Who will climb the ladder First? (WWE Debut)

Suddenly the lights in the arena turn off, pink strobe lights behind to flicker throughout the entire crowd, as the fans stand to thier feet when hearing the voice of Lil Kim blast through the PA System, and the blonde bombshell known to the world as, Trish Stratus is standing on the entrance ramp. Dressed her best, for a debut apperane, she stands with a smile in a black tank and black pants, a nice mid length pink sweater, and her trademark look a cowboy hat, this one in pink. She walks down the ramp, smiling at her adoring fans, and tagging thier hands. Trish climbs carefully up the three steel steps and into the squared circle, where Lilian Garica hands her a microphone. Her music then comes to an end, and Trish stands in the center of the ring, while fans cheer her on, she brings the mic to her lips.
{Trish:} Thank You so much, it feels great to be standing here with all of you tonight! You know I have walked down that ramp many times, I have laced up my boots and got into a wrestling ring on countless occassions, but this time it is different, this time something is a little bit more special....Because this time, as I stand inside this ring, in front of all of you, it is to debut in the WWE. (Crowd cheers her on) This is like a dream come true, (She stops and thinks a moment) It is the begining of a dream, that has started to become a reality. You see, this is just the first step, entering this federation...Now I have goals to accomplish. I stand in front of all you today, making a promise...I will not let you down. I will try my hardest, to do what I have been training to do, and that is to come to the WWE and to win the WWE Womens title! (Huge crowd pop) It does not matter to me who I have to go up against to win it, I will face anyone that I have to, to prove myself to this company, and to its fans. ....But proving myself to Vince McMahon (Crowd heat) or Eric Bischoff (More boos) is not the only reason I am here in the WWE, I am here to prove something to myself. I am here to prove that all the training, the pain, the numerous times I have been drained of blood, sweat and tears....to prove every battle I won, and every I battle I didnt win, was all worth it. Because it shaped who I am today, and it brought where I am right now.....To prove to myself, that I have made it! And to prove that women can be beautiful, (Huge pop) they can be sexy. (Even louder pop) and above all of that, they can kick ass too! (Trish chant breaks out). I am here in the WWE to make a statement, and to win some gold....I am willing to do whatever it takes, and face who ever I must, to climb the ladder of success. I will put it all on the line, go through hell and high water to reach the top of that ladder, to stand tall and say I made it, in the company of my dreams, and with the title that allows you the right to say, you are the best! I am certainly not saying winning the title will come easily, nor am I saying I will win it right away....I am just waiting for the chance, the oppertunity, to get in the ring with any of the amazing and talented women this federation has. Whether that be Lita (Crowd Pop) or even Stephanie McMahon (Mixed reaction). Who ever it is that I have to go through to win that title, I will. I will walk down that aisle with confidence, and pride...I will step in this ring, and show the world just why I deserve that title, and I will prove to everyone why I will not and can not be stopped! I just want to be given the chance to shine, and once given that chance, I will be the brighest star in the sky, and that is one hundred percent Stratisfaction Guaranteed!

Suddenly Kid Rock blasts through the PA system, the crowd jumps to thier feet when hearing the words, SHE`S GOT LEGS! And out comes one of the youngest wrestling divas, with the 41" legs, Stacy Keibler stands on the entrance ramp, in a pair of black short...shorts, and a black tee shirt. She smiles, deviously for a moment, and then begins to make her way to the squared circle. The men in the crowd begin to cheer and chant, as the beautiful divas passes thier way. She climbs up the three steps, and enters the ring, above the second rope, as the crowd goes wild. Stacy enters the ring, and raises her hands in the air as cameras begin to flash. Her music comes to a end, and while the guys see Stacy and Trish standing eye to eye, a loud "PUPPIES!" chant breaks out. Stacy walks over to Lilian Garica, who hands her a microphone.
{Jerry "The King" Lawler} JR, you know what this means? Cat Fight!
{Stacy:} Trish, sorry about that didnt mean to interupt you, but you seemed finished, right? Okay anyway (Before even giving Trish time to answer) Well, I just wanted to come down to this ring and say two things, The first being, Trish you are right. You should get the chance to shine, the chance to fight for the womens title, the chance to prove yourself to this company, and to its fans... The second, I am so sorry, because I know we are here together, as a team, but you wont get that chance, because you may think you are the greatest, but I already know I am the best! But hey, there is nothing bad with a little healthy competition, dont ya think? You see, I wanted to come down to ringside, not to have a bunch of drunken fat guys drool over me (Crowd Boos). But to make one thing clear, I am not here simply to be your eye candy, I mean I know thats what someone of my beauty usually is in this business, but I want to be a wrestler, I want the chance to fight....To get down and dirty....Because everyone knows Stacy Keibler likes it that way! (crowd pop) Just like, my good friend Trish Stratus over here, (Said very sarcastically) I want the chance to climb that ladder of success, to reach the top, and stand with the WWE Womens Title. I am willing to face anyone, and do what ever I must to win that piece of gold! ....And when I say I am willing to do whatever I must do to win that title, I really do mean it....I will do anything! (Crowd heat, and Trish looks on surprised) You know something, I may not be the biggest diva here, or the strongest, the toughest, or the fastest....But one thing I certainly am is the smartest, I have tricks up my sleeve, I know what it takes to get ahead in this company, and I am willing to do anything and everything. I want a shot at that title, I want to prove myself to the world, and to the company...Just like Trish. Only difference is, I will win that title. You heard my music when I came out, Shes Got Legs, and before you know it you`ll be saying....Shes Got the Womens Title! (Shes looks over at Trish).......But Trish, in no way did I mean to get you angry, you know you`re my friend, I mean we came here together, we were trained by the same man, and we were both tought the same excat thing, do what you must to win that title, and you do not have the right to say or even think you are the best until you have that title. Ya know, that ladder of success we both talked about, we are both climbing up it, one on each side, and now the only question is.....Who will reach the top first?
SHE`S GOT LEGS hits the PA system, and Stacy tosses her mic back to Lilain, as she exits the ring, and quicly walks to the back....Trish watches as the person she came to this company walks away with confidence, and as Stacy enters the back, her music stops....Trish looks around at the crowd who is chanting her name and smiles proudly. "Time to Rock & Roll" hits the PA system, and Trish climbs through the ropes and down the steps. She tags a few fans hands, and walks up the ramp, when she reaches the top she points out at the crowd, and then walks behind the black curtain, while the scene fades into a commerical break....................

The scene opens up in the back, inside of a dressing room. You see a long mirror covering the back wall, and a vanity in front of it. On the vanity you can make out that there is some makeup, a few hairbrushes, as well as some clips and other hair prouducts. Then on the long black leather sofa you see a pink cowboy hat, and a pink sweater, the crowd lets out a pop, knowing that this is Trish Stratus` locker room. Then the camera tapes a close up of the diva. Standing in her black tank, and black pants, she dials a phone number, while leaving the phone on speaker. She patiently waits while the phone rings once.....twice.....three times. As the crowd listens in to see who Trish is calling. Finally after about five rings, the phone is answered.
{Voice:} Hello? {Trish:} Hey babe, It`s me....I thought you were gonna be able to make it to the arena tonight, What happened? {Voice:} I know I just had to get things finished with our contracts and all, but I`ll be there first thing tomorrow, sound good? {Trish:} Sounds great, I`ll see you tomorrow. We can go down to ringside together, I mean the fans here are the best, (Crowd Pop). They really are just as excited as we are about the company. {Voice:} Yea I am sure the fans are just wonderful (Sarcastic voice)....Those fans are always just great. I`ll see you tomorrow. Just make sure that guys like Rock and RVD keep thier mouths shut till then (Crowd Boos). I`ll be there tomorrow. Trish hands the speaker phone up, as the camera moves to the outside of the dressing room, where you see Stacy Keibler. Now wearing a little white baby tee, that reads, FOXY on it. She was obvoisly listening to the conversation beteween Trish and whoever that caller was, as she brings her finger up to her lip.
{Stacy:} Tomorrow huh? Note to self, wear something sexy.....(She looks down at her clothing) ier....tomorrow!
The camera takes one last close up of Stacy Keibler, as the crowd wonders why she is planning on looking her best tomorrow night, as well as who was on the phone with WWE Diva Trish Stratus... and then the scene fades into a commerical break for the first WWE Wrestling event, RAW. Which is set to air that coming Monday...The fans see a quick run down of the matches, and find Trish is in a #1 Contenders battle with Lita, and her friend Stacy, will be fighting Molly Holly for the Womens title itself......