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Roleplay 9

WWE Desire's John Cena

Scene One

The Phone Call

Location: Hotel Room, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Date: 11.08.2003; 12:00PM CDT

John Cena is sitting on the couch in his hotel room in Montreal as the scene opens, flippin' through the phone book. He appears to be lookin' through the phone book for possible locations where Giant and The Cold Blooded could be holding Babz hostage. Cena picks up a picture frame off the side table. The photo is of him with his arms around Babz, standing with their backs to the ocean. Cena sighs somewhat sadly and sets the picture back down.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: I miss you so much baby...

Just then, at a convenient time (like always), Cena's phone rings. He picks it up and answers with an extremely hollow, tired, and empty tone to his voice.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Yo...

][ Maniacal Bastard ][ Giant Tiger ][ :: Hello John...you sound in a good mood today.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: The hell do you want?

][ Maniacal Bastard ][ Giant Tiger ][ :: Well, the question is, what do you want? Because I've got Babz right here next to me, and as a man of fairness, I'm willing to allow you to talk to her for fifteen minutes. Not a second longer. Are you interested?

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Jus' shaddup and give her 'da phone.

][ Maniacal Bastard ][ Giant Tiger ][ :: Time starts now!

A few seconds of silence and some shuffling sounds are heard. Then, in a quiet and tired voice, Babz begins to speak.

][ Queen of Xtreme ][ Babz ][ :: Hey John .. how are you? Guess this means Giant has an ounce of compassion in him?

Cena disregards Babz's question, speaking with a clearly worried yet slightly relieved tone in his voice.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Yo..you okay baby? What they doin' to you?

][ Queen of Xtreme ][ Babz ][ :: I'm fine .. they're not doing much .. Giant keeps trying to hit on me, but I suppose that's how it is everyday anyway .. how are you holding up?

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: How ya' think I'm holding up? Chasin' 'round tryin' to find ya'...I'm obviously assumin' you can't tell me where ya' are?

][ Queen of Xtreme ][ Babz ][ :: To be honest, I'm not sure where the hell I am at the moment .. but .. umm ..

Babz's voice drops to barely above a whisper.

][ Queen of Xtreme ][ Babz ][ :: Was .. was it worth it?

Cena speaks in a confused tone.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Was..what worth it?

][ Queen of Xtreme ][ Babz ][ :: Was it worth the fifty thousand?

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Oh...I get it...how much of what happened did that "compassionate" bastard show ya' huh?

][ Queen of Xtreme ][ Babz ][ :: Well, I know that you agreed to pay her $50k .. you left the bar with her and went to her hotel room .. and when you left the hotel room your shirt and your belt were undone ..

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: You want an explanation baby, or are you jus' gonna assume that what Giant showed ya' was the whole story?

][ Queen of Xtreme ][ Babz ][ :: Well .. I mean .. I'm assuming there's an explanation .. it's just .. he keeps making me watch that over and over .. and telling me that you don't care about what happened .. he keeps bringing up what happened in the past with Stephanie Bellers.. I mean she was the reason we broke up before I joined the Marines...and he also keeps trying to convince me to join The Cold Blooded .. and it's driving me out of my mind ..

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Well I'll set your mind at ease...baby, I don't know what Stephanie Bellars' game was. She told me she knew where you were..but that I'd have to pay her to find out. I agreed but she said she didn't wanna' tell me in the bar 'cos Giant was such a "powerful dawg" so she asked me back to the hotel. I shoulda thought better of it but I'd been drinkin'..ya' know how it is. Anyway..I got there and she threw herself at me, started messin' wit' my clothes..but someone's obviously watchin' out for us, 'cos I got an anonymous message tellin' me to get outta there...there's nothin' more to it, but she's up to somethin' baby. Believe me baby, you're the only thing in my life that matters to me right now. I need nothin' else, and Giant can try what he wants, but I'll never stop thinkin' bout you baby, and I hope you feel the same.

Babz is silent for a few seconds, and then takes a deep breath before continuing in a shaky voice.

][ Queen of Xtreme ][ Babz ][ :: I .. I know and you know that I feel the same way .. and I'm sorry for doubting you .. it's just .. I don't know how much longer I can hold up .. I'm trying, but I just don't know what to do ..

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: That's it baby...I don't care what it takes or what I have to go through, I'm not waitin' til Raw to get ya' back, I can beat Cold Blooded whether I focus on it or not. Right now, all that I want is to get you away from that manipulative bastard and his lil' cronies. I'll search every WWE location in the world if I have to, but he ain't gettin' away wit' this, not a chance.

][ Queen of Xtreme ][ Babz ][ :: No, John .. I'm sorry .. I think I can make it Monday .. you can't lose your focus on the match .. just please concentrate on that, and I'll stay strong and hold out until then. Please just focus on the match. I'm hoping I'll be joining you to kick their asses, but right now I'm not too sure about that...

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: How can I focus on 'da match knowin' that my problems wit' Giant and 'dis stupid Cold Blooded are forcin' you to suffer? You don't deserve 'dis, it's me that should be "abducted" by them if anyone. I can't focus on anythin' but you right now, no matter how hard I try.

][ Queen of Xtreme ][ Babz ][ :: You have to focus on it .. because if, or should I say when, you win at Raw, then Giant will let me go ..if not sooner... so .. instead of risking loss, just think of it as killing two birds with one stone. I can get through this .. I was just upset from that tape Giant showed me .. but now it's sorted out and I'm not going to let him try and turn me against you anymore .. so please .. just worry about the match. They haven't done anything to me, and I don't think they would dare try .. and if they do, I'll put up a hell of a fight over it.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: 'Dis is rippin' me apart baby so I dread to think what it must be like for you bein' stuck wit' Giant. I can't handle not knowin' where you are and what he's tryin' to do, I don't think I can wait 'til Monday to kick Cold Blooded's ass and take you back baby.

][ Queen of Xtreme ][ Babz ][ :: Don't worry about me John, I can take care of myself. Hey! Give that back!

Giant grabs the phone away from Babz.

][ Maniacal Bastard ][ Giant Tiger ][ :: Well John I hope you enjoyed that, but time's up now!

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Giant you son of a bitch, let her go!..Please!

][ Maniacal Bastard ][ Giant Tiger ][ :: I already told you. You win, I let her go. I'm a fair man. Anything else you want to say? I've got other important business to attend to.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Giant, you're wastin' your time holdin' her there, 'ya may as well let her go now. Ya' know why? Because on Monday Night, the fact that I win Babz back just adds to the ease with which I will beat the living hell outta' Cold Blooded to take the thing that rightfully belongs to me..Babz. That Giant, is what you should have learned when I beat Spazz on Thursday night, so in Montreal, Cena will take all, word..life..

][ Maniacal Bastard ][ Giant Tiger ][ :: Let her go now? No, I don't think so. The fun hasn't even started yet.

Before Cena has a chance to respond, the line goes dead signalling that Giant has hung up.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: DAMNIT!

Cena throws the phone down onto the ground and drops his head onto his hands as the scene fades.

Scene Two


Location: Molson Centre, Montreal, Quebec,Canada.

Date: 11.08.2003; 15:12PM CDT

The scene opens up as the camera is in the parking lot, awaiting the arrival of the superstars for Raw. As we watch, a classic sports car enters the parking lot. It is a two seated yellow Lambourghini, and it pulls into a parking space, just out of the camera's range for picking up who it is. The person steps out the car and heads towards the arena, and the camera picks up the fact that it is indeed the number one contender, John Cena! A round of cheers erupt from the capacity crowd in the Molson Centre, and Cena acknowledges it by raising the bullhorns as he enters the building. Cena smirks, entering the arena. As he does so, as if by magic, Michael Cole typically appears, and Cena doesn't even let Cole speak.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: What time is our appointment for a chat Michael?

][ Always Appearin' ][ Michael Cole ][ :: Um...3:30pm...

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Exactly, until then, fuck off!

Cena continues to walk, heading straight into his locker room. He sits down, clearly deep in thought, before turning to the camera.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: I've let Babz down. No matter what anyone tries to say, no matter what anyone thinks, I know I have. I've let her down in so many ways. First there was the Stephanie incident back in the day...man I regret that. Stupid was 'da word. Sure, I thought it was smart at the time, but I shouldn't have. Then, I leave her to get abducted by the Cold Blooded. I can't believe I left her like 'dat. I knew. I knew the Cold Blooded would try somethin' as an attempt to get into my mind, and it worked, and I let it happen. She'll try to deny it, but I'm partially responsible for that mess. Then if it wasn't for the guilt snap in my mind, I might have ended up losing control of myself with Stephanie Bellars. She tried to take advantage of me, and I was drunk, sure, but for a couple of seconds, I was enjoyin' myself. I'm not even goin' to deny it. Who knows what would have happened if it had gone any further? I dread to think....but tonight, I have my chance to make up for it all. This is my one opportunity to make up for all the stupid mistakes I've made, or at least take a big step towards it. Tonight, I get the chance to keep our undefeated record 'dat is rightfully ours, and take back the girl I love, before she's physically sick all over Dark Tiger and Giant's chat-up lines. Dark Tiger, you think we won't ever hold the WWE title and the women's title at the same time? I beg to differ, because it will happen. As for makin' Babz your "bitch", your impotent little self couldn't satisfy one quarter of Babz's needs. That's what you're slut Darkchyld is for, go try and pleasure her. But remember you need money, how much she charging you anyway? But I want you to know that you'll pay for what you've done and you'll pay for what you've said, and you'll do it by losin' your baby, the Championship belt, soon enough it'll belong to me. I have let Babz down before, but not this time. Tonight will be our night, a night for ruthless aggression and a night for Cold Blooded humiliation at the hands of me. Giant made another Cardinal sin in his plan by lettin' me talk to Babz, because knowin' how much she's hurting has given me the power to focus on the match and concentrate on makin' sure I end her heartache. She'll be hurtin' no more, when we leave Raw still undefeated, there'll be nothin' Giant or anyone else can do 'bout it, and I'll make sure that you never, ever try another stunt like 'dis again. It's 'dat simple Dark Tiger, I'm too much for ya', and tonight is my night to prove it. So Cold Blooded you get ready for the Ruthless Aggression that will be released upon you!

Cena checks his watch and gets up, heading out of the locker room. He heads back down the hall and sees Michael Cole waiting patiently for him.

][ Always Appearin' ][ Michael Cole ][ :: Right on schedule John.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Shut up.

][ Always Appearin' ][ Michael Cole ][ :: Point taken! Well Cold Blooded vs Cena, here tonight in Montreal. The question John, is this the night when you keep the perfect record that you and Babz have?

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Yo Cole-o...it is, without any doubt, I'll keep our record, in the form of the new kid on the block, John Cena. The Twin Tigers got lucky and won the tag titles, fair point. But on Raw, I'll show you jus' how painful I can be when I'm pissed. Smackdown, I was at 'bout 75% and I beat the livin' hell out of the Spazz. Tonight, I'll be at 100%, I'll have my A Game, and they simply won't be able to live wit' it. Whether it takes 3 minutes or 30 minutes, I'll walk out of Raw as the winner, weather Babz is with me or not, and thats a guarantee.

][ Always Appearin' ][ Michael Cole ][ :: Darkchyld has been very vocally abusive in her comments about DX, what are your comments on what sje has had to say?

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Ya' know Cole, she makes me feel physically sick. So the only way you can feel good about yourself is talkin' shit about a pregant woman, huh? Real big dawg, real big. You wouldn't win even if Angel was 9 months pregant, you suck, it's that simple, and if you tried somwthin wit' her, I'm sure Shawn Winters would take care of the situation. If not DX will, and if they're not around, I will. But of course I'll take care of you along with you're lil pussies Monday Night. You better hope to God Giant still has Babz by then because if not you're gonna be an a helleva lot of pain, if you think I'm pissed jus' you wait 'til Babz gets free. Word-Life!

Cena raises the bullhorns to Michael Cole as the scene fades.

Scene Three

Final Speech.

Location: Molson Centre, Montreal, Quebec,Canada.

Date: 11.08.2003; 16:42PM CDT

The scene re-opens with Jonathan Coachman and Jerry "The King" Lawler at ringside in the Molson Centre.

][ "Down Wit' Da' Brown ][ Jonathan Coachman ][ :: Hello and welcome to the Raw Pre-show, I'm the Coach standing in for Jim Ross who's having problems in the traffic, as the crowds flock to see the much anticipated rematch, John Cena gets his chance at members of Cold Blooded, here tonight in the Molson Centre! Alongside me is Jerry "The King" Lawler, what are your thoughts Jerry?

][ Pervert ][ Jerry Lawler ][ :: It's been a great time, JR can't even get to the arena, Angel and Darkchyld are both gonna' be here, what a night for the King!

Wasting little time, #So...You think you're untouchable?# strikes the PA system as the crowd stand and applaud John Cena, who makes his way to the ring.

][ "Down Wit' Da' Brown ][ Jonathan Coachman ][ :: Here comes the man who could be the next Hardcore Champion, King, John Cena!

][ Pervert ][ Jerry Lawler ][ :: He's not my favorite unless Babz is around!

][ "Down Wit' Da' Brown ][ Jonathan Coachman ][ :: Well that's hardly his fault!

Cena makes his way into the ring and takes the applause from the crowd, smirking as he takes a microphone.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Yo....gonna' get keep it short and sweet peeps, a little rap for ya' Twin Bitches..oh, and good luck tonight.

Yo, John Cena, feelin' 'da beat.

Gonna' keep 'dis short and sweet.

Yo Cold Blooded, you know Babz already beat Darkchyld one time.

But Cena & Babz go together like Lemon & Lime.

We have to be together, so after Monday, we will.

John Cena, Hardcore Champion, oh what a thrill.

Hey GT, ya' think 'dat you can make my girl moan?

The problem is GT, Over you Babz'd choose to be all on her own.

On Monday Night I beat ya' on my own, one-two-three.

And tonight I'll sting ya' like a mad killer bee.

Simple fact none of y'all have a hope.

I'll beat ya' so bad you'll hafta' resort to dope.

'Cos when you run into me tonight, I'll be like a brick wall.

I'll beat your candy ass all over Montreal!

John Cena walkin' through the curtains and headin' down the ramp.

By the time he walks back up he'll be wrestling champ!

That Cold Blooded, is a guarantee that you can take to the bank, you will not escape from Raw wit' da win, so students of thuganomics, prepare to see your thuganomic schooler become Hardcore Champion...word-life!

][ "Down Wit' Da' Brown ][ Jonathan Coachman ][ :: Will John Cena be the next Hardcore Champion? We'll find out in days to come!

][ Pervert ][ Jerry Lawler ][ :: Stephanie Bellars I heard is in the house, but who'll be drooling more, me, or Cena? You know he loves her Coach!

][ "Down Wit' Da' Brown ][ Jonathan Coachman ][ :: Well tonight, all that John Cena cares 'bout is Babz and the match, and he could win them both tonight! JR will be back shortly and I'll see you soon, good afternoon!

The scene fades and Cena smirks, raising the bullhorns before walking through the curtain and the scene heads to commercials.

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