The Following Role-play was written by me, and is not to be used by any one else for any reason what so ever. The things written in here are in character only, and in no way reflect how I feel about these wrestlers, or the people rping as them, this is all in fun, so sit back and enjoy, because my posts are good! lol ;

ooC NoTe: I did have permission to use Steph.

People Used: Stacy, Shane, Jr, Jerry, Lilian, Steph

People Mentioned: Molly, Torrie, Dawn, Ivory, Y2J, Steiner, Steph.

Achievements: First Diva to sign WOW Contract

PowerSlam MatchStacy vs. Ivory vs. Dawn vs. Torrie

The Leggy Blonde.....

..::The camera is shown backstage, one day after Powerslam ended, the camera zooms in on a pair of long legs, and then moves up to show a silky pink zebra printed dress, then moves up towards the beautiful blondes face, as Ms.Stacy Keibler. The crowd gives off heat, after the victory Stacy got over Molly on Powerslam. The camera follows Stacy as she walks down the long hallway, she passes Stephanie McMahon`s office door, and rolls her eyes...followed by Scott Steiner`s locker where she spits her gum out right in front of his name plate, and rolls her eyes once again. She continues walking as the crowd boos, and passes the locker room of Y2J, she stands there and smiles a bit before heading towards the long black curtain, her music gets qued up, and then blasting through the PA System is Kid Rock with SHES GOT LEGS.

Stacy appears on the ramp, her hands on her hips as she rolls her eyes at the booing fans. She slowly walks down to ringside in her black gucci heels. She enters the ring through the second rope and then walks over to Lilian Garica and rips a microphone right out of her hand. Lilian looks a little stunned at Stacy`s rudiness. Her music slowly comes to an end, and she brings the microphone to her lips as the crowd begins a loud "SLUT" chant at the number one contender for the Womens Title.::

*Leggy Blonde Stacy Keibler* Well...Look at this, I stand today in front of the world, just like I said I would....One step closer to the womens title, one step closer to gold, and one step closer to where it is I want to be, and where I always am...On top! Hey, Just ask Shane McMahon! (Crowd chants SLUT!) But you know, I defeated Molly Holly, and you know what was the best part about that was? It was not hard, it was not a challenge, I just dragged her fat ass to the center of the ring, kicked it, beat it, and pinned it...simple as that...I didnt even break a nail! And now I find out, thanks to Stephanie McMahon, I will not be facing two people on Powerslam, I will be facing three! ...Well like I always say....The more, the merry! (Crowd chants SLUT again) Chant all you want, but the fact of the matter is I proved to the world, that I am not just about talk, I am all about the action! ...I got in this ring, I kicked Molly`s ass, and I got down and dirty! Just like I will do with Ivory, Dawn Marie, and Torrie Wilson! ....And Torrie, what is up with whole Playboy thing? I could be in playboy just as easily as you! Just because I chose not to whore around, like some people, doesnt mean you are better then me! ...And you know what, I will prove it this Friday at Powerslam!! ...And you know what the best part about Powerslam is, well if this man is not the guest referee, he will be standing right in my corner...Doing what he always does best, getting the job done! See, this man is my lucky charm, I won my match all by myself, because he gave me that luck and encouragement...Everyone here comes the man with the money...Here comes the man whos my honey....Ladies and Gentleman, I give you...Mr.Shane McMahon!

.::HERE COMES THE MONEY...blasts through the PA System, and Shane McMahon appears on the ramp to an echoing of boos and chants. He stands and smirks for a moment in his black sleek pants, and grey turtleneck. Stacy stands in the ring clapping proudly as Shane pranches down the ramp. He climbs up the three steel steps and walks over to the beautiful Ms.Keibler who plants a kiss on his cheek, and hands him her microphone. Shane brings it to his lips as a "Shanes a Pu#*Y" chant breaks out.::

*Shane The Giant Killer* Thank You Stacy, and you too are my Honey! (Stacy smiles, and the two hug) I thank you for that entrance, and I do not mean you people, I mean my beautiful girl right hear, the next Womens Champion, Ms.Stacy Keibler...Clap it up for Stacy folks, Clap it up for Stacy. (Stacy and Shane clap, as the rest of the crowd boos) You know Stac, the way I see it, is you really have no competition. You are facing, Ivory, who will be so stoned on caffine she won`t even make it to the ring, before falling on her face. Then you have Dawn Marie, her plastic body will burst before she could even take a punch...And then you have Torrie Wilson (Huge Pop) Who will be to busy posing for everyone, and kiss the fans asses to even pay attention to the match. So the way I see it, is that title is already in the palm of your hand, you have already won. ...So you know what? Lilian get in this ring, right now, and declare Stacy the winner! (Crowd Boos) Lillian, get in here and do it before I have to get out of this ring, and drag you in here!

*JR* Thats just not right, King.

*Jerry The King Lawler* May not be right JR, but they`re doing it.

.::Shane exits the ring, and grabs Lillian by the arm, and Stacy smiles proudly in the ring, the crowd boos loudly, as Shane makes Lillian Garica enter the ring, and he hands her his microphone.::

*Lillian Garica* Laddd....Ladies anndd Gentleman, Here is your winner, and new W.O.W Womens Champion, Stacy Keibler.

.::I`M ALL GROWN UP NOW...Blasts out of the speakers, and the fans stand to thier feet, as the owner of the company, Stephanie McMahon appears on the ramp, in a black sweater and black bell bottoms, her hair is out of her eyes, with a black headband. Stephanie already has a microphone in hand, as she waves at her brother Shane. The music comes to an end and she brings the microphone to her lips, and begins to speak.::

*Stephanie McMahon* You know Shane, Stacy...you two must think you are awfully cleaver, (Stacy nods and smiles) But here is the thing...Lilian why dont you step out of the ring, (Lilian leaves and sits back down) Here`s the thing, you are not the winner, you are not the W.o.W Womens Champion until you go through Ivory, you are not the W.o.W Womens Champion until you go through Dawn Marie, and you are not the W.o.W Womens Champion until you go through Torrie Wilson! ...And further more, Stacy, You certainly are not the W.o.W Womens Champion until I say you are the W.O.W Womens Champion! (Huge Pop) So Stacy ...Shane...cut the crap, because the fact is you can say whatever you want out at ringside, I`m not Sable, the trash talking means nothing to me, What you do inside that ring is what counts. Stacy you wanna be the Womens Champion so badly, prove you can do it on your own, because unless your little boyfriend is the Referee he is banned from ringside!

.::Stephanie smirks, and her music begins to play as the WOW owner walks to the back, Stacy stands in the ring, and stumps her foot on the mat then brings her microphone to her lips.::

*Leggy Blonde Stacy Keibler* Stephanie...Stephanie....Thats not fair! God I hate you! ...And I hate all of you, you stupid fans! (Crowd laughs) I hate Ivory, and I hate Dawn Marie, and I hate Torrie Freakin Wilson! I hate everyone, and I`ll show you guys that I am better then you. I will win the Womens Title, and I`ll do it by myself, and I dont care what anyone else thinks of me! ....You know something Stephanie, I think you are just jealous, just like every single other women in this company, and just like every single one of these stupid fans! You are jealous of me, because I am beautiful, I am smart, and I can kick everyones ass, I will prove that Friday Night! I am sick and tired of everyone thinking I am not good enough....You know what....This Friday at Powerslam I am going to prove I am good enough, I am going to prove I am great, You know what? This Friday at Powerslam, when I stand inside this ring, and take on Torrie, Ivory, and Dawn Marie I am going to prove to Stephanie, I am going to prove to the fans, and I am going to prove to every single Women back there, that I am not just good...I am...Well, let me just say, I am ....That Damn Good!

.::SHES GOT LEGS blasts over the PA system, and Shane walks over to the ropes, lifting it up for Stacy who walks out first, Shane jumps off the turnbuckle. The two walk up the ramp holding hands, when they reach the top Shane raises Stacy`s hand, as if she has already won, and then the two head to the back, and the scene fades into a commerical break.::