ooC NoTe: My first ever rp as Sabe, hope you like

People Used: Sable

People Mentioned: W.O.W Superstars

The Following Role-play was written by me, and is not to be used by any one else for any reason what so ever. The things written in here are in character only, and in no way reflect how I feel about these wrestlers, or the people rping as them, this is all in fun.....

The WOW cameras flash on, and pan around the arena, showing fans waving thier signs high above thier heads, several are for Austin, some others for The Rock, and some with the WOW logo on it. The cameras go to the entrance way, and the fans stand to thier feet, knowing that a WOW Superstar is about to present themselves to the world, and then "WILD CAT" jams through the speakers, and none other then Sable appears on the entrance way. The two time playboy cover girl waves at the fans, and proceeds to ringside. Her long blonde hair flowing over her shoulders, and behind her back, as she walks in a black lace up jump suit, her silver belt sprakles as she steps up into the ring, and is handed a microphone. She grips her hand around it, and waits for the music to end, as it slowly finishes she begins to speak to the world.
{Sable:} Well just as I expected all the women still want to be me, and all the men still come to see me! ....Nothing ever changes, I still remain the highlight of everything, and all the other wrestlers and divas still remain in my shadow. Only for me, things got better, you see because on the little food change here in this company, I stand on top of all the other employees, I have some stroke in this company, and believe me I plan on using that stroke to my full advantage. See, Stephanie McMahon had to step out for a moment, she had some big meeting over seas with one McMahon, or another, I dont remember....But well she is gone, I`m left in charge, so I decieded to come out to this ring, and talk to all the ...Oh So Wonderful W.o.W superstars. ....And for starters I would like to say something to all the men in this little tourtument that Stephanie put together, you are all wrestling for the World Title, you have the chance to win the richest prize in this business, so come on...get out to this ring, and do the trash talking thing that we all wanna see! (Crowd Pop) Okay....Okay...So we have heard from Stone Cold Steve Austin (Huge Pop) Whopp Dee Do! I am not an Austin fan, and frankily I think that the guy has gone deaf! Why else would he have to ask What every five seconds? (Crowd Boos). Now, I know we have heard from Kurt Angle (Crowd: "WHAT?")....Kurt is a guy I have some hope for, I think he`ll make it far in this competition...We have also heard from John Cena, and Mr.America...Oh, and we have heard from Y2J Chris Jericho, a guy who my friend Stacy just wont shut up about...Alright so we have heard from a few, but where are the rest of you? Have you got any pride, any respect for yourselves at all, get out to this ring, and start talking some trash, start pumping things up, lets get it on!
The fans give off a pop as most of them want to see the WOW Superstars come out to the ring, and talk about the World title Tourtument, Sable rolls her eyes, a bit, not to much into the fans excitment.
{Sable:} Now....How about these divas? Stephanie came out here earlier and talked, and talked, and talked about how wonderful these women are. (Crowd Pop) She said a lot about how beautiful they are (Bigger Pop), she even talked about how they are the sexiest women on the planet (Huge Pop) Well, I hate to break it to Ms.McMahon, but I disagree with her completely! (Crowd Heat) I`m sorry, but if you ask me, these women are nothing but a bunch of cowards. Aside from Stacy, who came out and talked about her match, the rest have said nothing...The rest are somewhere in hiding. I mean, lets take a look down the list, you have Lita....Does she shower? No! Does she smell? Big time Yes! Does she talk trash? Well probably not, but I know one thing, she sure is a piece of it! (Crowd boos loudly) Then you have Ivory, high on caffine or something, the girls eyes do not even blink, and besides that, just beteween us, I heard she doesnt wash her hair, no wonder she has all that grease and oil (Crowd boos again)....Then we have Ms.Torrie Wilson. Torrie, ever hear the saying, anything you can do, I can do better? Well, Who has been on the cover of playboy twice, not once, twice! You are looking at the Playboy CenterFold! ...And you, You were just a cheap whore for Vince McMahon, and the WWE! (Crowd Boos loudly) ...And you have some others, that I`m not even gonna waste my breath talking about....(Crowd Boos) Go right ahead and boo all you want, you are not the ones who get to run the show, so consider me untouchable!
Sable walks around the ring some in her thing black heels as the crowd boos at her, she pushes some hair out of her face, and then proceeds delivering her message.
{Sable:} Now I have some final words (Crowd cheers, knowing she is almost done) This is to all WOW superstars. My office door is always opened, and I am always all ears, if you ever need anything I will be more then happy to oblige. See, my years in this business I`ve learned a thing or two how things work, it goes a little something like this, It does not matter how you win ....it only matters that you win. I know this, and I am willing to teach that to all WOW superstars. I am offering my ....Services....to any of the male...Hey, and the female,....superstars. You see, I know I am a huge asset at ringside, and if you think you need a helping hand, just come knock on my door, or come to this ring, and simply let me know...If I believe you are worth it, then I will be willing to help out in any way I can. (Fans start to chant SLUT at Sable) I`ll leave you all with this closing statement, It`s not easy being this beautiful, but it is a hell of a lot easier then being you!
Sable places the microphone in the center of the ring, and then walks down the steps, she heads to the back as the scene fades into a commerical break for Powerslam!