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Trish Stratus

NAME: Trish Stratus
HOMETOWN: Victoria, Texas
HEIGHT: 5' 4"
WEIGHT: 120 lbs
FINISHER: Stratisfaction
ENTRANCE: "Time to Rock and Roll" by Lil Kim
Position: Diva
RPer Achievments: Held the womens championship in the EWA for exactly one year. ECWF womens champion for 6 months. EWA Inter-gender tag champ, WXWA 3 time thong queen
Bio: As a fitness model Trish had appeared in and on numerous magazines and several TV shows including Inside Edition - Legends of Fitness Challenge coverage and featured on the Jenny Jones Show - Fitness Celebrity Success Story. Initially we had to wait for several months after the rumor was confirmed that Trish Stratus had signed a contract with the WWF. Finally on March 19, 2000 during Sunday Night Heat we had our first look at the gorgeous Miss Stratus. At 5'4" and 118 lbs. and a body to 'die for', she immediately made it clear to everyone that she had no problem using her assets to get ahead in the WWF. The very next night she announced that she knew what everybody wanted - T&A - and the tag team of Test & Prince Albert was born. She quickly set their sights on the Dudley Boyz and launched a campaign to make their live miserable for the next few months. During this time Trish made her first PPV appearance at Backlash 2000 which the Dudley's utilized to their advantage by slamming Trish through a table. Within weeks T&A avenged themselves on the Dudley's when Trish reappeared to ring action. Her next move was to pit T&A against the Hardy Boyz while adding Val Venus to her stable. Finally Trish made her wrestling debut in June 2000 during a match with the Hardy Boyz and Lita, getting the pinfall after Albert slammed Lita to the mat. Trish now guided Val Venus to the King Of The Ring PPV semi-finals later that month against Rikishi and 'Latin Heat' Eddie Guerrero and 'Mamacita" Chyna. IT was obvious that Trish had bitten of more than she could chew since she usually came out of the several encounters with 'The Ninth Wonder' on the short end of the stick. Also around this time a rumor cropped up that Trish had been made an offer from Playboy to do a centerfold, but this never developed into anything more than just a rumor about the blonde bombshell that the WWF regarded highly. The lady was definitely on a roll. This was obvious to OWOW visitors since the soon to be Diva skyrocketed right to the top of our Ratings the very first month after her appearance, staying there for 3 consecutive months, and eventually taking the #1 spot 4 times in 2000! Next up for Trish was a number of battles with the other very hot upcoming personality - Lita. This feud netted Lita a big push and showed that Trish was not just T&A but had the physical abilities the WWF were looking for in a gorgeous female. By July Trish was really feeling good about her newfound status and after guiding Val Venus to an Intercontinental Title (defeating Rikishi) she decided to antagonize both Stephanie and Chyna. In August Trish made another PPV appearance - SummerSlam 2000 - as Val's partner in an Intergender Intercontinental Title match against Chyna and Eddie. Trish once again forgot that Chyna was probably more than she should aim for, as Chyna body slammed her and won the Intercontinental Title for herself a second time. This of course infuriated Val who now wanted nothing to do with Trish, so she once again worked with T&A and continued her feud Stephanie. In October 2000 Trish finally was given a Women's Championship Title shot twice within a week. The first match was a legitimate match while the second was a Bra and Panties Match. Neither match saw Trish as a winner but the fans certainly were by getting to view Trish in just a bra and panties! In November Trish once more challenged for the Women's Title in a Four Corners Match but was unable to capitalize on the opportunity. To round out 2000 Trish seemed to loose interest in the tag team of T&A, but appeared really interested in using her T&A in dating the boss - Vince McMahon. To start off 2001 Stephanie violently objected to her Daddy making Trish Stratus his new playtoy while Mom (Linda McMahon) was in a mental hospital. This turned into a full blown feud between the two women during the Royal Rumble where Stephanie attacked Trish. A match was set up for the two at the No Way Out PPV in February, which Stephanie won with the aid of Stephen Regal. As a final insult Vince turned on Trish the next night on Raw and he allowed Stephanie to completely humiliate his former girlfriend by having Stephanie push Trish's head into a horrible bucket of goop and then using the mop on her! The following Monday on Raw Vince humiliated her even further by making her bark like a dog and strip down to her bra and panties. The segment was actually cut on Canada's TSN network! Trish quietly went on for a few weeks, letting Mr. McMahon think that he was getting "stratusfaction' while the Diva plotted behind the scenes. Finally in April at Wrestlemania X-Seven Trish got her revenge on Vince after wheeling Linda McMahon who appeared to be heavily sedated down to ringside for the Street Fight Match between himself and his son Shane. After delivering Linda she turned to Vince and slapped the tar out of his mouth. Stephanie attacked her but Mick Foley and Trish finally chased Steph from ringside. Later during the match an unsedated Linda McMahon kicked Vince between the legs to insure Shane's win. The next night on Raw Stephanie challenged Trish to a Strap Match. Although Trish got the upperhand, William Regal interfered by slamming Trish and holding her while Stephanie smacked her unrelentlessly with the strap. Once again Canada's TSN censored the segment. Two weeks later Trish announced to the world that it was she who had made sure that Linda McMahon was taken off her medication! For the next few months things were fairly quiet for Trish while the WWF figured out how to use her next. In July 2001 Trish set her eyes on Jeff Hardy, which ended up with her and Lita teaming up for the first ever Bra And Panties Tag Team Match at the Invasion PPV! Shortly thereafter in August Trish was sidelined by surgery for a bonechip to be removed from her ankle. In the meantime it was announced that Trish would be the new hostess on the new WWF Excess program every Saturday night. Trish returned to ringside action in late October 2001 in a Divas Tag Team Match, paired with Lita! By November it was announced that a Six Pack Challenge Match was to be held at The Survivor Series PPV. The winner would be crowned the new WWF Women's Champion since the title had been vacated by a MIA Chyna. This would pit Trish, Jacqueline and Lita for the WWF against Ivory, Molly Holly and a surprise wrestler for the Alliance members (formed by the defunct ECW/WCW takeover by the WWF). Somehow Trish was able to win the match while facing the adversity of competing with superior wrestlers! She went on to win the WWF 2001 Babe Of The Year Contest while retaining her WWF Title into 2002 but is facing some stiff competition from ex-ECW newcomer Jazz who has plans to acquire the Women's Championship Belt by hook or crook. Trish has fought off numerous attacks from behind from Jazz, which included a sneak attack during a backstage interview with Lilian Garcia that ended with Trish's hand being broken by having a trunk lid slammed on it.

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