more time.

{Stephanie McMahon:} Now, I would also like to address another ego driven men, and this men had the nerve to come down to this ring, curse, and yell at me...Demaning he get a match. Well.....Goldberg (Huge Pop) Before you go on making demands, talking about boredom without matches, why don`t you do what every other federation superstar has done....Check the match sheet and you will find that you have a match. As a matter of fact, you have a pretty important match, because you are wrestling in a triple threat match for the Intercontinental Title! So, Goldberg...If you could get past Scott Steiner, and Brock Lesnar then you will have something to brag about! ....But ya know, speaking of Brock Lesnar, I saw him walk himself down that ramp, and get inside this ring and talk some trash, I even saw him say I should have given him credit for coming up with the Intergender Tag Titles. Brock, listen and listen closely, this is my company, my decision is what matters because is it the final decision. (A little crowd heat) ....But I do give credit where credit is due, Brock did come to my office, with that cute smile he talked to Torrie about, and he told me his idea about the Tag Titles, and I thought it was great, so yes, Mr.Lesnar is the one who discovered those titles, and I just finialized it. ...So the three of you Brock, Goldberg, and Scott Steiner...Did I mention I was a huge freakzilla fan! (HUGE pop) ...Well, the three of them will get in this ring...They will be drained of blood, sweat and tears, and when it is over there will be one man who is holding the gold, one man who is the Intercontinental Champion, and the following night I will walk down to ringside, and personally hand that man his strap of gold in a very special W.O.W Cermony.

Stephanie walks around the ring, and a small chant starts from the people sitting in the front row, "Stephanie! Stephanie! Stephanie!" and pretty soon the arena picks up and the chant, and the Princess smiles as she walks around the ring being praised. She brings the microphone back to her lips.

{Stephanie McMahon:} ....Speaking of ceremonies we are going to hold our Womens Title ceremony right here in front of the world immediatly following Powerslam. The one lucky lady who walks away with the gold will be awarded the title following the show. ....That match is going to be something special, our WOW fans are already logging onto our offical website to get thier vote in, as to who will be named the special guest referee....And yours truly is in the lead (Huge Pop) I`ll tell you this, if I am named the referee, I promise to call the match right down the middle, the women who is strongest, and toughest will walk away with the title! (Crowd Pop). Lastly I would like to address a new comer, who has impressed me when he was in my fathers company, the WWE. I am talking about the Big Man, Rikishi. You see a lot of our loyal fans have been writing in as to when Rikishi will appear on Powerslam, and I am hear to tell you who should be on this weeks show. I am offering Rikishi a challenge. It is first of its kind in WOW, a stinky face challenge. (Crowd Pop) All Rikishi has to do is, walk down the ramp, get in this ring, and stinky face one WOW superstar, if he can do that....Whichever superstar gets that devisating stinkyface will be the man The Kish faces next week! ....With that being said, Kevin Dunn...Hit my music!

"IM ALL GROWN UP NOW...AND I LISTEN AND LEARN, A TRUE STAR AND IM FINALLY GETTING MY TURN......" Stephanie`s music hums in the backround as the owner steps down out of the ring, and walks up the ramp, where she goes behind the black curtain as the scene fades into a commerical break.