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NAME: Goldberg
HEIGHT: 6' 4"
WEIGHT: 283 lbs
FINISHER: Jackhammer
ENTRANCE: "Goldberg's"
Position: Wrestler
RPer Achievments: WWE Extreme European champion, WWE VS WCW 2X World Champion, 1X Intercontinental, WWEA 1X World, 1X Tag Team/Sting,1x I.C. WWEP 1X Hardcore
Bio: If you don’t “believe the hype,” it’s time to rethink your strategy. Goldberg has not only arrived in WWE Extreme, but his intensity, brute strength, and savage hunger for victory have made him every bit the phenomenon he was when he competed for the WWE War vs WCW Efed as he became one of the best rper in that fed. His career began with a legendary undefeated streak from 2002 January in WWE Attitude Efed to 2002 December when the fed closed down all that that included a victory over HHH for the WWE World Attitude Title at a Pay Per View Called Fully Loaded in July… and winning the WWE Attitude Tag Team Belts with his Partner Sting. Goldberg started a feud with his tag Partner Sting as Goldberg turned heel as he gave a vicious beating to Sting after loosing the tag titles, Goldberg. Goldberg then slowly got driven down as he became heel, but as soon as Goldberg came Face again in October he won the Intercontinental title of Slayer and then joined a stable called NOW for about I month before the fed closed down. Well as the fed closed down in December he Joined another fed which was called WWE Pain Efed where it opened in January, Goldberg took no Time and space going after a another title as he won the Hardcore Belt and also won the World Title but got screwed by the owner and then had a feud with him at a Pay per View Called Carnage as Goldberg felt he nothing left for him to do in WWE Pain as the Owner was a Son Of a bitch. So Goldberg in August joined WWE Extreme that he is current enjoying roleping for as he the European Champion and came third in the Chamber Match at a ppv called Warfare so what’s Next for Goldberg!!!

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