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NAME: Coach
HEIGHT: Unknown
WEIGHT: Unknown
ENTRANCE: "Rollin" by Limp Bizkit
Position: Staff
RPer Achievments: UnKnown
Bio: To some he is known simply as Coach, to others he his known as the cocky young announcer for Sunday Night HEAT who has made a regular habit of putting down J.R. and aspiring to replace him as the lead announcer for RAW. Call him what you want, but Jonathan Coachman’s powerful voice and unique insight into the excitement that is World Wrestling Entertainment makes him one of the brightest young announcers to ever hold a WWE microphone. In the beginning, he was a lovable, enthusiastic young reporter who would often find a way to entertain WWE fans with his antics during interviews with Superstars such as The Rock. While The Rock would accuse Coachman of some rather lewd activities with farm animals or make him sing in front of millions of viewers, Coachman held his ground firmly and never shied away from an interview. His courage with the microphone led to a stint as the co-host of Excess with Trish Stratus and ultimately his current spot as the voice of HEAT. Coachman’s career took a turn during SummerSlam 2003 when he shocked everybody and sided with Eric Bischoff during Bischoff’s match with Shane McMahon. The move led to a change of attitude for Coachman and he instantly began a crusade against J.R., the King, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. He is still the voice of HEAT, but if Jonathan Coachman has it his way, he will soon be heard a lot more often!

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