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Steve Austin

NAME: Stone Cold Steve Austin
HOMETOWN: Victoria, Texas
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
WEIGHT: 252 lbs
FINISHER: Stone Cold Stunner
ENTRANCE: "Glass Shatters" by Disturbed
Position: Wrestler
RPer Achievments: Click Here
Bio: Stone Cold was the very 1st superstar to join WWE E FED back in August of 2002. You would think he would be loyal to Vince since he was the 1st superstar but that obviously wasn't the case. Austin defeated Triple H at Unforgiven to win the WWE Title for the 1st time. Vince showed how much he hated Austin by Susspending him so he couldn't compete in the Chamber that crowned the 1st Undisputed Champion at Armagedon. Austin went on to WrestleMania XIX and took the World Title from HHH making it the 2nd time Austin took a Heavyweight title from the Game. The at Backlash Austin did the unthinable. He joined up with HHH so he would help him defeat and destroy Anti-Steel to become the 2nd Undisputed Champion in WWE History. The Power Trip took over in WWE until it came to an end at King of the Ring. Few short months later in August of 2003 WWE Extreme was opened. Austin was once again the 1st star to join. this time Vince was unable to stop him from competing in the Chamber that crowned the 1st World Champion. That match was at WarFare and Austin won it when it came down to him and his Tag Partner Brock. they seem to be kool for now but with Brock being the person he is deffending at Chaos we shall see how kool they really are. After awhile WWE Extreme was closed. A Month after WWE Extreme was closed WWE E FED was remade. Vince put Austin as a Co-GM of RAW. Why would Vince give his arch Rival this Power? Who knows all that we know now is that Austin has authority over RAW who knows what could happen!!

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