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The Gates TO Hell
November 28th Friday (Bell Time 7:30)


(Scene: There is a full house tonight at the Colusim. The lights go out and every body gets really quit almost could hear a pin drop. Then BOOM a big ball of fire from the stage comes out and a bunch of stobe lights. And they here this song everyone thinks it's a match already.)

................................................ ......................

The Prez: Ok listen up you cheap poor povrity people. You just entered yourself into the Gates of Hell. And what a Hell of a night we have planned for you. But let me start of and let you know something. So all you fat ladies go get your nachos so your husband can watch some of these ladies they can jerk off to.

(Scene: The music goes out and the lights also again. And then there is a pause then a really bright light comes from the stage and fades out. Then there is a white wall with a white lite behind it and you can see a women figure is on the otherside of the wall. The guys start to get really loud and start to cheer.)

The Prez: Like I said Ladies and Gentlemen get ready for you one hell of a nite look at these 2 beauties walking down the Aisle right now. Ladies don't worry you man will only think about these 2 while your screwing.

(Scene: The music and lights stop and John Cena comes over the big screen.)

John Cena: Yo prez, or is it chedder or chez. You twisted fool your stickin me in a match by myself. Don't worry when I am done with them I am gonna come after you with a belt. I hate you and you have a funny smell. So get ready as I go for the world title belt. After I beat these 2 stupied monkies. I am gonna come back with some more raps that are funky.

The Prez: Well John Cena I know they could use u as a Bum securitary. Suckin on both of your bums berrys. Because mess with me and I will rob u unlike the tooth fairy. So get ready for something u started that's gonna be scary. But anyways with that guy that someone hired Everybody get ready because this is a start of hell. I am gonna let you leave the waiting room to hell and enter the Gates of Hell.

(Scene: Spotlight in the middle of the ring and a guy with a mic is sitting there.)

Guy in the Ring AKa The Comintader: Lets Get Ready to Ruummmmmmbbbblllllllleeee.

Hardcore Match

Ravishing Rick Rude Vs Ice Z

(Scene: Ravishing Rick Rude is called to the ring his entrance music starts. No body walks out is it true that he is dead everyone thinks. So the start the music 1 more time. Then all the sudden he comes out of no where with his robe and 1 of his diva's. He gets into the ring and ask for a mic)

Rick Rude: Kill the music. You stupied people look at me. I am the best thing your eyes ever seen. Here watch as I show you what you fat ass couch potatos could be.

(Scene: Before Ravishing Rick Rude could finish his speach Ice Z comes from the crowd and brings a chair with him.)

Ding Ding Ding

Rick Rude didn't know what was going on and then SMACK Ice hit him in the head with a steel chair. Then Ice Z grabs a Mic.

Ice Z: Well Mr super model girlie man. Look at me a little boy your would say that just whopped your ass. I ain't gonna pin you because I am gonna brutalise you. Then I am gonna take your women out to eat.

The match starts back off by Ice Z Grabbing Rick rude by the hair and standing him up. He runs across the ring bounces off the ropes comes back jumps in the air looks to do something like a frankenstiener. Rude conters by grabbing Ice Z by the legs and Power Bombs him. Rude stands up goes to grab the steel chair and Z is still unconsious. Rude picks the chair up and walks over to z and lays it on his knee. Jumps in the air amd lands onto the chair. Does it abour 4 or 5 times before he puts Z leg into the chair. Rude goes to the top rope to jump onto the chair to do more damage to the knee. Z grabs the bag of thumb tacks and while Rude is in the air slings them at Rude and moves out the way as rude lands on the tacks will the puncture his skin. But it really didn't face Rude. Rude Stands up while Z kinda laggers up. Rude must be in this endrillen rush or something. But he is so into it he dosn't relize Z has something in his hand. Z turns around and hit Rude with this forigen object and knocks him out. He sets him up for the Freezer. And it all goes threw but Z dosn't think that's enough. Goes back and does the freezer again. Then he puts Rude in Setting Fire. And goes to pin him 1...2.....3

Winner: Ice Z

Handicap Match

Randy Orton & RVD vs John Cena

(Scene: RVD & Randy Orton walk out to the ring knowing there bout to bash some heads. John cena comes out to the ring with one of his new raps but no body can here him)

The match starts out with RVD and John Cena going straight for each other. And John cena still mumbling something. RVD throws him against the ropes he comes back he boots cena in the face. Cena still on the ground mumbling something. Orton goes over to Cena to pick him up to put him in a move. And when he picks him up he turns to rvd and they both double shoulder block RVD. And orton and Cena jump rvd. Orton gets on the mic and says cena was saying RVD your bought to get jumped. So cena and orton leave the ring saying RVD don't F*** with this.

Winner: Cena and Orton


15 man Royal Rumble

*U.S. Title Match*

ultimo's music hits he yaunts and gets in the ring undertaker walks down to the ring he runs and clothlines ultimo and chokeslams him on the mat and tosse's him out da ring tripleh comes from behind and low blows taker and pedigrees him and throws him to the turnbuckle the model runs to the ring and ddt's hhh and powerbombs taker the rock runs straight down the ring and sumoin drops hhh and rock bottoms the modle and throws him out the ring raven runs down the ring and raven ddt's taker and the rock and chris angel runs right out the ring cloth line severyone in the ring and throws hhh out the ring!!!!!!!!!! big mike runs to the ring with a chair and nails the rock nails taker and throws the rock out and drop kicks taker out the ring and throws chris angel out the ring raven ddt's him and throws him out the ring djwalker walks down the ramp and faces raven and punches him death angel runs out the ring and tosses dj out the ring suddenly jeffhardy kane bret heart and kane all run out the ring and jumps raven raven throws jeffhardy out austin stunners kane bret heart drop kicks austin and kicks him austin reverses and stunners bret and throws him out bret is eleminated kane gets hit out the ring oko runs out the ring but austin throws him out raven and austin raven ddt's austin austin stunners raven and throws his fac eon the turnbuckle raven gets the chair in the ring and misses austin and hits the ropes and hits him self austin stunners him again and raven gets up and ddt's and stunners takes austins own move and throws austin out the ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the winner of the


royal rumble is raven!

Crowned New Us Champ: Raven




Coming Soon...


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