The Following Role-play was written by me, and is not to be used by any one else for any reason what so ever. The things written in here are in character only, and in no way reflect how I feel about these wrestlers, or the people rping as them, this is all in fun, so sit back and enjoy, because my posts are good! lol ;

ooC NoTe: Lita you post kicked ass...and you`ll probably kick mine when/if we fight, lol.

People Used: Stacy, Sable, Jerry

People Mentioned: Molly, Lita, Steph, some others breifly.

Achievements: First Diva to sign WOW Contract

PowerSlam MatchStacy vs. Molly Holly

The Leggy Blonde.....

::.The WOW cameras turn back on from a three minute commercial break. The fans in attendance raise thier signs high in the air, and chant the three famous letters aloud, "W.O.W! W.O.W! W.O.W", the camera then zooms into the entrance way, as Kid Rock screams out of the speaker, SHE`S GOT LEGS!, the fans rise to thier feet and look at the beautiful blonde, Stacy Keibler. In a red tank top, which goes perfectly with her radishing red lipstick, and black short shorts, with a trendy belt hanging off the side, she walks down the ramp in her thin black heel boots. She points out at three men holding a long sign that reads, "Stacy Keibler-WOWS Godess" The camera zooms in on the sign, but quickly goes back to Stacy as she does her trademark entrance in the squared circle.

The crowd gives off a huge pop, when Stacy smiles deviously, and shakes her butt in the air, as her shorts slid up a bit. Stacy walks around the ring a little looking down at the mat where she will face Molly Holly in only two short days. The crowd begins a "Molly" chant, almost as if they could tell Stacy was thinking about the diva. Stacy walks over to Lilian, who is about to polietly hand her a microphone, when Stacy grabs it out of her hand. The crowd gives off heat as Stacy`s music comes to an end. The blonde beauty whips some hair out of her face, and begins to speak to the live crowd.::

*Leggy Blonde Stacy Keibler* Okay, yea ...whatever (Crowd boos louder) If you dont have anything nice to say then, how about shut the hell up! Okay Molly Holly, Little snob...No ...No, correction...BIG snob, girl you are blooted! I mean just look at the fat hanging off the sides of you! How am I, a delicate and precious little women suppose to face you? I`ll tell you how...I am going to do whatever it takes to beat you! If someone has to cheat for me, thats fine. If someone has to hurt you, thats fine. Or..If I have to hurt you, thats fine too. But if you dare to try and hurt me, I`m sure there is a male wrestler out there somewhere who is willing to fight in my honor. You see Molly Holly Dolly Wolly whatever the hell your name is, you need to understand something, I spent a lot of time learning the secrets to this business. I spent a lot of time searching around ...and finding secret notes, and documents in Stephanies office (Looks surprised she let the slip) I mean, ...Oh nevermind...And you see Molly, I know what it takes to beat Rikishi, ...and when I say Rikishi, I mean my fat ass oppenant, you Molly. (Crowd Boos) I know I need some tricks, and believe me I have got those tricks. See come Friday night, on Powerslam, you brain will be slammed into hell when you see the masterful, surprisingly, wonderful plan I have come up with. This plan will ensure victory for me...while you are left with total and complete lose! ....But Mol, on a serious note, I`m a little worried about your health. How can someone of your size get in a ring, and fight? You should consider a weight lose program, prehaps a walk about 15 miles every day, hey here is a good one...stop eating like a pig! (Crowd Boos Loudly) ....Anyway, whatever the case is Molly, this Friday at Powerslam...Case Closed! You`re finished, you`re done, and it is over...Because your ass...Your FAT ass, well...It`s all mine to kick!

.::Stacy paces around the ring a little bit waiting for the crowd to stop thier booing, as soon as they do Stacy is about to speak once again when a deafing "SLUT" chant breaks out. Stacy stands in the middle of the ring wide eyed, in anger as the crowd chants and screams in her direction. She picks up the microphone and screams over thier chants.::

*Leggy Blonde Stacy Keibler* I did not come out here to be disrespected! ... I did not come out to stand in this ring and talk about a girl, who frankily seems scared to death of me either! I wanted to greet a few WOW superstars. Let me start off by saying, Hey John Cena you`re looking pretty good....I`m gonna try and do things like you, dont know if I could. Your style is unique, yet very off the hook...You are simply aggressive, and got a pretty sexy look! (She smiles as the crowd boos) ...But you know John is facing Hurricane Helms this Friday, and John, can you do me...and the entire sane world a big favor, just crush this guy, he is a worthless piece of trash! (Crowd Boos loudly) Now, if you think Hurricane is bad, hiding behind that mask, what about Mr.America (Crowd Pop) I mean I almost can not blame Hurricane Helms for hiding, he is this little guy, but Mr America, what are you so afraid of? You talk about how huge you are, yet you are scared to show your face? I dont even wanna know what it looks like, you are probably god arful! Let me switch gears for a second here, from a USA Loser (Crowd Boos) To a USA winner! An Olympic Gold Medalist, might I add...Kurt I love you...re style! Kurt is facing The Game Triple H, what is left to say about this guy, but ...WOW! But I go from talking about a hot guy, to a not guy...Two actually, and they both get two thumbs down! Goldberg and Austin, I cant even tell the two drunken idiots apart! (Crowd Boos) Oh, and what about Brock Lesnar, Strong, big...and Stupid! Do you have to drool over every girl here?! ....But you know who shines in this entire company, you know who lights up this entire place...He truly is the highlight of the night, Chris Jericho! (Crowd Boos) Jericho, you are my pick for the World Champion, so go kick some butt!

.::Stacy walks around the ring, as the crowd boos and chant the word SLUT in her direction, she rolls her eyes trying not to let it bother her. She then clears her throat, and begins to speak once again.::

*Leggy Blonde Stacy Keibler* I just wanted to finish with this.... To be able to just stand in front the entire world and say, You will see me in a battle. I will be wrestling, and I mean wrestling in the Womens title Tourtument, and I want you all to know when it is over, I will be your champion! Molly Holly...You have been hiding, you have been scared, and I dont blame you. I would be too, if I had to go up against someone that was a perfect package, beauty...and strength. I know that when Powerslam goes off the air, I will have destoryed Molly Holly, I know that I will have my hand held in victory, I will have climbed to the top of the ladder. I am proving myself to the world ...to the stupid Fans,(They Boo) and you may boo me, you may chant names at me (Crowd begins to chant SLUT), But I am well aware that this is all about jealously. After tonight you will have a hell out of a lot to be jealous of, because I will be on my way to the womens championship and I will be standing on top of that ladder, with one thing on to say....Hate to say I told ya so....BUT I told ya so! ...Now excuse me, I have a very important phone call to attend to!

.::Stacy throws the microphone in the center of the ring, SHES GOT LEGS, blasts out of the PA Sysyem and then walks down the steps with a sly smile on her face. She looks very confident that when the match is over she will be standing tall, and as a winner...On her way to WOW gold, the scene fades to black.::

.::The scene opens up as Stacy Keibler is on the phone, you can clearly tell she is already midway through the conversation, she is standing in front of a black circular desk, and pressing keys on a keypad attached to her black lap top, the sound turns on, and the fans listen in.::

*Leggy Blonde Stacy Keibler* Hey baby, I am just ordering those plane tickets now, (Listens to caller) Yea I ordered them right online, and they`ll get to you in about twenty four hours, so every is all set and the plan is a go. I`m telling you, we are going to give everyone...Including Stephanie McMahon, the surprise of thier lives!
KING Ahh! Who is she talking to JR? JR I have no earthly idea, King.

.::Stacy smiles, with evil in her eyes, as she shuts down the computer, hangs up her cell phone, and smiles...Almost as if she could taste victory....The scene fades out.::