WWE Desire John Cena

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Roleplay 6

WWE Desire's John Cena

[The camera shows John Cena himself in the parking lot at the RAW arena. Cena is walking around.]

[Cena][:: Yo, yo, yo, yo, YO!!! What the hell did I tell all of youíll last week huh? What did John Cena tell all of you people out there that I was gonna do? Yeh thatís right I said I was going to win that tournament and become the number 1 contendaí for the IC title. I beat 3 men in one night and theres not a damn person in the world who can say that John Cena hasnít arrived on the WWE scene now. What now? WHAT NOW?!!! Iíll tell you what now. Now I got to face this newbie named BJ. Haha did I get that right? BJ? What the fuck? Yo, yo, yo I donít want to be stepping into the ring with some dude who calls himself BJ! There ainít no way no how that you will see John Cena in that ring on Monday Night. What is he just getting himself out of prison? Was that his little nickname in prison? Shit dawg that is some messed up shit right there. I donít even want to comment. I have faced some pretty worthless bitches here already and I have faced some pretty fucked up names here in the WWE as well but you my friend yo dude you top the cake. I have never seen some dude who prances around calling himself BJ! What the hell is wrong with you? Do you got some retarded disorder or something? Are you some hermaphrodite? You must be something to be fucked up the way you are dawg. Hell you will never see John Cena scared to go into the ring EVER but right now I gotta say I am a little bit worried about this fool! Hell what dude in his right mind wouldnít be a little bit worried about going into the ring against a dude named BJ? Hell even the WWE World Champion Shawn Winters would be worried.

[Cena starts pacing back and forth in the parking lot. Cena then turns back around to face the camera.]

[Cena][:: Yo, yo, yo listen up here BJ! Ehhh just saying that name gives me the chills. Just sitting here thinking that I am about to go at it against BJ? How can you take a bitch seriously with a name like that? Thatís like being called Spanky, Wanky, or Willy! Shit yo BJ you seem to be as damn pathetic as the sorry ass Chicago Bears. Now there is no explanation for being that damn pathetic. Itís sad really when you sit back and think about it. Do you really think that your going to have any success here in the WWE with a name like BJ? Yeh I can see it nowÖintroducing the WWE World Heavyweight ChampionÖBJ!!! Shit yo that just down sound right! Yo that is just foul!!! I wont allow such foul things to go on here in the WWE no that John Cena is here.

[Cena then gets right up into the camera.]

[Cena][:: Yo itís about time for a another lesson in Thug-a-nomics! From the principle of the school of hard knocks! Yo, yo, yo here we go.

Here I am right now in the parking lot right before your eyes
BJ your about to be a bigger flop than the show Family Ties!
Hell yo your just gonna be another box office flop
Hey I cant help the fact that Iím the cream of the WWE crop!
Hell yo I got all my shit together
Your as pathetic as the rapping the song Shake Ya Tail feather!
Hell yo your all looking at the TRUE god of the WWE
Iíll prove it again that there ainít know one bettaí than me!
Now what kind of a name is BJ?
Thatís what I ask myselfÖhell yo all I can come up with is that your totally gay!
It seems like you swing from the other side of the plate
I donít care how much you ask yo I ainít giving you no date!
Your as gay as Mike Piazza of the sorry ass Mets
Hell yo you both like to camp under tents!
Hell yo I bet you just got out of prison though
And I no for a fact that you were somebodyís personal ho!
Now you no the phrase donít drop the soap?
I bet you did on purpose, hell your as gay as the damn pope!
You should be on that show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
Hell you none of those guys are straight I bet there all at least BI!!!
Hell I bet your one of those queers who runs around with a tuck
Youíll need to back the hell away from me otherwise Iíll make you not be able to FUCK!!!


[The camera fades to black.]

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