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Shane Mcmahon

NAME: Shane Mcmahon
HOMETOWN: Greenwich, CT
HEIGHT: 6’2"
WEIGHT: 230 lbs.
FINISHER: Flying Elbow
ENTRANCE: "Here Comes The Money"
Position: Staff
RPer Achievments: UnKnown
Bio: He is passion, pride, and determination all rolled into one. He wears his heart on his sleeve and his sleeve is a WWE logo. He would do anything—everything—including risking life and limb for the betterment of World Wrestling Entertainment. In short…he is a McMahon. Shane McMahon made his television debut as an announcer on Sunday Night HEAT in 1998, but the allure of a career in the ring and loyalty to his father quickly took him away from the announcer’s table and at Mr. McMahon’s side. Much of the highlights during the famous rivalry between Mr. McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin also involved Shane who was seemingly always there to get his father’s back. When Austin drove to the ring in a beer truck, Shane was right there by Mr. McMahon’s side as the two were sprayed by the beer hose in one the most famous moments in RAW history. As Shane’s role in WWE developed, so did his abilities in the ring and his efforts paid off with some of the most memorable matches in WWE history in which Shane-O-Mac seemingly defied the limits of human endurance by putting his body to the test time after time. He jumped off of metal poles on to the Big Show and in another match he took several slams into a glass window by Kurt Angle—finally shattering the glass. Perhaps Shane’s most memorable role was as co-owner of the WCW/ECW alliance along with his sister, Stephanie. The ensuing battles between the male McMahons became legendary and their match at WrestleMania X-Seven was not only the first father/son match in WrestleMania history but considered one of the top WrestleMania matches of all time. When Mr. McMahon was successful in squashing the invasion and keeping WWE, Shane stayed away from the ring for some time…until he was called to action to defend his family honor. When Kane unleashed his inner monster and targeted WWE CEO Linda McMahon with a tombstone piledriver, Shane returned to WWE to seek revenge and the result was a rivalry like none other. Shane’s match with Kane at Unforgiven 2003 featured a drop from the top of the Titantron by Shane that missed and led to Kane’s victory in the Last Man Standing Match. That battle ended in Kane’s favor but the war continued and is still producing legendary results.

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