FINAL Update for December 08, 2002

Hello. I am gonna make this short and sweet.

I am pulling the plug on this site.

I've had this site for 6 months and, as of right now, its just not worth it. My site hasn't had exposure, I haven't recieved ONE email since I started. No one has read the Florida Journals. Bascially, people just see the start page and then leave. Only 8 people have read the Florida Journals since I posted them back in September. 8! EIGHT!!! What's the point of having a website if no one is gonna read it? These 6 months have been a BIG HUGE GIANT WASTE OF TIME!!! Even though I'm pulling the plug you wouldn't have cared anyway since you DON'T EVEN VISIT MY WEBSITE!!!!

Sometimes, myself, I wonder why I even bothered to create a website. And, a website about profesional wrestling. There's billions upon billions of professional wrestling websites and they all have better luck than I do. And those sites have a purpose: wrestling news, wrestling photos, tributes to wrestlers. What is my website? A fan site?

And the site itself is not great. The design is crappy, the photos never fit. I write about stuff no one will care about (like the Florida Journals). NO WONDER NO ONE VISITS MY SITE!!!!!!

My target audience, professional wrestling fans, have YET to see my website. The only people that see my website are people with PORN sites. I get IM's from people everyday asking me to see their porn sites. Not from someone saying "Hey, nice site." or "I like your reviews." I thought the retro pay-per-view rants would get the most hits but the fucking start page gets the MOST HITS!!! THE FUCKING START PAGE!!!! THAT'S BAD!!! It means no one enters this page!

No matter what I do, no matter how much advertising I do, the moment people see the start page they will turn away because ITS JUST SO DAMN GROSS!!! And there's nothing I can do about it since Angelfire was the only site that would host me for free and I can't get Microsoft Frontpage 2000.

I should have picked another topic than wrestling. The moment I signed on to Angelfire I knew I was in tough, VERY TOUGH, competiton. Professional wrestling is one of the biggest keywords on search engines and with good reasons. And they're much better than my site.

This has taken alot of my time since I started it and it's not something I'm proud of.

I may regret this someday, but I will stop updating this site. I may come back so that's why I'm not deleting my account. But, it may be a while before I post again.

Autosurfing is a bitch and start page exchanges really suck. My computer has frozen an average of 50 times a day since I started auto surfing and this little rinky-dinky website isn't a good reason to destroy my computer over. I've stopped having fun working on this website as it has become a chore. I no longer expect emails and that's a good reason not to continue with this website anymore. I usually just get it out of the way before I surf on the internet.

I always wanted to have a website where thousands of people would visit it everyday and I would get emails from people in the form of feedback like Scott Keith or RD Reynolds or The Smartmarks. Didn't happened. My website has yet to recieve the audience I envisioned and that's why I want to end it.

If you would like me to go on send me an email at convincing me to stay. Although I doubt it since hardly anyone sends me feedback on this site anyway.

I maybe back. I may move to a better hosting server than Angelfire though. But not now, right now, I just want to stay away from making wrestling websites.

Maybe I'll do a website on something else. Maybe I'll do a website on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Once I get my other VCR fixed that is (if I ever do).

And so I close out this FINAL Update (maybe) with this:


-I'm gone.