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I Got this layout from a friend. Take it if u want what do i care. Just read the roleplay!!!!! 

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DATE }- June 8th, 2003
ROLEPLAY TITLE }- Going To A Cinema
CURRENT MATCH }- Austin vs. rock
LOCATION }- Arena Here
WIN/LOSS/DRAW }- 6 - 1 - 1

..::(The cameras come back on as Stone Cold is in his limo. The limo then stops in front of a movie theater. Stone Cold gets out as the limo drives off. He walks into the theater as everyone smiles as they see him. He walks over to a clerk.)::..

| Stone Cold | Yeah I will like one ticket to see Scorpion King.

| Clerk | I am sorry sir that move is no longer out.

| Stone Cold | Don't you guys keep all your movies somewhere in the theater.

| Clerk | Usually why?

| Stone Cold | Say if I cough up some dough will you go get it so I can watch it?

| Clerk | Sir it is against school policy.

| Stone Cold | Oh really.

..::(Austin reaches into his pocket and pulls out one hundred dollars. The clerk still has a firm look on his face. Austin pulls out to more of them. Still the clerk has a hard look on. Austin then takes too more out and slides them to the clerk.)::..

| Clerk | I will have everything set up for you in less then 30 minutes. You can go to the arcade right over there or get some food.

..::(The clerk walks away as Austin makes his way over to the arcade. Austin then grabs a five out of his wallet and puts it in the change machine. He grabs the 20 quarters and walks over to a South Park pinball machine. He puts two quarters in it. He then begins to play. He begins to rack up points as little boys walks over to watch him go. He then loses his three balls and looks at all the boys. He then hands them all some quarters and leaves the arcade. Austin then walks over to the snack counter.)::..

| 2nd Clerk | Can I help you?

| Stone Cold | yeah I will take a large popcorn, large beer and some butterfingers.

| 2nd Clerk | Sir there is no beer aloud in the theater.

| Stone Cold | What?!?

| 2nd Clerk | There is no beer in the theater?

| Stone Cold | Whatcha Talking About?

| 2nd Clerk | SIR THERE IS NO BEER!

| Stone Cold | Well damn you don't have to be a jackass about it. Just give me a large sprite.

..::(The clerk gets the stuff for Steve. Austin then walks over to the theater that says closed. He walks in and the clerk is there.)::..

| Clerk | The movie will be starting soon.

| Stone Cold | Can you hold it off for a second I have to go to the bathroom.

| Clerk | Yeah no problem.

..::(Steve puts his stuff down then walks out. He then walks into the boys room and begins going to the bathroom. Just then someone walks in. They walk over to a stall a few away from Steve and begin to go. Austin finishes then walk over to the sink. Then the other guy walks over and it is Shane McMahon.)::..

| Shane | Hey Steve what are you doing here?

| Stone Cold | Watching the Scorpion King.

| Shane | That movie is still in theaters... huh. I just finished watching The Matrix Reloaded. That movie was kick ass.

| Stone Cold | You busy?

| Shane | No not really.

| Stone Cold | Want to watch The Scorpion King with me. I have butterfingers, popcorn, they wouldn't allow me any beer.

| Shane | Why the hell not. What theater?

| Stone Cold | The closed one.

| Shane | Let me go get a drink then I will be in.

..::(They leave the restroom and Austin walks into the theater again. In just a few minutes Shane walks into the theater. Shane has a huge cooler with him. He sits next to Steve and opens it up. It has beer in it. Steve then grabs his sprite.)::..

| Stone Cold | The hell with this.

..::(Austin then throws the drink on the floor and lets it roll all the way down. They then crack open a beer as the movie starts. The beginning scene where The Rock says his brother is playing.)::..

| Stone Cold | Now you see that? The only clever thing he can say is boo. If you want to see how a real actor acts Shane then you should watch Nash Bridges. Now that took talent and sk What?!? I said it took talent and skill.

| Shane | I can't believe they chose him. But it shows you how dedicated he was to WDW. Leaving the federation to go make a movie. Now you see they don't even think they should trust him. Assassin. Ha more like just an Ass.

| Stone Cold | HA, HA! That was a good one Shane. And them trusting The Rock to do anything for them is just a bunch of BS. I mean who would trust someone with that kind of hair. I mean he look like a little bitch/

..::(The movie continues until it shows The Rock in the sand with the dorky guy.)::..

| Shane | Look at that. He is almost over his head. But he will be over his head come this Monday right.

| Stone Cold | Oh Hell Yeah. He is going to get his ass kicked. Oh and look at that the dorky guy gets away and The Rock is still there. Ah you see that biting ants isn't healthy.

| Shane | See Steve watch this. He gets help form the dorky guy in the movie so don't be surprised if he has someone attack you right before you’re about to win.

..::(The movie continues and they keep dissing the rock. Then the movie ends and they get up. They have finished all the popcorn, beer, and candy. They then leave the theater and get into Shane's limo. They then drive to KFC and go inside. They both order some chicken. They then get it and sit down at a table. They begin to eat and talk.)::..

| Stone Cold | Good why did I pay that much money to watch a movie that sucky. That was the first rock movie I saw and it will be the only. It should've been the only he did.

| Shane | You got that right. Now there is suppose to be another one coming out with him and Shawn Williams Scott. The only good thing about it is Shawn Williams Scoot. He makes all his movies funny.

| Stone Cold | I can't believe that The Rock actually thinks he is going to win this Monday. He runs his mouth about this and that. All he is really saying is I am going to win but he is saying it about 30 different ways. After he gets done sucking on his thumb in his house in Miami and brings his ass into the ring he will find out what an ass kicking is like. And if he thinks I am going to take it easy on him because he was out on injury for three week Eh-Eh! Stone Cold is going to stomp a mud hole in his ass and walk that Sum Bitch DRY! And that the bottom-line cause Stone Cold said so!

..::(Austin then eats more chicken with Shane and keep laughing. The cameras fade out.)::..

OOC: Here is my 2nd rp. Not to long but it will do. The next one will be up tomorrow hopefully.