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Dawn Marie

NAME: Dawn Marie
HOMETOWN: Victoria, Texas
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
WEIGHT: 120 lbs
FINISHER: Too Hot (Bitch Slap)
ENTRANCE: "Stunt 101" by G-Unit
Position: Diva
RPer Achievments: 1 Time Womens Champ WWE Inc.
Bio: This currently single lady has done everything from modeling to mail order posters. Having worked the independent circuits like the PCW, AWC, and MCW, she has finally graduated to the ECW. Since her arrival to the big time she has pretty much struck me as being an 'airhead' who thinks she's really cute. Case in point - during the Hardcore Heaven PPV in May 1999 Dawn headed for the ring while Lance had to restrain her from walking out in the audience. It seems that Dawn had too much on her little mind and forgot to put her panties on. Of course Lance hammed it up for the cameras while he stood in front of Dawn who giggled the whole time she was putting them on. After the demise of the ECW there was little news on what she was doing, until May 30, 2002 when she made her debut in the WWE as a paralegal at Vince's law firm. She quickly scored points with Vince by showing plenty of T&A and showing great interest in the owner of the WWE.

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