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Seb Charleswood

NAME: Seb Charleswood
HOMETOWN: Ottawa,Canada
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
WEIGHT: 240 lbs
FINISHER: The Crib Out (Crossface), The G Code (Test Drive)
ENTRANCE: "Get Low" by Lil Jon
Position: Wrestler
Rper Achievments: I.C (4x), European, Hardcore (4x), Tag Team (3x), Flyweith, Cruiserweith (2x), U.S, Canadian, X, Mix Tag Team, Superstar of the Week
Bio: Could Seb Charleswood be better than last time? We sure would like to find out. Seb Charleswood aka Seb Da Gangsta joined WWE with a awesome debut, by joining Konnan and Booker T has The Lunatics. And didn't take long to capture some gold around his waist. Seb held the Cruiserweith and The Hardcore at the same times. But being has the hardcore champ didn't really last long because of the 24/7 rules. Since Seb won the Cruiserweith title no one could stop him. He held the cruiserweith title till wwe closed down. He had some memorial matches in his young carrer, including TLC match, Cage, street fight and alot more. But one of his best match was with Ric Flair, which he beat him. But Now... Seb joined back wwe, and took out is gangster name, and put is real name Seb Charleswood. Seb looks bigger than ever, he gain 20 pounds so he could reach the heavyweights. But now without Konnan and Booker T, could Seb capture some golds? Or will he just go down and not being the best he use to be?

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