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Roleplay 8

WWE Desire's John Cena

Scene One

The Way It All Went Down

Location: Bellars' Hotel Room, Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: 08.08.2003; 9:17AM CDT This is what you didn't see. This is what the cameras didn't show you. This is also an attempt to bring out the truth and clear John Cena's name in regards to what happened in Stephanie Bellars' hotel room. This is the way it all went down...

--The Previous Night--

Cena and Steph arrive at Steph's hotel room. Steph flips on a light switch and then leads Cena over to one of the beds. She tells him to sit down. One can tell, just from looking at him, that Cena is extremely drunk, but he is able to remember the reason why he came with Stephanie in the first place.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: So...I gave you the first $25k already...now how 'bout 'dat info on Babz's whereabouts?

][ Blonde Bombshell ][ Stephanie Bellars ][ :: Don't worry about that now...there's plenty of time for that later.

Stephanie sits down on the bed next to Cena and then puts one of her legs across his lap. Cena looks at her in confusion.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Yo...what's wrong? Your leg itch or somethin'?

Stephanie laughs and shakes her head. She pushes Cena back down onto the bed and kneels over the top of him. She smirks seductively.

][ Blonde Bombshell ][ Stephanie Bellars ][ :: You and I both know that the real reason you came to Vegas has nothing to do with Babz. You came here for me. Well, now you can get what you came for...

A slight grin crosses Cena's face as Stephanie moves her face down closer to his. But then something in his drunken mind clicks, and he throws Steph off of him and onto the bed. He stands up angrily and speaks, his speech slurred from the alcohol.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: No...I ain't...I ain't goin' 'dere...been 'dere, done 'dat...biggest mistake I ever made. You either got info on Babz or you don't...'dat's all I want...nothin' else.

][ Blonde Bombshell ][ Stephanie Bellars ][ :: Oh come on, John...I'ma part time showgirl, remember? I bet I could show you a really good time...

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Forget it...I'ma use 'da bathroom...too much to drink...y'know how it is...and then I'm outta here...

Cena turns and walks into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind him. Stephanie stretches out on the bed, laughing quietly to herself. A few moments later, the bathroom door re-opens and Cena stumbles out, with his belt and shirt undone. He walks over to the other bed in the room and sits down.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Whoa...think I had a bit too much to drink...I'm feelin' a bit dizzy...I'ma rest here for a minute 'til I stop seeing quadruple...then I'ma leave....

Within less than 5 minutes, Cena is passed out on the bed, in a deep sleep. Stephanie goes around the hotel room taking care of her other business. Eventually it is morning, and Stephanie has changed into a pink silk mini-robe. Cena wakes up and sits up in confusion as he takes in his surroundings. Then he clutches his head in pain.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: 'Dis is definitely 'da worst hangover I've ever had...I dunno what 'da hell I'm still doin' here...but I'm leavin'. You gonna gimme back 'dat $25k?

][ Blonde Bombshell ][ Stephanie Bellars ][ :: Sorry, no refunds.

Cena glares at a smirking Stephanie. He gets up and walks to the door as Stephanie follows. He exits the room as Stephanie stands in the doorway smiling.

][ Blonde Bombshell ][ Stephanie Bellars ][ :: Have a nice day John. It was nice spending the night with you.

Cena looks back at Steph in confusion, wondering what the hell she's talking about as he walks away.


There you have it...that's what happened...nothing more, nothing less. And that brings us up to the present time...

Scene Two

Heading Back To Montreal

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: 09.08.2003; 9:19AM CDT

The scene opens up just outside Stephanie Bellars' hotel room, as Stephanie is seen closing the door. Cena looks back at the door, shaking his head.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Stupid bitch...what 'da hell was 'dat all about? She's less showgirl...more hooker. Leadin' me on while I'm piss drunk an' sayin' she's got info 'bout Babz...then she takes me back to her hotel room an' she's all over me like white on rice. After I fought her off, I hadta use 'da bathroom...an' then I passed out 'til mornin'...Damn...frickin' whore. Good thing I only gave her half 'da money beforehand, else I'd be out fifty grand and I'd still be startin' from scratch on tryina find Babz. So I'm down $25k, an' 'da cost of 'da plane tickets to here from Ottawa an' then back to Montreal...and I still have no clue where 'da hell Giant Tiger has taken her...

Cena fixes his shirt and belt and then walks to the street corner. He flags down a taxi. The cab stops at the curb and Cena gets into the backseat.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Yo...I needa get to 'da airport...and pronto.

][ Taco Man ][ Cab Driver ][ :: Yes sir! Hey joo looks familiar...are joo from dee...dee...lucha libre...¿cómo se dice?...ahh sí! Dee wres-uh-ling?

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Uhh...if you're askin' if I'm from WWE...then yeah...

][ Taco Man ][ Cab Driver ][ :: Ah I lub 'dat show bery mucho! Dee girl you with...Bab-za...oh she is one hot lee-tle mama...Mmm...I'd like a taste of her chalupa, ¿me entiendes?

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Did you jus' say somethin'?

Cena grabs the taxi driver by the back of the neck. The driver cries out in pain and swerves the cab in surprise. He nearly runs into a newspaper stand on the curb.

][ Taco Man ][ Cab Driver ][ :: No! No! I no sayed any-fing!

Cena lets go of his vice grip on the cab driver's neck. The driver manages to get the car back on the road.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: 'Dat's what I thought...

Cena leans back against the seat again, attempting to relax. The ride continues in silence for several minutes, before the driver looks nervously through the rearview mirror and tries conversation for a second time.

][ Taco Man ][ Cab Driver ][ :: So...joo...uh...joo have match on...on...wres-uh-ling?

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Yeah, I gotza' match, I'm fightin' Cold Bloode in a tag match an I need ta find me a partner. If I win then I get my "lee-tle mama" as you put it, back on my arm. Maybe even before den.

][ Taco Man ][ Cab Driver ][ :: Back on your arm? What .. you have a tattoo that wash off?

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Damn I didn't think taxi drivers were that stupid...Giant Tiger and Da' Cold Blooded kidnapped Babz, I want her back, you get it now?

][ Taco Man ][ Cab Driver ][ :: Dee kid took a nap?

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Oh geez, The Cold Blooded took Babz and hid her, now do you get it? If you don't get it, you're gonna get a fist go through your yellow teeth..

][ Taco Man ][ Cab Driver ][ :: Okay okay, tranquilo! I get it! Entiendo!

The driver begins to mumble some random insults in Spanish. Cena hears the insults but as he doesn't understand them, ignores them, looking out the taxi window.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: How long is this going to take man? In time I mean, to make it easier for ya'.

][ Taco Man ][ Cab Driver ][ :: How long takes what?

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: The journey to the freakin' airport ya' dumbass!

][ Taco Man ][ Cab Driver ][ :: Airport? Who said airport? I thinked we are going to Mexico!

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Look you assclown, I'll get out and walk and you'll get no cash off me at all unless you get me to the AIRPORT..thats A-I-R-P-O-R-T...How long is it going to take to get to the airport!?

][ Taco Man ][ Cab Driver ][ :: Haha! You no have bery good humor! I'm going to airport dee whole time! It is 5 more minutes.

Cena holds up his fist but manages to calm himself down.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Good, think you can be quiet for five minutes?

][ Taco Man ][ Cab Driver ][ :: Ah but are good friends now! Bery bery good!

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: I've been better friends wit' a Tiger.

][ Taco Man ][ Cab Driver ][ :: Ahh..sí......he is beeg. Giant Tiger ...yes I know him!

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Giant Tiger isn't a Tiger, he's a big bastard, and he'll be the head of a Cold Blooded that don't have a title soon, when I beat the hell outta Dark Tiger.

][ Taco Man ][ Cab Driver ][ :: I like Dark Tiger! Who you theenk joo are? Tough guy? Talking about Giant Tiger and Dark Tiger like that?

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: You like Dark Tiger and Giant Tiger huh? I thought as much, assclowns stick together an' all 'dat..

][ Taco Man ][ Cab Driver ][ :: Yes I like! They are like me, good citeezens! I not like those ee-legal immeegrants! And they fulfill Amer-ee-can dream and work way to get mucho dinero! And I going to do that too!

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Worked their way up? Giant Tiger inherited his cash from his father and Dark Tiger's an arrogant waster, just like Cold Blooded. Who'll get their asses kicked on Raw, all three of 'em, and you will too if you don't damn well hurry up!

][ Taco Man ][ Cab Driver ][ :: You need learn patience! Joo are bery angry man! I know ther-ee-pist if joo need one.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Therapist? I don't need a Thera-pist, but I'll be "Very Pissed" if you don't damn well shut your face!

][ Taco Man ][ Cab Driver ][ :: Well lucky for joo we here now! I hope joo lose match and don't find dee girl! Cuz I'm find her first!

Cena smiles, paying the taxi driver and turning to walk away as he gets out the taxi. But, Cena turns back around and punches the driver in da' face and takes back his money.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: I won't lose and I will get her back...Word-Life!

Cena walks away toward the airport and smirks, as the scene fades.

Scene Three

The Search Is On

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Date: 10.08.2003; 10:41AM CDT

The scene reopens inside a hotel in Montreal. John Cena is standing at the reception desk, impatiently pushing the little bell with the sign by it that says, "For Service, Please Ring Bell". As he continually pushes the bell, he turns to the camera.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Aight...somehow I'm gonna find Babz. And I figure I gotta start lookin' somewhere. So here I am at 'da hotel 'dat Giant Tiger has booked for WWE Superstars to stay in. Giant Tiger has already shown his stupidity by takin' Babz, but I doubt he's stupid enough to keep her here. Whatever...maybe I can get some info anyway. Finally a receptionist comes running to the desk. The receptionist is too short to see over the counter, so Cena doesn't notice him and keeps ringing the bell. The receptionist drags a chair over, climbs on it, and grabs the bell away from Cena. Cena turns in surprise and sees the receptionist in front of him.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Dude...what the hell were you doin'? Playin' wit' yaself? I've been ringin' the damn bell for five minutes now!

The receptionist blushes slightly. He has a pair of black thick-framed glasses that are duct taped on the bridge of the nose.

][ Geek ][ Hotel Receptionist ][ :: I'm sorry sir, but I had some...other business to attend to?

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Other business? What could possibly be more important than makin' sure your customers are gettin' service?

][ Geek ][ Hotel Receptionist ][ :: Well...I was...you know...

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: No, I don't know!

][ Geek ][ Hotel Receptionist ][ :: I had...uh...taken some Metamucil this morning because I was a bit...you know...clogged up...and it had just started to...kick in...

Cena looks as though he is about to be sick.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Dude...there's some things that you just don't needta share! And 'dis was definitely one of those times! Now are ya gonna do your job or what?

The receptionist's glasses are falling down his face so he pushes them up.

][ Geek ][ Hotel Receptionist ][ :: Oh right, sorry...Welcome to the Embassy Suites Hotel. How may I help you today?

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: I'm John Cena from WWE...and I needta know if there are any reservations for Dark Tiger, Giant Tiger , Darkchyld Burke, Jesse Mach, or Babz.

][ Geek ][ Hotel Receptionist ][ :: Yeah...I watch WWE...I thought you looked familiar but my other glasses got run over by a Mountie and these are the wrong prescription, so I couldn't be sure. Some boyfriend you are, not even knowing that Babz had been kidnapped! Then you go off to some other chick's hotel room...that's just low, man.

Cena turns white with rage and he grabs the receptionist by his shirt collar.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: I didn't ask you for your opinion! How was I supposed to know? It happened as I was waitin' for my match to start. And 'da only reason I went to Stephanie Bellars' hotel room was 'cos he told me 'dat she had info on where Babz might be. Now you tell me if The Cold Blooded has reserved any hotel rooms, or else I'll put your lights out right here and now!

Cena lets go of the receptionist's collar forcefully, pushing him back slightly. The receptionist is quaking in fear as he looks through his computer for the reservations.

][ Geek ][ Hotel Receptionist ][ :: T-t-they h-have r-reservations, b-but t-they h-haven't ch-ch-checked in y-yet...

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Thank you. For your outstandin' customer service, I'ma have a little chat wit' your supervisor later.

Cena turns and walks away from the desk, leaving the receptionist still shaking as the scene fades.

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