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Roleplay 7

WWE Desire's John Cena

So far the Xtremely Ruthless Duo have been untouchable, so to speak. They're both undefeated, Babz being Women's champion, and they have recently joined sides with Angel McMahon & Shawn Winters in DX. But John Cena's mind has been distracted. After defeating Molly Holly in a Women's title match, Babz was sadistically abducted by Dark Tiger and the other members of the Cold Blooded(I'm just putting that meaning Giant Tiger, Darknyss, etc.) Can Cena focus himself enough to regain Babz and stay focused on his match, or will the worry of wondering what the Cold Blooded are doing to her drive him to being unable to focus? Only time will tell...

Scene One


Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Date: 10.09.2003; 10:37 PM CDT

The scene opens up backstage in Ottawa, as John Cena emerges from his locker room after his memorable victory over Spazz, on Smackdown. Cena looks naturally ecstatic as he walks through the hall, and he is approached by Winters and Angel. Cena smiles, but Angel seems to have a solemn look on her face. Cena looks slightly confused.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Yo Angel! You earned my respect, you turned on your wicked ass popz...why you look so down?

][ The Smart McMahon ][ Angel ][ : ..I'm sorry...

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: What 'da hell are you sorry for? If its I haven't got my title shot yet, then don't worry 'bout it, I'll get it soon enough, that's what matters.

][ The Smart McMahon ][ Angel ][ : Ahh...you're in denial...well if you need any help, jus' give me a shout and I'll sort the Cold Blooded with you.

Before Cena can respond, Winters and Angel departs. Cena looks confused as he continues to walk down the hall.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Damn, that girl needs therapy...

Cena continues to walk down the hall, this time bumping into Tommy Dreamer who is practicing hitting a punchbag with a kendo stick. But, as he sees Cena, he stops and walks over to him.

][ Psycho! ][ Tommy Dreamer ][ :: Hey John...great win, so sad 'bout what happened afterwards...

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: What? You mean with Angel? I tell ya Tom, that kid is freakin' weird, sometimes. She can kick ass and all but I mea..

][ Psycho! ][ Tommy Dreamer ][ :: No, not with Angel, with Babz and the Cold Blooded.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: What the hell are you talkin' bout? Isn't Babz still in the women's locker room?

][ Psycho! ][ Tommy Dreamer ][ :: You mean you don't know?

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Don't know what Tommy? Tell me!

][ Psycho! ][ Tommy Dreamer ][ :: Well after her match...The Cold Blooded attacked Babz, put her in a limousine and drove away with her...

Cena's eyes widen as an angry _expression spreads across his face.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: What!? Why didn't somebody tell me!?

][ Psycho! ][ Tommy Dreamer ][ :: We all thought you'd know...sorry man...

Cena runs for the parking lot, looking around but seeing no sign of the limousine.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Babz! I'll save you baby...Cold Blooded! You'll pay for 'dis you ol' son of a bitch! You'll pay for this in a way that even your bitches can't rescue you from! You're goin' down! Goin' down!

Tommy Dreamer makes his way out to the parking lot, looking at Cena, standing behind him before talking.

][ Psycho! ][ Tommy Dreamer ][ :: They're long gone now...I'm really sorry, I may be a psycho but I'm not as psychotic as them, I don't think anyone is. If you need any help getting her back, all you've got to do is let me know.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Thanks Tommy, but I gotta do this on my own ya' know..the Cold Blooded are goin' to pay, Thuganomic style.

Cena turns around, heading back into his locker room. He opens the door, as the cameras follow him, and sits down on the bench in his locker room, focussing on the camera.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Yo..Dark Tiger, Giant Tiger, Gabriel, and those sluts, Darknyss and Darkchyld..if you're watchin'..you've crossed da' line. You've made the biggest mistake you could ever have made. Have you not learned anything? You've screwed me outta the title shot already and angered me...look what happened tonight. I made mincemeat outta' the Spazz, I whipped his ass and I pinned him. 'Dat showed you what I can do when I need to...so you thought that attackin' my girl was a wise move? You're wrong. You may consider yaself a genius Vince, but 'dis is not your wisest move. Why? Because as soon as I get my hands on you, or any other Cold Blooded member, you'll wish you'd never been born. Messin' wit' me is one thing that you can try to do as much as ya' want, but messin' wit' Babz? That's over the border, that's across 'da line, and when I've finished wit' ya, you'll never cross 'da line again. Look at the past , we're both undefeated, so far...nobody is good enough to handle the Xtremely Ruthless Duo. So who is? You're not in my league, and it appears that your "Cold Blooded" aren't either? So it begs the question don't it...what happens when you have to come back to RAW next week? The answer is that I will rip each member of the Cold Blooded limb from limb until I get my baby back. And if I can't do it I'll have DX backing me up. I swear, if you touch her jus' once, or move one hair on her head..jus' one..you'll be payin' for it for the rest of your life, you wrinkled son of a bitch! If you are watchin' 'dis, and I assume 'dat you are, I really suggest you end 'dis here and now, you bring Babz back to me, and maybe you'll get away wit' your life. Because whether it takes me all my life, I'll get Babz back from your sickening clutches and knock some sense into ya' dawg. 'Cos you clearly have no sense. I'll find Babz, you mark my words, I'll find her.

Cena picks up his bag and sprints out the locker room, looking angry and upset, as the scene fades.

Scene Two

The Mornin' After

Location: Hotel Room, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Date: 10.10.2003; 08:56 AM CDT

The scene opens up in the bedroom of John Cena's hotel room, where he is still asleep in the double bed, but alone, after the abduction of Babz during the last episode of Smackdown from Ottawa. Suddenly Cena stretches his arm across the bed, still half-asleep.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Babz baby...?

Cena slowly sits up, remembering what happened the night before. He looks across at the bed, with a look in his eyes that suggests a part of him is missing. He slowly and lethargically gets out of bed, pulling the duvet back over the bed, and wandering into the main section of the hotel room. Slowly, Cena sits down on the couch turning the television to WWE Desire TV, where a report is airing about Babz's abduction.

][ Braindead Goonette ][ Reporter Woman ][ :: After a good night for the Xtremely Ruthless Duo, all the good points were forgotten as the Cold Blooded succeeded in abducting the "light of Cena's life", Babz. Rumors are rife that Cena actually had a part in the abduction as questions are begged as to his whereabouts and why he wasn't with Babz. More on this story if anything develops.

Cena turns off the television and then angrily throws the remote at the television.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: They actually think I...I'd help the Cold Blooded kidnap my baby? I'll take 'em to court for every cent they've got..

Cena walks over to the refrigerator and pours himself a whisky, drinking it in one go, and then angrily throwing the glass at the wall, shattering it. Cena sits back down on the couch, with the whisky bottle, placing it on the table next to him and looking at the camera.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Vince...you've had a day to think over 'dis..and I dread to think what you've tried to do wit' her...it don't bear thinkin' about. Surely you've proved whatcha' wanted to prove? That you can get under my skin easily by usin' Babz, and 'dat you're a "genius". Congratulations Vince, your point's been made, but in order for you to ever be able to make another point again, you need to bring Babz back to me dawg. Because if you don't, and I eventually get my hands on you, you'll wish you'd never been born. 'Cos, I know you're big on guarantees, and 'dis is one guarantee that you can cash at the bank...if you, or any of your Cold Blooded cronies have laid jus' one finger on her...you'll pay for it, more than your billions could ever afford. Do ya' really want to risk this? You saw what happened on Smackdown.. I'm beyond pissed off right now, to da' point where I could beat da' crap outta' all your cronies wit' my arms tied behind my back. Give her up, before you do somethin' you'll really regret. At least tell me where she is, you stupid son of a bitch, because you'll receive a lot less hurtin' if you give her up now. Just gimme a call, tell me where she is, and you might get away without me breakin' every limb in your body off you, includin' Drknyss' head, which is lodged up your ass! Tell me where she is you wrinkled old bastard!

As Cena takes a swig of whisky from the bottle, the phone begins to ring. Cena quickly puts the bottle back down and answers the phone.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Hello?

][ Maniacal Bastard ][ Giant Tiger ][ :: Hello John...

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Tiger, you bastard..where's Babz? Is she okay?

][ Maniacal Bastard ][ Giant Tiger ][ :: Did you really think that tryin' to intimidate me works John? Who the hell do you think you are? I'm Cold Blooded! I can break you both...just like that!

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Oh you'll be intimidated the next time I get my hands on you, you son of a bitch, and you have a foot lodged up your ass instead of Dark Tiger's head.

][ Maniacal Bastard ][ Giant Tiger ][ :: Now now John...don't be too hasty, there's another reason for my call. You have a match on Raw, a tag match you need to find yourself an other partner. Babz might be back but if not it'll be a handicapped match. You versus the Twin Tigers and Darkchyld.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Right now Tiger, I couldn't give a rat's ass whether I've got a match, I jus' want my baby back, that's all.

][ Maniacal Bastard ][ Giant Tiger ][ :: Well if you win John, you immediately get Babz back on Raw, you have my word on that. As soon as the match is over, if you are still undefeated, Babz will be returned to you. So, I suppose you can drop the hunt for her and just wait until Raw?

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: You gotta' be kiddin' Giant Tiger, jus' 'cos I can get her back on Raw don't mean I won't get her back beforehand, but you're makin' a huge mistake Tiger..I had a big enough incentive jus' to win, and now you've added Babz to the deal? Losin' now ain't possible, the win will be mine in Montreal Tiger, and Babz may be mine beforehand. Jus' remember, you're making one huge mistake..Word-Life.

Cena hangs up the phone and has a hint of a smile, as the scene fades.

Scene Three

A Possible Lead?

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: 10.10.2003; 10:10 PM MDT

The scene opens on the main strip in Las Vegas. Along both sides of the street are flashing neon lights and signs advertising casinos, hotels, bars, night clubs, strip clubs, and restaurants. Cena is walking along the street next to the camera.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Aight...so check it. I'm in 'da gym, trainin' for 'da match on Raw. I get 'dis phone call from some chick. Sayin' she has info on where Babz is. She says Tiger‘s, Dark Sisters, and Gabriel brought Babz here to Vegas. So I rush to 'da airport, and get on 'da first flight I can...and here I am. Problem is, I dunno where I'm supposed to meet 'dis chick who has 'da info.

Cena sits down on a bench in front of a casino. He rests his head in his hands.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Giant Tiger has honestly gotta' be the dumbest person I know. To take my baby from me, then gimme a tag match, and then add the stipulation 'dat if I win 'da match, I get Babz back? Seriously Tiger, what kinda idiot are you? First of all, I'm gonna' all but kill you, your Cold Blooded members, the Twin Tigers, Darkchyld, and anyone else who stands in my way of gettin' Babz back. To add to 'da mix, you gimme a match for the Intercontinental Championship, like I earned. Now, let's take a step back for a minute. You saw what I did to Spazz on Smackdown. Plus you know that Babz and I have joined sides with you're enemy, DX. Degeneration X runs this joint an you know it. Yet somehow you think 'dat kidnappin' Babz is gonna' better 'da situation on your end? Damn Tiger...are you stupid? You've only gone and made things worse for yaself and your boys. I'm going to win that match on raw and ain't you or anyone else gonna' stop me. So then 'da third component...is 'da stipulation. If I win, I get Babz back. Tiger, you really think I'ma let this match slip through my fingers? 'Da two most important things in 'da world to me, and if I win, I get 'em both. Ain't no chance in hell that I'm gonna' lose!

Cena looks back up at the camera, shakin' his head.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Tiger, if you were smart in any way, you woulda made a stipulation 'dat I could only get Babz back if I lost 'da match. 'Dat way your Cold Blooded could try to get back to the top of 'da WWE. 'Cos damn...if 'dat was 'da stipulation, I would lose 'da match in a heartbeat. I care 'bout Babz ten million times more than I care 'bout 'da title...and I'd rather see MV as Intercontinental Champion forever than see Babz suffer. I used to think you were a clever bastard Tiger, but now I see you're just a bastard.

Just then, Cena's cell phone rings. He quickly grabs it out of his pocket, and in his haste, he drops it. Cussin' under his breath, he picks it up from the sidewalk and answers it.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Hello? ...What? Where? Now? But you said...then how am I supposed to...aight...thanks I guess.

Cena puts the phone back in his pocket and stands up. He starts walking away from the camera. He goes four blocks and turns left into an alley. He follows the alley for several hundred meters until it opens up into a parking lot. A limousine is parked in the lot under a nearly burned-out lamp. Cena walks over to the limo and tries to open the back left door but it's locked. He tries all the other doors but they're locked as well. Pissed off, he looks around and sees a pile of junk in the corner of the parking lot. He sorts through it and finds a crowbar. He walks over to the limo and smashes in the back passenger side windows and then reaches through the broken window and unlocks the door. He opens the door and looks inside the car...only to find a cardboard cutout of Babz and a note. Cena grabs the note and reads it out loud.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: So you're really that desperate, John? You went over 2500 miles on information that you had no reason to believe? Well, I hate to tell you, but I still have Babz. You might as well get used to not having her around, and I say that it's going to be a long time before you get her back. You have no chance in hell of winning on Raw. Now that I added the pressure of the release of your little girlfriend, you're going to choke. See you on Monday.

In a blind fury, Cena rips the note to shreds. He then grabs the crowbar and breaks all the other windows on the limousine. Cena then smashes in all the doors, the hood, and the trunk of the car. Dropping the crowbar to the ground, he collapses against the destroyed car in frustration and anger. After several moments of standing there, he slowly stands back up and walks slowly back out of the alley to the main strip. He walks into the first bar he can find and collapses onto a bar stool. The bartender comes over.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Straight whisky...

The bartender nods and goes to fill the drink as Cena rubs his eyes.

][ Lyrical Miracle ][ John Cena ][ :: Damnit...damnit all to hell. I really hoped 'dat she would be here and I would get her back...I can't deal wit' 'dis. I jus' hope I can find someone to hold me back at Raw...'cos I swear upon my grave...if I get my hands on them, I'm gonna kill them. And if they have done anything to her...I'll kill 'em once...and then I'll kill 'em again.

As depression sets in, the bartender brings Cena his drink. Cena looks at the glass for a minute before pickin' it up, drinkin' it down in one swallow, and then slammin' the glass back down on the counter. He signals for another and continues to drown away his sorrows as the feed is lost.

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