The Following Role-play was written by me, and is not to be used by any one else for any reason what so ever. The things written in here are in character only, and in no way reflect how I feel about these wrestlers, or the people rping as them, this is all in fun, so sit back and enjoy, because my posts are good! lol ;

ooC NoTe: Lita you post kicked ass...and you`ll probably kick mine when/if we fight, lol.

People Used: Stacy, Sable, Jerry

People Mentioned: Molly, Lita, Steph, some others breifly.

Achievements: First Diva to sign WOW Contract

PowerSlam MatchStacy vs. Molly Holly

The Leggy Blonde.....

::.The camera zooms into the womens locker room, you see one of the WOW divas, The leggy Blonde, Stacy Keibler. She stands in a pair of white shorts, and a pink striped top. The diva is rubbing some lotion on those 41 inch legs. The crowd gives off a huge pop when seeing the beautiful blonde on television for the first time since leaving the WWE. Stacy looks at herself in the mirror, combs out her hair a bit and puts half of it up in a little bun. Suddenly her phone rings, Stacy reaches into her black gucci bag and pulls out a black and gold cell phone, she looks at her ID box and smirks, then steps into the hallway next to the silver elevators for some privacy. She presses the phone on with her pink polished nails to answer the awaiting caller.::

*The Leggy Blonde Stacy Keibler* Hey Sable Babe! Whats up?
Sensational Sable Hi Stacy, Just calling to check in about your match coming up. I can not believe I convinced Stephanie to put that tourtument together. *The Leggy Blonde Stacy Keibler* Yea, but I am kinda lonely, Molly has her butt in her corner....I mean that is all the help she needs, and I ...Well, lets just say I will have to put some tricks in my corner. ...Like lets say a special guest referee some time down the road, Sable. Sensational Sable Yea I talked to Steph about that too, I`m telling ya it was like taking candy from a baby! Stac, That title is as good as yours! *The Leggy Blonde Stacy Keibler* And now all that is left to do, is the fun part ....Kicking butt, and laughing in everyones face. Well Sable, I better make my way to ring now, I got some people to make fun of. Sensational Sable Okay Stac, The world awaits you.... .::Stacy hangs up the phone and walks back into the locker room where she picks up her bag and places the phone into the leather case. She puts her bag away in one of the blue lockers, with pictures of many of the male superstars, and locks it up, she knows she simply can not trust any of the women in the company who may be in that same locker room later. The scene fades into a commerical break for the first WoW Diva home video and DVD, and many others.::

//WOW Divas- Coming Soon to a video store near you, only the hottest women in the world, wearing the sexiest bikini`s you have ever seen. Plus exclusive interviews about the signing of thier contracts and future plans, only $19.95, get your copy today and watch them burn with heat.

  • Stacker Two-The Worlds Strongest Fat Burner
  • Wrong Turn- Rated R, Playing only in threaters
  • Subway- Eat Fresh
  • PowerSlam- Friday Nights, The Battle Begins, who will win the war?\\

    .::The camera turns back on and shots right to the squared circle, standing in his old time wrestling gear and gold crown, you see known other then Mr. Jerry The King Lawler. He smiles and waves at the excited WOW fans. Jerry already has a microphone in hand, as he places it to his lips.::
    Jerry The King Lawler Ladies and Gentlemen, you know my favorite part of the show...the puppies! (Crowd Pop) So that is why it is my pleasure, and I mean great...great pleasure to introduce you to the wonderful, the talented, the beautiful, the sexy...god this is gonna be good ..I brought my water gun out in case she gets to hot and I catch on fire....But her she is, you know her as the leggy blonde (Huge Pop) Ms. Stacy Keibler!

    .::Suddenly "SHES GOT LEGS" blasts over the PA system. Flashing firey hot red strobe lights pan around the entire arena, and then standing at the ramp is the beautiful blonde herself, Stacy Keibler. She waves at Jerry and he goes nuts. The crowd chants Puppies as Stacy walks down to ringside in her white boots. She climbs up the three steel steps

    and climbs into the ring, doing her trademark entrance, as she shakes her butt a bit as it is raised above the ropes. The crowd chants even louder as Jerry begins to spray himself with the water gun. Stacy finally enters the ring, and walks over to Jerry, plants a kiss on his cheekand then her music comes to an end. Jerry whips away some water in his face, and then begins his interview.::

    Jerry Lawler Wow! Wow! Wow! Welcome to Wow Stacy! Lemme tell ya one thing, I look foward to many....many more entrances much like the one you just had...Wow, you leave me speachless, but this is an interview, so I guess it would not really work with me speachless, huh? So I`m gonna get on with it, and then take a cold shower....Here is my first question, and you dont really have to answer it, you can just stand there and look pretty...It is all up to you. So you have some tricks up your sleeve for Friday, let us know about something, can you give us a little hint?

    *The Leggy Blonde Stacy Keibler* Well King, if you must know....You are just gonna have to find out Friday on Powerslam. See I am facing Molly Holly, now thats funny, and dare I say it...Molly is one of the diriest people in this business. I don`t mean dirty in the sense she has some great ways to cheat and win, I mean dirty...I mean refuses to shower, I mean smells, I mean ugly! And when I say I mean these things...I really..really mean them! I have to get in the ring, and imagine if you were me everyone.. (Stops and thinks a moment) I know ....I know it is hard to imagine being this amazing, this beautiful, and really this talented, but just bare with me for a second (Crowd Boos) Imagine having to get into the ring with someone as ugly as Molly, I mean I will have to roll around this ring with her, because we are gonna get it on! Jerry, I can not tell you what I have planned for her as far as my tricks go, but I can tell you I will pull out all the stops, and I will win that match. While I am going into Powerslam to face that bubble butt bimbo, Molly Holly. And I can assure you of this, Sexy Jerry You, I will walk into Powerslam, with one thing on my mind...and thats to win, and I will walk out of this tourtument with one thing in my hands....The WOW Womens title! And I have no problem with that. Now I know people may think Molly is stronger then me, or she can simply sit on me and crush every little bone in this tiny body.....but I`ll have you know that I have been training for this moment, and I am damn ready for it right here and now. So everyone knows who is going to win, me...Because, dare I say....I am that damn good! (Crowd boos) See Molly Holly, while you have been busy playing superhero, or busy preaching about being pure, I have learned how this business works. And it most certainly is not being pure and wholesome, it is about getting down and dirty, And I dont mean the kinda dirty I said you were!! So believe me when I say, I will strach out your eyesight, I will pull out your hair, I will do the chic fight thing come Friday Night on PowerSlam! So bascially Molly, you can consider that victory mine!! ...And Um, That my friend Is True, Oh It is Damn true!

    .::Stacy winks into the camera when using the Olympic Gold Medalists catch phrase. She walks around the ring rolling her eyes at the crowd as they boo in her direction after the utter disrespect she showed towards Molly Holly. Jerry begins to ask another question.::

    Jerry Lawler Stacy, I huh, I have to ask....Did you hear what Lita had to say about you earlier? (Stacy looks annoyed and nods her head) What are your thoughts on that?

    *The Leggy Blonde Stacy Keibler* Jerry....Jerry.....Jerry....I must say, that did not surprise me one bit. I understand where Lita is coming from (Jerry looks surprised) I mean, Look at the body I live in, Look at how the fans greet me when I present myself to them (Fans Boo Loudly) Look at the beauty I am made up of, and then look at Lita....Lemme say this, you will Look no further for the reason she said those harse and cruel things about me, it is only human nature to get jealous of me. Lita, What the hell kinda name is that....Wait that is off topic, but do you even have a last name? ....But serisouly Lita, I do not blame, and really I`m not angry about those thing you said about me, because really I can try and understand what it is like to be you. I mean I can not imagine having to look at yourself in a mirror , then turn on your television screen and see someone of my beauty and grace, serisouly I could be like Ms. United States! Lita, I am not going to get mad....I am not just going to stand around and cry, that is just not my style....You see because I learned along time ago, from my good friend Sable, In this business you do not get mad....You get....Even! ...Lita, believe me when I say, and I want you to look in my eyes right now so you know I am telling the truth, I will get even. When you least expect....expect it! ...And that Lita, is the bottomline, cause the Leggy Blonde Said so!

    .::King walks around the ring a little while looking at Stacy, she smiles feeling confident as ever, as King looks a little worried as to what Lita will have to say about this, he deciedes to quickly change the subject.::

    Jerry Lawler Stacy, you had a phone conversation earlier with Stephanie McMahon`s Personal Assassant, Sable, any chance Sable may be at ring side for your match against Molly?

    *The Leggy Blonde Stacy Keibler* You know something King, I also mentioned that Molly Holly has something in her corner, that big booty of hers! ....So you know something, you just gave me a hell of an idea, maybe Sable will be at ringside for my match, maybe my friend Sable will accompany me to the ring, and stand in my corner...Or maybe she`ll sneak through the crowd and pound Molly in the head with a chair shot,...Maybe Sable will just stand ringside and cheer me on....Or maybe not. You see, Sable and I have a lot in commen, we both are surprising, we leave the WoW Fans, and the WoW superstars on thier toes, we always kept them guessing, so I am not going to tell you what role Sable will play at Powerslam, but I can tell you this, Sable hates an ugly, dirty, gross person like Molly, Just as much as I do! .....Molly I am walking into Powerslam with one goal in mind, and you ....well let me just say I have plans that will make sure you do not even get to WALK out of Powerslam! Molly I am going to prove I am the best diva in this company, I am going to prove I am the smartest diva in this company, and I am going to prove that you are nothing more then an ugly shell of a loser slob! Molly I am not scared of anything, so this Friday night...I want you to bring whatever you got....Bring your big ass, bring your high risk moves, bring your good luck charms....Simply put Molly, Just Bring it!

    .::With that "SHE`S GOT LEGS" blasts over the PA System, and Stacy throughs the microphone in the middle of the ring, and exits through the second rope. She throughs some hair behind her shoulder and struds up the ramp, when she reaches the top she raises her arms in the air as if to say she has already won, and then walks behind the curtain as the scene fades into black.......::