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The Rock

NAME: The Rock
HEIGHT: 6' 5"
WEIGHT: 260 lbs
FINISHER: Rock Bottom, People's Elbow
ENTRANCE: "If Ya Smelllll"
Position: Wrestler
RPer Achievments: Longest Consecutive Victories (8 matches), Quickest time to earn Undisputed Championship within Debut (3 weeks)
Bio: The Rock was the very first record breaker as he won eight consecutive matches on his debut back in mid February 2003, then three weeks later he became the undisputed champion just within three weeks of his debut. The Rock still holds both of these records and waits for them to be beaten, and the only man to break them is the only chosen one, the great one THE ROCK. However rock had many good times but also had to cope with difficult time’s as well. On his first ppv defence against Kurt Angle and Anti-Steel during Wrestlemania 19 he unfortunately lost his title to Anti-Steel. However The Rock felt that he was screwed by Vince McMahon and was furious. To add even more insult rock was brutally beaten and put out for action for seven months The Rock is back and earning for revenge, will he gain his revenge? Has he forgotten his grudge against Vince McMahon? Do the fans still believe he’s the people’s champion? Only time will tell. But one thing for sure is that the rock has returned and is ready to whoop some ass, and he guran-dam-tees that he will make sure that once he’s finished with you, he will make sure that you can smell what the rock is cookin!

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