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(The XHW crowd is on there feet at this house show as the show is about midway over with but has been very exciting so far. They have seen many high flying action matches and some slow paced power filled matchups. The fans have seen many new faces that have not yet been on television yet, but are slowly making there way through the ranks. Realizing that one of them might be the next great wrestler of their time. All of a sudden the lights turn black as all that can be seen are the flashbulbs lighting up the arena for a short period of time before static is heard and the tron becomes very fuzzy. The crowd is very confused as the lights hit once again as well as the tron becomes clear once again. There is a man on the screen sitting in the locker room bench wearing black jeans, boots, and a black XWE t-shirt. The man has short black hair covered by a Chicago White Sox hat that is on backwards and sunglasses covering his eyes. He is grinning at the camera as he slowly takes off his glasses and sets them down right next to him as the crowd goes silent wondering who he is and what he is doing.)

Unknown: Well...Well...Well look at this large crowd we have here. This is very intresting. You see I have been working the Indy circuit for a long time and I'm not really used to seeing this many people. Hell I'm not used to even used to seeing 500 people. But I am getting used to it seeing as I've been working these house shows for about a month, and now you are another crowd of the very few who have seen me. How silly of me I haven't even introduced myself. You see I am Wraith the best prospect this company has. Now I know you are probably wondering why haven't I come out there to talk to all of you. Well I'll tell you. You see I wouldn't be caught dead in a dump like that. The arena has the offensive odor to it that makes me gag everytime I take a breath in. Don't you people ever bathe? Is it to much for me to ask that you people do that once in awhile I mean it only takes 15 minutes out of your days, and by looking at your guts it doesn't seem like you do a whole lot anyways.

(The whole arena is filled with boos as Wraith just sits on the bench laughing. The crowd is still looking at the tron though as all eyes are still on Wraith.)

Wraith: There I think I have your attentions now! Now I know most of you don't even have a high school education, but you can atleast follow this order of listening. Now you see all that about being the select few seeing me is about to change. You see I finally am going to have my break in this business and have my first televised match this Sunday against some chump named DGNR8. Now I don't know much about this guy, but I guess its pretty obvious that he is a nobody. Anybody who can't spell danger or dangerous but has to use abbreviations for his name we already know is just bound to move down the ladder until he disappears. He even needs a number in his name to act cool. He could be the next punk musician with such hits as sk8 boy! What the hell is the world coming to now adays. This guy is to busy worrying about his looks and his image, I'm sure, then his wrestling, and that is a mistake. I'm going to take advantage of his mistake and pound him on the ground on both of our first televised matches. A match that will either make or break both of our careers because first impressions are the key to success. Why don't you people write that down it might come in useful at your fast food, minimum wage jobs!

(The crowd seems furious with this man and continue to hiss and boo at him yet everyone is in there seats waiting for what else he will say next. The looks on most of their faces, though, show disgust because they can't believe what he has been saying.)

Wraith: You all know that it is true. Why don't you people just face that facts and the music and just trust me when I tell you these things. Just accept the facts without having those looks on your face. I'm trying to help all of you guys out in life and if DGNR8 was smart he would listen to all of this to because after Sunday he is going to be right next to all of you at the unemployment line because lets face it DGNR8 you made a career choice. It's too late now to change it you came to far in, but guess what? I may help you. I'll put you on disability leave so you can look for another job, though, I don't know how many people would be willing to hire someone like yourself. I mean you clearly don't seem to have that much education behind you and this business, lets face it, isn't helping. I wish I would of been able to meet you earlier so I could stop you from making that terrible desicion to become a wrestler. You clearly don't have the drive to become great. You are nothing more than a stepping stone for me to climb on to move through the ranks. That's all I see you as and nothing more. You are the same to me as all these people. I don't care about any of you and I feel no emotions for any of you, either. So if you got hurt DGNR8 I wouldn't care. I would probably smile and laugh as you lay there with a glazed look in your eyes and the pain expressed in the rest of your face.

(Wraith stands up from the wooden bench and stretches a little bit putting back on his glasses as he continues to smirk at the camera and the booing crowd. He sits back down adjusting his hat a little bit before speaking once again.)

Wraith: DGNR8 your time is almost up. I will make a lasting impression on you and everyone that sees our match. I can bet you that. I can feel the gold in my reach and you are my first stop in accomplishing that gold. I have worked my whole life to get to where I am now, and no one will stop my dream from getting accomplished, especially you. I just wanted you to be aware of what I can do. Now I have a long flight ahead of me so I best be on my way! Now why don't you people enjoy the show by these men who arent even close to my talent...enjoy.

(Wraith smirks as he stands up once again and leaves the camera view as the tron fades to black. The crowd is left in awe and disgust as two mens music hits and the crowd gets on their feet for another action pact match forgetting all about what Wraith said...for now.)