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Johnny Chaos

NAME: Johnny Chaos
HOMETOWN: Kansas City, KS
HEIGHT: 6'3"
WEIGHT: 235 lbs
FINISHER: The Chaotic Frog Splash
ENTRANCE: "My Way" by Limp Bizkit
Position: Wrestler
Titles Held:None RPer Achievments: Click Here
Bio:Johnny has worked his whole life to be a Pro Wrestler. His life long dream was to be a WWE Superstar some day. That may still be his dream but until then he is taking some twists and turns to get thier by going through other federations. His professional career started in Extreme Wrestling Enteratinment. He became the 1st Extreme X-Core Champion. He was only able to defeend it once before the fed sht down. After the EWE was shut down he went to some International Wrestling Organizations. It was in Austraila where he was noticed by the Ower of Xtreme World Wrestling Dave Wilson. He tried XWW for awhile but it didn't work out. Then he went to BnG but that didn't last long neither. After a few more months of training he went to WWE Revenge. He was there for awhile but left after he was screwed out of the World Title. He then went to the Alliance Wrestling Order. He sadly recieved and injury on his 1st match and was then released. After he recovered from his injury he went on with his life and then found the Extreme Underground Federation. He joined it but it was closed down. After many bad luck with feds closing down or not staying long his career has not been good yet. He went back into some international Wrestling when he was approached by Shane after one of his matches. Shane told him he was the new SmackDown General Manager of the reopened WWE and asked him to join. So here he is trying 1 more time. Maybe this time He will last in this Fed and we shall see if he makes something happen this time.

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