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(It's 7:30pm Eastern time and there is a Full House here in the South View High Gym here in Fayetteville NC. Doing a advertisment tour for the Fed.)

::The prez has the mic in his hand with a exciting face looks like he gonna tell us something great::


The Prez : Ok Ok everyone Shutup!!! (The Crowd boos him) What ever those boos I got some hell I am gonna raise. Do ya'll want me to raise some hell. You will find out the decisions I make when I am mad. But I got a major announcment for ya'll. As bring the major hell I do bring out of no where. This one is even better. Some hell for the US Championship belt on PPV This Friday at 7:00pm Eastern Time. Called the gates to Hell. But what makes it better is it's a 20 man royal rumble. Just to get some gold out there for ya'll. And I will be throwing a couple of matchs in here and there. But the one I am going to throw in there is a match to give some hell RVD & Randy Orton VS John Ceta in a handicap. That little rapper gonna rap him sum huh dawg. or puppy. Don't be scared to talk some shit but be ready to get it back here. Let the games begin gentlemen. And start rping for that US title. I don't no bull crap rp now. Give it your hardest or you will be left retarded. But coming from the true royalty don't mess with me. Or you will get screwed.


::Drops the mic and raises out of the ring with a rope::