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Ben Ferguson

NAME: Ben Ferguson
HOMETOWN: Australia
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
WEIGHT: 232 lbs
FINISHER: AnkleLock; Olympic Slam
MANAGER: Paul Heyman Position: Wrestler
RPer Achievments: eWa National Champion (x1), WWE Revenge Intercontinental Champion (x1), wWw United States Champion (x1)
Bio: Ben, has over come odds, in the 2000 olympic he won an olympic gold medal with a brocken neck, ever since joining feds Ben has also been on a role, he has only been feding for about 2 months and has a record in aWo as 6-3-0, eWa 1-0-0, wWw 4-3-0 and WWE Revenge 3-0-0 all up he has a 14-3-0 record. Now is in the wwe-fed with his team called the Team Tec Wrestlers... along with Charlie Hass, Sharlton Benjamin and his manager Paul Heyman

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